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Started by TotesRider, November 20, 2017, 01:00:48 PM

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So... I honestly believe my search threads are pretty... well to put it blunt they look kinda shitty. Whether it be organization or getting my ideas across. I've also run into the issue where despite having multiple ideas, pretty much EVERYONE who answers the threads all pick one idea. For example, last time I did a 'I wanna play girl characters' thread one of the ideas I had was a sort of spooky monster girl type thing, and it was the only one that people wanted... to the point where I actually kinda got frustrated. And it still happened even after I crossed out the idea and said it was taken.

I'd honestly love some feedback and input on how I can make them better.

My current thread for an example


I honestly see nothing wrong with your thread, but a bunch of people wanting the same story is something that happens to everyone.

I constantly get PMs on BMR for Jedi/Sith FxF, and even after telling people I'd gotten  too many, they continue to send requests for this.
Always looking for roleplays, just keep in mind that I' m not a fast poster.

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I think it's fine as well - it's simple, easy to navigate, everything is very clear.  Ditto Sith's comment about people wanting the same story, though - it's something that seems to happen in waves.  You may just have to be patient, or go looking through request threads and ons/offs of other members to see if you can pitch the idea to them.
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As SithLord said, I don't see anything wrong with your thread, but there's always a few things to consider. I'm not an expert, you don't have to trust my opinions, and it is your thread at the end of the day. :>

If you're constantly getting hits on the same idea or story when you update your thread, as you seem to be, remove it. People can't request it if it isn't there, and you can always add it back in later. It may lead to less messages, but you aren't taking people up on that idea anymore so does that ultimately matter?

The information under the images you have I'd say would be better off in an O&O thread, which you can link to in your request thread. The General Info part is good, though, and should stay.

I would lay it out as following:

General Info

Plot Ideas

Pic inspirations


Again, just little tweaks which may or may not help in the end. Overall I find it takes a considerable time to get your thread perfect and to the point where you go 'Yes, this says ME.'

I hope that helps some. :>

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