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Started by Caldawen, December 03, 2017, 03:29:06 PM

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I got a few ideas.

PM Me if interested

The Witch and the Prince
Arya is a witch but unlike most she is not burned at the stake. The king has found her to be too sexually alluring to be killed. He had her placed with magic inhibiting shackles and placed alone in a cell with nothing but a bed and a blanket; no cloths allowed. Nightly he would enter and rape her. For years he continued this until he found another woman to torture. When his son came of age he gifted the witch to him as a present. Unlike his father the prince does not keep her in filth but gives her a small room and clothing. Slowly feelings develop and the unthinkable happens. Arya becomes with child and the prince wants to marry her. What will happen when the king finds out? What chaos will ensue?

Slave Love
MC is a young noblewoman who is controlled by her father. As a result she has little freedom and rarely is allowed to leave her home. On her brothers twentieth birthday her father takes the two of them to a slave market. Wishing his son to have pleasure her father allows him to purchase a few women for his enjoyment. As the men are being paraded before the noblemen and women one of them leaps from the podium and chocks her with his shackles demanding his freedom. YC is a slave at market. Watching as a fellow slave takes MC hostage YC comes from behind and rescues MC. MC’s father is grateful and purchases YC to be MC’s body guard. Within days MC and YC are humping and grinding due to their overwhelming physical attraction. If MC father founds out YC is dead. Further, MC’s father has arranged a marriage shortly after to another nobleman. What will happen?
We can also switch it and MC be the slave

Kings Choice
A young king must choose a bride swiftly before the nobles unrest turns into civil war. Throwing a ball many princesses and noble women arrive for him to choose a bride. Though many are paraded before him none catch his fancy until he sees a young foreign woman hanging back.

MC is the younger princess to a king of a small kingdom. Her father’s always said he was cursed with daughters and sends his eldest daughters and third daughter to YC’s kingdom in hopes of a marriage alliance. MC’s older sister is physically attractive and bold wanting to be chosen over all others as the new kings bride. Being young MC has not ever been away from home. Not wanting to draw attention to herself she stays back allowing her sister to be center stage. To her surprise, YC comes and asks her to dance.  By the end he announces that she will be his new bride and they will be married at once. By the end of the evening they are married and thrusted into the wedding chambers. MC and YC have no idea what they have gotten themselves into. All they do know is that now they must consummate their marriage.

Wanting this one to be a long-running story. Would like to create a world and a plot with someone.

Donts: No incest, beasality, spanking, raping, beating.