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March 02, 2021, 07:36:30 pm

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Author Topic: Maeve's Craving - Monster (M or F Character)  (Read 1047 times)

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Online MaeveTopic starter

Maeve's Craving - Monster (M or F Character)
« on: December 03, 2017, 10:33:28 am »

First off, there is a trigger warning for this one. I'm very much against animal abuse, however, in this story it is a critical part though never described in detail. If that bothers you I hope that we can collaborate on another piece, just not this one.

It never mattered to Oliver that some people like the Alderdice's lived in grand homes on elegant estates while he lived in a simple shack in the woods. Why should it bother him? He lived on the edge of an ancient forest which contained more magnificence than their cultured lawns, with his own Chiron like he was his own hero in some epic tale. Like most great sages Hackit is short on sanity but long in wisdom and Oliver had made his hovel his university and home since he was no bigger than a tickle wren.

It never mattered to Oliver that poor boys like him could never marry rich girls like Fable Alderdice. Who spent her days in a homemade veterinary office, looking after stray creatures and poor children's pets. He never thought much of his former childhood friend. They had grown apart over the years, their stations as they were. He didn't begrudge her haughty nature or her aversion to interactions with those below her class, it was merely as things were.

It never mattered to Oliver that the townsfolk whispered about him. When he was a child they said that he was fairy touched, that he communed with demons in the woods and that he could curse you with a look. Superstitious nonsense! At least that's what the town leaders and well to do folks said. Until he grew older. Things from wealthy houses went missing, businesses were vandalized, animals were found mutilated and serving girls violated in their beds. What did matter? No charges were brought, for there was no evidence. Anyhow it wasn't him, but several boys from good families, who paid him well to let their elders go on believing that their perfect children were nothing less than angels. Since Oliver's only companion was Hackit, who would have thought no less of him even if he was the devil himself, he never suffered from his monstrous reputation.

Until one day he brought a litter of puppies to Fable Alderdice's door. The Branson boys had used their mother for hunting even though she was still nursing and it had resulted in the poor hound's death. Oliver had been working as an extra hand to bring in the harvest that day and they had paid him a few bob to drown her puppies. Thinking it unfair that dogs from such good stock should be done away with he took them instead to Fable, hoping she would be able to raise them and eventually give him the biggest of the litter as a guard dog.

She had been turned away from him when he entered, backlit by the afternoon sun which spilled over her like an ethereal glow. She had a large bird on her shoulder, it's colors so bright they almost blinded. It was a gift from her brother who was currently stationed in South America. Awestruck as he was and with his arms full of squirming dogs he slammed the door harder than he intended to and the bird flew off her shoulder with an indignant squawk onto his head. He looked up at it in wonder, at this beautiful, exotic creature.

None of it had ever mattered: the poverty, the exclusion, his reputation as a black heart. That was until he saw the look in her eyes. The fear the swam at the corners and pinched her beautiful expression. Then it all mattered. He dropped off the puppies and ran.

Hackit had said that he knew this day was coming since he took the boy in. That he would leave him to find his fortune and bore him no ill will for it. Oliver promised that if he didn't die in his quest for a new life he would provide well for the old man. Hackit told he would do him proud if he didn't die from the pox in the arms of a whore.

Oliver certainly didn't do that. A few twists of luck and some wily decisions not only did he end up wealthy, but the darling of nouveau riche society and one of it's most eligible bachelors. With his new life he did everything he could to forget his old one, with two exceptions: he sent the money he promised to Hackit and every night before he laid his head down to sleep he remembered the look on Fable Alderdice's face.

He never intended to return to his home village. Except by some strange twist of fate, the same star that exulted his lead to the ruin of the Alderdices. Some men simply shouldn't invest. Oliver had returned to collect the old man's debt. He never thought that he would return to his fashionable city home with a wife.

It started in the pub where some local boys were talking about Fable and how she shouldn't be so uppity now that she was no longer rich and thusly her suitors had deserted her. After all, what man would marry her now? Before he could stop himself, Oliver responded that he would. News spread quicker than an outbreak of cholera. Rather proposing repayment of his debts, old man Alderdice was proposing marriage as a way to get out of debt.

Fable, on the other hand, could think of no worse fate. She refused and loudly. Saying she would rather see her beloved Veterinary clinic burned to the ground than marry him. Her brothers obliged.

That was how Oliver found her, sobbing among the ashes. Without a thought, he ushered her into his carriage and commanded that they make their way home post haste.

He couldn't help by think of that bird, and how his new wife dressed in the best of urbane finery looked liked she was walking not into her new home, but a gilded cage.

Hello, Maeve here! As some of you may know I have a huge interest thread, which if you find this story appealing and or want to know more about what I'm like as a partner,  I suggest you check out -

That list, however, has gotten rather...long. So I've decided to pluck out the plots that I'm really anxious to do and see if anyone bites. I'm thinking a Gothic romance/comedy of errors mash up, with a touch of Eros and Psyche but I'm excited to know your thoughts!

Offline Heedlessx

Re: Maeve's Craving - Monster (M or F Character)
« Reply #1 on: January 04, 2018, 04:23:08 am »
Hi there maeve.
Are you looking for an rp focused on an abusive relationship? or one where your female charactr becomes complicit with her husbands intents and she takes revenge on the family that abandoned her?
What aspect do you want the animals to play?
Do you want a strict historic setting?
Im a literature and history student so anything intriguing in this vain works for me.

Online MaeveTopic starter

Re: Maeve's Craving - Monster (M or F Character)
« Reply #2 on: January 03, 2021, 09:04:52 pm »