Sci-fi cravings (M looking for F for FxF rp)

Started by GrimmWriter, November 30, 2017, 07:46:09 PM

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HI there! I'm in a major sci-fi mood right now and enjoy roleplaying FxF stories. (Female role players only please)

About me:
I have been RPing for close to fifteen years. I like to write a minimum of a paragraph. Usually more. I also respond fairly quickly.

What I'm looking for:
A partner who can respond daily, ideally more than that. Someone who likes to get into detail and likes stories that are longer (lasting a minimum of a couple months). Must be able to communicate frequently OOC. I understand if real life happens but if you lose interest in a story you should be adult enough to tell me instead of stop talking to me all together.

I have several ideas in mind that can work. I want to do OC stories, meaning nothing based off of any established stories. I wouldn't mind one character being an alien and the other is human. I prefer stories that have a little combat in them weather it be via space battles or in on the ground.

PM me if interested!

Here are just some suggestions.

The Assassin and the experiment
An assassin sent to destroy an experiment in a research station deep in space finds that she can't bring herself to do it and ends up escaping with the experiment. Unsure what her next move is...

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The Hunted:
An outlaw is forced to land her ship on a strange planet to avoid the authorities only to be hunted by an alien who has taken an interest in her...
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Take what you want
A Space Piratess raids a ship carrying cargo that she needs. She ends up taking more than she intended as she finds an alien (or human) girl who she has dark desires for..

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Welcome to Earth (Craving)
An innocent girl comes to to the fabled home planet, earth. The starry eyed woman finds that earth is far from the ahoning gem that it was lead to believe. In a world of eternal twilight thanks to thousands of years of pollution, she finds herself lost and very alone. She takes a wrong turn and comes to need to rely on the skills of a fierce woman who has survived the streets of the city and takes no shit from anyone.

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