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September 27, 2021, 07:50:10 pm

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Author Topic: Low Fantasy Pioneer game (M for F, Hyborean-inspired)  (Read 583 times)

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Low Fantasy Pioneer game (M for F, Hyborean-inspired)
« on: November 27, 2017, 02:51:23 pm »
Hello everyone, and thanks for your interest in my idea.

So, tonight, my pitch is a new one actually once again, at least in so far as that I am not aware of that particular kind of set up already existent on my pages.

So, what I am looking for these days is, in setting terms, a low fantasy pioneer game. In more details, I am imagining a low fantasy world of moderate climate, think proto-celtic Europe, with a good mixture of vast, densely forested areas dwarfing what we know as woods these days, and hill-lands.

Besides a rich population of game and predators, scattered tribes of natives have lived in this land for centuries, hunter-gatherer cultures with varied approaches to societal structures, religion and other aspects. Some are peaceful, others warlike, and certainly not above raiding, enslaving and even outright purge their neighbours in the name of their dark gods or simply for lust for power.

Now, for a few moons, however, a new breed of men has come to the fore, tall, fair-haired, mounted on strange beasts and wielding weapons and armour of glittering steel far richer than what small amounts the tribes manufacture for weapons or tools. Driven from their own ancestral lands, a whole people has taken leave from their home forever and trecked the Grand Plains where No One Has Ever Been, and is now settling in the river valleys, building krals for their mounts on the plains, wooden moats on the hilltops and squat log cabins at the edges of the Great Forests, hunting, growing vegetables in their tended gardens and patrolling their new-claimed land on iron-shod horses.

Of course, contact with the ancestral inhabitants does occur, and whereas some of those instances work out friendly enough, some of the larger tribes immediately feel threatened and, prompted by their dark gods – or their priests – go to war with the newcomers, and soon, an all-out guerilla war breaks out, with settler farms massacred, and warbands treat into the dust underhoof.

In that scenario, I am looking for a young huntress of one of the peaceful tribes to come across a knight of the settler people. Maybe she sees the newcomers as a chance for her people to ally with against the larger tribes harassing hers since forever, but in any event, there is a strange attraction to the strange, yet exciting new ways of the strangers, and before long, she falls in love with him.
Now, I see her at first to maybe watch from the shadows for a while, learn what she can about the settler people from afar, before revealing herself to the knight, and subsequently getting to know one another and building a relationship. Sub-plots I definitely see could be a general mistrust by his people against her, a quest to avert some common threat from a rival tribe, and definitely loads of woodland/ranger shenanigans.

If you read until here and are all, ‘All this rings a bell’, well, you are likely thinking of the same source of inspiration I got much of this from, which is the Picts stories of R.E.H.’s Conan the Barbarian, so if you like these, that’s definitely an influence we can weave in.

As for kinks, I am not dead-set on any in this one, and all my usuals are fair game as per my O/O page.

If you’re interested, definitely consider shooting me a PM and let me know your ideas for this. Hope to hear from you soon!