My next door neighbor is Catwoman!

Started by BlastingCap, November 21, 2017, 04:30:43 PM

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I would like to do a (very) short roleplay involving the idea of a neighborhood boy living next to a woman. The woman keeps to herself, and all he really knows about her is that she works in medicine. However, this woman is actually a famed catburgler, posing as a normal suburban woman. Pretty much Catwoman in apperance, if you're familiar with DC at all, complete with the costume and sex appeal.

He accidentally discovers her identity one evening while his parents are away (something like seeing her in costume) and she incapacitates him. She has to leave town to protect her identity, but she decides to have a little fun to cover her tracks, and proceeds to strip him naked, tie him to his bed, and tease him for a while while in full costume. Ultimately, she leaves him high and dry with the knowledge that he was that close to having sex with her, and for his parents to find when they get back (and have to explain his predicament).

The roleplay would be short, as I mentioned. More or less straight to the action, with probably between 30-50 posts, max. Themes would include (but are not limited to) femdom, bondage, CFNM, and teasing. I'm looking for a partner to take the role of the boy.


Neo In Matrix


How are you? Nice idea you have made. :).

I'd love to play the boy who's dommed by the Catwoman. and later on, if possible I'd love it to be a long-term RP. But as of now, we can think of short term.

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Apologies. Slow posting due to workload. But trying to match uo will quickly do. Thanks for your patience. .!!! :)

Le Immortelle

Hey there! How are you doing?

Are you still looking for someone to play Catwoman? I would totally love to play this as the plot intrigues me greatly with how fun it looks. Am also open for potentially converting it into a long term tale once initial plot progression is covered.