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April 19, 2021, 07:19:44 pm

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Author Topic: Blackwolf Industries [Random Solo character System ideas, MUL]  (Read 683 times)

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Blackwolf Industries [Random Solo character System ideas, MUL]
« on: November 21, 2017, 06:05:09 am »
Hi there!

Welcome to the little corner of E that I've designated for my system solos. For those of you wondering, yes what I mean by a system solo is a system game in which you are being the only player character. I'll GM the rest, and a small cast of NPC allies if you should require them. Some of the ideas do, some don't and others have an off and on recurring cast. You have some pitfalls with these type of games, but you also have the ability to add themes in ways you don't in other types. Main character syndrome becomes a help rather than a dread, and you can do things that would otherwise be a little unfair otherwise in a group. It's a lot of fun.

Sounds awesome, right? It is, which is why I'm somewhat picky about who I run these for. For starters, please don't apply if you can't consistently give me decent posts to work with. I wanna see the characters grow. Also, if gender is specifed for a role. do not try to talk me into changing it without a good reason. If I've specified anything about the game, chances are it's story related in some way. So just be warned, it's unlikely to be changed. Now, feel free to raid.

Listed by System:

Dungeons and Dragons 5E

Title: The Seraphs Return
Content Rating: NC-Ex
Themes/Genre's: Horror, Possession, Temptation
Premise: In the quiet village of Mourning Mill, a secret darkness rests underfoot. Millenniums ago, an ancient demon prince of incredible power was defeated on the earthly realm by a group of heroes. The heroes, however, were unable to truly kill the demon prince, and so the powerful sorcerer among their midst began to craft a spell. With his powerful arcane will, and the strength of their battle priest's faith, they were able to seal the creature's darkness away. Yet, darkness is ephemeral; and it always finds a way to spill out.

For years it did, and finally that darkness has begun to fill you. Like it or not, the demon prince of old has found a way to plant a piece of himself in the mortal world, and that piece rests within your magic.

Foot Note: Basic, but in short I'm looking for a young mage. Sorcerer or wizard either or could work, but sorcery likely makes the most sense. In either case, I'm looking to explore a great deal of mental and physical limit pushing in this story. A lot of action and adventure are going to fold out on both the rages of the demon's soul and any quests to get rid of it, but I want that possessive state to really eat at the character. Gender here is irrelevant, just note that by nature of the story the character is going to be victimized at times. Please do not inquire if you cannot handle this. .