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Author Topic: A Search for Partners: Dark and Romantic Plots Within (Updated 1/6/2018)  (Read 1036 times)

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[Updates: New Plot]

Hello all! My name is Fireheart, at least here on the internet. I'm nearly 26 years old, and I have been a role player for somewhere between ten and eleven years. I honestly enjoy writing more than anything else in the world and writing with other people, is especially my greatest joy in writing. I just love to create a story, be it dark and gloomy and horrifying or something more along the lines of romantic and slice of life. I also am a great lover of history so a historically set role play will definitely be right in my sweet spot. I do live in the Eastern Standard Time zone or GMT -5 hours.

I have an Ons and Off List: Click Here. It lists all of my role play preferences, some of my favorite themes and settings. Be sure to check that out. If you see something that isn't listed there or here, feel free to PM me your idea or questions. I'm willing to at least listen. Hopefully you will find me worthy of your time. I typically try to reply at least once a day but real life might kick my butt sometimes, so please be patient. I'll be just as patient with you and won't contact you for at least a week if you have not given me notice.

I do have some personal plots and generic pairings listed below. If any of them strike your fancy please contact me VIA PM only. This thread is for updates and bumping. I am willing to role play via Threads, and PMs in that order. I want to keep everything on site.


Modern Setting: Dark, Gritty, Non-Consent, Drug Use
She just wanted to be a model and when an independent modelling agency comes into town, she defies her parents and decides to audition. The modelling agency was of course, a somewhat legitimate business, but a lot of the girls that the agency pulled, didn't become models, but rather, were forced into sexual slavery. Thinking she has won the opportunity of a lifetime, she shows up ready to model, only to be drugged and taken to a hidden facility. There she is kept prisoner until being auctioned off to the highest bidder. A virgin in the underground sex trade, after all, fetches a high price. Who buys her is up for discussion. A rich guy with a taste for sadism, a brothel owner that caters to high class clients. Whatever you want.

Debt Paid
Prohibition Era/Roaring Twenties or Modern Setting: Dark, Gritty, Non-Consent
Her gambling father has taken out way to many loans and the loan shark he owes the most to comes calling. In the middle of the night, the man is set to die until the loan shark sees the gambler's daughter and decides to take her as payment, with the promise of killing him or her if the gambler ever dared to come after them. Now she finds herself as the slave to one of the richest, most brutal mob bosses in the city, and has to learn to survive or be killed in this world of glitz, glamour and murder.

Modern Setting: Dark, Abusive, Gritty, Romance, Drug Abuse, Non-Consent
She takes drugs to take away the pain, and he drinks to do the same. Both of them have a history of violent abuse and together are like fire and gasoline. Which one will fall first? Definitely a romance role play that also deals with abuse, poverty, drugs, and just a whole lot of other factors. Certainly one that can be complex.

Modern Setting: Dark, Psychological Thriller, Non-Consent
A man has an obsession with a young girl he has known all of his life and decides that the only way to protect her is to make her his, kidnapping her and imprisoning her and having children with her. He wants the perfect wife and mother, and he is sure this teenager who he loves will be the one for him. This one has the potential for a Stockholm Syndrome relationship.

The Lost Princess
Medieval or Medieval Fantasy Setting: Romance, Adventure
Two kingdoms once lived together in peace. The Crown Princess of one and the Crown Prince of the other were betrothed from the birth of the Princess to unite their kingdoms and rule as one. The prince grew into a fine youth and the princess, younger than he was only a child when rebellion overtook the kingdom of the Princess. She barely escaped with her life disappearing into the forests between the two kingdoms, never to be seen again. Eight years later, the Prince is near the border, helping to fend his kingdom against a raiding party when he comes across a small hovel deep in the heart of the forest, so hidden he only really stumbles upon it. There he finds a young woman of beauty, quiet and shy, and with a necklace around her neck that he had given to his betrothed when she had been just a child. Where it goes from there is up for discussion.

The Girl In The Tower
Medieval Fantasy Setting: Romance, Adventure
Sort of a riff on Rapunzel. A young woman has spent her entire life locked away in a tower. Her innocence and purity have granted an Alchemist all of the power he desires. Her pure blood giving him the perfect ingredient for all of his potions. She is used to nothing but isolation, and pain, until a prince happens upon her tower and uses the spell that causes her hair to grow like a rope. The two form a bond over several of his visits and then one day, he helps her escape from her tower, but the powerful sorcerer is not at all pleased to learn of his prisoner’s escape. Now they must fight the forces of evil that are rising against them or forever lose one another.

Arranging for Peace
Medieval Setting: Romance
Warring Chieftains of two high powered, and bordered Clans of Scotland, decide that the bloodshed must end. What better way to end the feuding than by both families creating an alliance with each other through marriage. With war being so much part of the lives of all involved, can peace come of the forced union between them?

The Mail-Order Bride
Wild West Setting: Romance, Trauma
She was disgraced. Not by her own fault but disgraced all the same. With nowhere to turn to, she answers an advertisement for a mail-order Bride in order to escape the past and the horrors of it. She becomes wife to a widower, but her secrets don’t say buried for long, especially when the horrors return to haunt her and threaten her new home and happiness with her husband, and his family. For doubling, we could add in the widower’s sister and create a plot for her.

The Hitman's Girlfriend
Prohibition Era/Roaring Twenties or Modern Setting: Dark, Romance, Gritty, Crime
He is a hitman for the mob and he's damn good at his job. Orphaned and trained from an early age, he has grown up in a world of death and destruction. On a hit, he runs into a young woman who represents everything he isn't. Light to his darkness, and a girl who's never seen the depravity and underbelly of the city. How this goes is up for grabs but essentially, these two polar opposites meet and danger of some sort ensues.

The Emperor's Chosen
Medieval Fantasy Setting: Romance, Adventure
The Emperor is a cruel man, obsessed with a prophecy that the dark thing that possesses him, must mate with a pure soul to create a being of complete power to rule the kingdoms with absolute authority. He finds such a creature, and keeps her locked away, until he is ready to marry her and claim her for his own. A resistance to the emperor's forces has taken hold, and the people are fighting back. One soldier hears of the emperor's bride to be, and manages to find the place where she is kept hidden. At first he means to kill her, but instead decides, that he doesn't have the heart to kill a girl who's only fault was being the Emperor's chosen bride. With no choices left, he takes her away from the place where she had remained hidden and brings her into the camp. At first, as a hostage, and prisoner of war, the two eventually find themselves wrapped in a passionate affair that might bring the Emperor's wrath upon them all. This will definitely be a more epic style romance with lots of factors playing into a complex relationship, and of course, plenty of side characters to help round out the plot.

Modern Fantasy Setting: Bondage, Romance, Action, Possible Stockholm Syndrome
A human girl gets caught in the wrong place at the wrong time, and ends up being taken into a coven of vampires to be used as a blood slave. Upon arrival, the leader of the coven discovers her and is inexplicably drawn to her in a way he's never before been drawn to a human, and for once decides that no one can feed from her, but himself. As she grapples with her new life as a blood slave to a vampire, there's also the matter of why she's suddenly developing magical abilities she has never before possessed. As her relationship with her master shifts into something more, she soon realizes the reason why he was drawn to her in the first place. The basic idea for this role play is that she thinks she is just some normal human being when she is taken to be a blood slave to these vampires but the first time she is drank from, triggers a reaction that causes her true origins to be realized. I'm thinking demi-goddess or something like that, but it would be a lot of romance and action, we can work out the details via PM.

Master x Slave
Gang Memberx Young Woman
Kidnapper x Victim
Elf x Human
DemiGod x Human
Prince x Princess
Prince x Peasant Girl
Knight x Lady
Forbidden Love
Arranged Marriage
Scottish Laird x English Lady
Hitman x Girlfriend
Mob Boss's Son x Opposing Mob Boss' Daughter
Bodyguard x Rich Girl
Single Mom x Single Dad
Single Dad x Nanny
Vampire (Not Twilight) x Human
Shapeshifter x Human

If there's nothing here to strike your fancy, feel free to send me a PM and we can chat about your ideas. Can't wait to hear from you!
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Re: A Search for Partners: Dark and Romantic Plots Within (Updated 12/18)
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Updated with new plot and all plots are now tagged with what might be included within them.

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Re: A Search for Partners: Dark and Romantic Plots Within (Updated 12/18)
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Updated with new plot