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October 21, 2018, 12:44:34 AM

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Author Topic: The Cat and the Puppeteer [Spazadacious & Elisea]  (Read 387 times)

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Offline EliseaArashiToraTopic starter

The Cat and the Puppeteer [Spazadacious & Elisea]
« on: November 20, 2017, 06:27:40 AM »
A tall figure walked out of a pub. Long white hair blew in the breeze, stranger's eyes were blinking as they were trying to adjust to the bright light. You couldn't really tell if they were a man or a woman. The pale skin, almond eyes and not clearly defined jawline all hinted a woman, but the figure was very tall and had no breasts. Their choice of clothing, a simple black t-shirt and pants, also led to the conclusion that he must have been a man.
Irwin, as was his name, had been celebrating. Strangely, he didn't seem to be affected by the drinks he had. His walk was swift, straight and he looked fresh, as if he had only gotten up a few hours ago. These were, however, not the only things peculiar about the man. The weirdest of them must have been his snow white eyes.
He was walking through the streets, his face stone cold, only the eyes sparking with content. The pace was slowing down after he reached his home street. Out of nowhere, he stopped. "Something doesn't feel right," he realized. Believing his own instincts, he cautiously opened the doors to his house. There was nothing unusual in the hall. Irwin still suspected an intruder has gotten into his home. He slowly, without a sound, turned to door knob into his kitchen.
"A cat?!" he sighed in disbelief. There was a white cat, probably a kitten, with s lollipop stuck to its ear and pretty rounded in shape; it could certainly be called cute. But Irwin didn't care about cuteness. With a little surprise as to how did the kitten manage to find sweets in his home, he rushed closer. "Hush!" he tried to scare and force it out.
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Offline Spazadacious

Re: The Cat and the Puppeteer [Teyz & Elisea]
« Reply #1 on: November 20, 2017, 05:54:14 PM »
   The plump white feline had moved along the streets. Thinking to it's self. My paws are going to get dirty...eww it smells like dog out here. She looked around. Piercing blues eyes could easily be seen if anybody were to look at her. She was roughly a year old. But her body looked more like she was three. She stretched out her paws. Lifting each one up at a time. Looking down at her paws. They were normal pink little padded foot paws. Perhaps, she was slightly over dramatic at times.
   She spotted a nice looking house down the street. It seemed to be vacant. She leapt up onto the side walk as if she had walked down this street all her life. Her tail arched upwards and hooked slightly into a more question mark look of things. Scanning the house more, since she had approached it and was in closer view. She noticed a window sill was slightly open. It looked like someone tried to shut it or maybe forgot about it?
   Being as plump as she was made it a little hard to jump as high as a feline her age should be able to jump. She spotted a trash can, and recieved a clever idea in her head. Kicking the half empty trash can over and pushing it with her paws. Rolling it around to the window. Carefully as she could, leapt onto the window sill.
   Sticking her paws under the window pane and pushing upwards with a heft heave. Unfortunately she did it too quickly and fell through the window. The glass didn't shatter but whatever plant that had been under the window was now happily spilt around the floor. She looked downwards. well, now...doesn't this person have a maid? Shrugging her shoulders she walked across the floor. Finding the kitchen. That smell...
   It was like going to the county fair! It was something sweet. She grinned ear to ear as she found the candy dish. Stuffing her face first into it. Little wrappers and candy pieces being spread all around the dish. Soon their was a noise at the entrance way. if they have a dog..i'm ready for that stinky mutt. she held a peppermint in one paw. Wiggling her ears. what the? she had somehow got a lollipop stuck to her left ear. Then suddenly.
   A person popped into view. Hurray! now someone to give me milk or ooh maybe some tuna?she thought to herself. She watched the person approach her. Looking up when the person whom sounded male said "A cat!" she looked around. Was he seeing something else? Then she looked at him. Soon hearing something like a "Whooosh!" sound from his mouth. Oh he wants to play. She thought. How fun! She rolled onto her back and mewled up at him cutely.

Offline EliseaArashiToraTopic starter

Re: The Cat and the Puppeteer [Teyz & Elisea]
« Reply #2 on: November 21, 2017, 02:59:25 PM »
The cat just stared at him. Irwin noticed more details, was it just his imagination or did the cat look delighted by the presence of someone? He allowed himself a moment of carelessness and immediately, kind of involuntarily, fell in love with the sky-blue eyes of the animal. It rolled onto its back and mewed. "It wants to... play?" the white-haired man though to himself with a little surprise and disbelief. His arm stretched as if he tried to poke the cat into its ribs. However, he retreated quickly for he was not in the mood to get scratched or bitten by a displeased animal. He was trying to gain an insight to cat's reactions. Will it try to bite him? Will it instead be scared or possibly will it think the game continues?
"What if it's not a coincidence?" an unpleasant though popped in Irwin's mind. The seemingly young puppeteer needed to know if the cat isn't somehow special. Isn't it a shape-shifter? Or perhaps a familiar? He needed to know, for his life would be greatly priced in the community of supernaturals and it's always better to be cautious rather than sorry. Until now, Irwin's eyes remained white. But suddenly, something started to move in them as a liquid metal. A hint of green appeared and the currents of 'liquid' grew in saturation. A grass-green colour was added, later dark green and even a subtle hint of blue. The eyes glowed a little, what was almost impossible to see in the sunlight. His posture was tense, as he was still surprised by this whole situation. Irwin bent a little as he was inspecting the cat. A strand of his straight hair got loose and covered his left eye.
Irwin was using his powers. He could have commanded the cat to leave if he wanted to but this was not his primary goal - at least not for now. His wanted to find out whether there is something peculiar, magical in this being or not. His powers could tell him. If it would prove to be just a normal cat, the puppeteer might relax a bit and maybe even enjoy its company. Otherwise, the whole situation will grow even more tense.

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