Warlock and pet, F looking for male minion

Started by Verasaille, December 02, 2017, 06:10:09 PM

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This is an idea I would love to play in WOW, but I am willing to do it on forums and even Google docs  or Skype.

Time to add a new idea!! If you see something you like, PM me!! I am open to new ideas, or to tweak one of these to fit a Lord's desires, as long as you do not violate my Off's.

Silent Scream

Who among you stalk the halls,
Of shattered Keeps and ruined walls?
Searching for the secrets old,
Ancient tomes of truth untold?

Do the whispers touch your soul,
Like distant bells lonely toll?
Do your eyes disturb the haunts?
Shadows flicker, sigil taunts.

Raise your eyes to search the ceiling,
Weathered paint the scene revealing.
Icy fingers trace your ear,
Wordless scream your sudden fear.

Silence fills the empty hall,
A single drop of tear may fall.
Crumpled on the dusty floor,
Felinthice will rise once more.

Cupid’s bow of luscious red,
Denies the finalty of dead.
A bond that lingers in the blood,
Cross dimension like a flood.

The rustle of a silken gown
Stirs the dust falling down.
Finger trace a bloody trail
To leave a message without fail.

Linger here and feel the dread,
Of tingling spine and weary head.
From your eyes the salty tear,
I can taste delicious fear.

Stay with me and sate my hunger.
Run and you will suffer longer.
Wish you may for swifter death,
The rattle of your final breath.

As the flicker of the flame
Dances in the demon’s name,
Jealous angels sacrifice
Virtue to the endless vice.

Pleasure in a lover’s touch,
Leads to pain, but not too much.
Heightened senses long to feel
Gentle hands lust reveal.

Life is but a flickered flame,
Summoned from the Ethered Plane.
Will it come to lover’s call?
And refuse Light’s sweet pull?

Is there fear within your soul?
Awash like waves on sandy shoal,
Reaching for the edge of reason
No relief the change of season.

Pulled from Death the sweet release,
Back to beg for more to please.
Aware of all the sacrifice
Made to satisfy the vice.

Scented oils to ease the friction,
Crimson stains feed the addiction.
Not a drop will go to waste,
So exquisite is the taste.


This is the story of my Blood elf Felinthis. She is a rising necromancer who needs a champion. She snares a Paladin and changes him into a brutal Death Knight.
I am willing to do this story in World of Warcraft, if anyone would like to join me there. If you prefer a forum rp that is fine too.

I have gone off in search of myself. If I should get back before I return, please keep me here.


Just a short addition to this, since I am really craving the idea right now. I have my Blood elf Felinthise on an rp server, but I cannot seem to find someone in game to do this long term. I would be willing to do it on the forums or Google docs with the right person. Your character can be any class, I do not care which, it is the character interaction I am craving. Felinthise is a power hungry warlock, looking to subdue any demon, and gain the power to rule over them. She is very cold and manipulative, but the right man could possibly save her soul, or even teach her how to love.

It occurs to me that a Demon Hunter would go well with this idea. I can imagine the struggle to tame a demon who is not totally a demon. He would maybe tolerate her attempts with a bit of humor.

Or the reverse could also be fun. I could be the Demon Hunter who is barely tolerating a warlock who is trying to tame her. Lots of lust in his heart of course!

A song to add to the pleasure.

I have gone off in search of myself. If I should get back before I return, please keep me here.