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Author Topic: Bill525 Role Play Idea Thread (M for F)  (Read 1195 times)

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Bill525 Role Play Idea Thread (M for F)
« on: November 19, 2017, 03:37:15 pm »
Hi all,

I have been gone for a while from the site due to real life.  However, things have gone back to normal a bit and I would like to get back into writing with a few partners.  Below are some of my ideas.  All are open for discussion and can be changed to fit my partner.  If you have any interest, please do not hesitate to send me a PM to discuss.  Thanks and I hope to hear from some of you soon!

The Nanny

My character is happily married with a small family. He is a college basketball coach at the local university, also teaching a few classes during the day. His wife is a doctor at the local hospital, the head of a department and often working late hours or traveling to conferences. They have two children, a girl that is 5 and a young boy that is just over a year old. With all the traveling between coaching and the wife with work, the couple decides they need a family nanny to help. After months of searching, the two cannot find a candidate they both like. The wife just left town for a business trip for a few days and my character interviews yours. You seem perfect for the position, but little do I know that you are more interested in create havoc for the happy family. You like the idea of seducing the perfect husband, creating a situation where the perfect couples world could get turned upside down.

The Wrong Girl

My character is engaged to his high school sweetheart. We are young, a few years removed from college and just starting our lives in the real world. My character is living with his older brother in an apartment. Your character is still in college, and met my brother at a bar. You are a bit of a party girl, loving the night life. My brother has a stable job and at first your character love the way he treats and takes care of her. My fiancé has not been a fan of you, not trusting you to be good for my brother. Your partying has lead to you cheating on my brother, but you have him wrapped around your finger and he just cannot seem to see what is really going on. My character just got hired at a big marketing firm in the city, and everything seems to be turning in the right direction for him. Your character see's his success, and decides it may be time to get him wrapped up in your web, seeing he could take care of her if she needed him to.

Mysterious Neighbor

Bill and his wife, Jessica, have been in a relationship since college. Once they graduated college they moved around looking for jobs, until they finally got settled in a nice, family oriented neighborhood. Bill was a teacher at the local high school, while Jessica worked as a financial advisor at a local firm. Jessica was ready to take the next step in their relationship, wanting their first child. Bill wanted a child with Jessica, but was not sure that this was the right time. At this stressful time in their relationship a new person enters their neighborhood. The house next door has been empty for quite some time, but suddenly a, for sale sign was hung in front of the house. As the new neighbor moved in, both are excite to get to know the neighbors. However, little did they know that this new neighbor loved trouble, and once she met the new couple she was tempted to test the relationship between Bill and Jessica. (In this role the new neighbor can be married or single. Also, may be an interesting dynamic if the new neighbor was just hired to work at the school Bill teaches in. Just a few things we could add.)

The New Student

Mr. Lewis is a favorite of many of the students at his school. He is a history teacher and also the basketball coach. His life seems to be everything he had imagined. He has his dream job, is planning on proposing to his high school sweetheart, and is coaching a sport that he loves. One day a new student comes to the school with a troubled background. She has just transferred in, as she could not stay out of trouble at her former school. Mr. Lewis has been assigned as an advisor for the new student. The principal knows that he has a great relationship with most of his students, so he figures that the new student may benefit from having him help her transition into her new school. While Mr. Lewis attempts to help his new student, her past seems to catch up with her as she is presented with the opportunity to possibly create some havoc in her new school and have some fun trying to corrupt him.

Fiancés Sister

Bill and his fiancé Melissa have just gotten engaged and are headed to Melissa's family home to spend the week with her family to celebrate the engagement. Melissa's younger sister is in college, and is the bad girl of the family. She has always been the wild girl, and her and Melissa could not be more different. Melissa is nervous to bring Bill home as she knows that her sister likes to push the buttons of the men that she is involved with. While at Melissa's parent’s house, Bill has to deal with her teasing little sister tempting him, trying to cause problems in her sisters seemingly perfect relationship.

My Best Friends Girlfriend

Bill and Brian had been best friends since high school. They went to college together, and after college moved in to an apartment as they both were struggling to find jobs. Now that they both had full time jobs, they each got their own house. Bill met his girlfriend in college, while Brian stayed single for most of it. Recently Brian had met a new girl, one that he called his girlfriend and brought around every time they hung out. Brian’s new girlfriend was different then Bill had expected. She was a great time to be around, but Bill noticed her teasing and flirty nature. At bars, when Brian wasn’t paying attention, Bill saw her flirt with other guys. Bill’s girlfriend Heidi was not a fan of her. She told Bill many times that he should say something to Brian, but he never did. As Heidi and Brian’s girlfriends dislike for each other grew, so did the tendency of his best friend’s girlfriend to flirt with him. At first, Bill didn’t mind, thinking she was just being friendly. However, was her goal to just be friendly, or to get Bill to forget about his girlfriend and his friendship and give into the desires that she knew most men had of her.

The Ex-Girlfriend

Shane has finally found some stability in his life. After graduating college he had a hard time finding a job, but finally things have gone in the right direction. Shane had found a job at a local financial firm, and has been thriving since getting the job. Also, his personal life had turned, he had met a girl, Meghan, and things were getting serious. He was finally happy. After what happened in college, he thought that would be hard to do. Shane had a girlfriend in college, one that he thought was perfect, but she had cheated on him. His old college flame was not one that liked to stick with one guy, but Shane had always been her steady boyfriend, and no matter how many times she cheated, Shane always took her back. Once college ended, however, Shane had broken things off. The control she held over him seemed to disappear. Now Shane was successful in his new job, and enjoying his life. However, one day Shane came into work to find that his old college flame had been hired as a secretary at the firm. He was not excited to see her, but felt his life was in a good direction and didn’t dread it too much. What he didn’t anticipate was that his ex-girlfriend saw his success and happiness with Meghan and decided she wanted to regain that control over him that she once held. Can Shane resist the temptation, or will his ex-girlfriend retake the control she had over him in college.

The Bad Girl

Bill and his wife, Ashley, have been high school sweethearts. They are married and have a daughter who is in high school, Kelly. Everything seems to be going just as planned. Ashley has a good job in a business office, while Bill coaches at the local college, and also teaches a few classes each semester there. Kelly, is a straight A student, and is on the fast track to getting into a good college. However, Kelly has befriended a new student at her school. This student has transferred in with a bit of a mysterious past. Kelly's new friend is much different there her other friends. She is extremely outgoing, flirty, teasing, and she looks much older than her age. Her body is different than other girls her age, and she shows it off. Kelly has told her parents how her new friend is a hit with the boys, and how some of the other male teachers even can’t keep their eyes off of her. The new friend likes the attention of men, and sees an opportunity to corrupt the straight a, good girl Kelly. However, once she meets Kelly's parents, and sees how Ashley does not approve, she also sees an opportunity to stick a wedge within the family.

The Detective

Detective John Lewis was one of the youngest detectives on the force. He had an amazing record, and was a fast rising star within the police department. He was a family man, and was seen as someone that could be the poster child for what the force was trying to become. The City was enjoying a break from the normal major crime that was common place in the past. However, a big case could soon break open. A beautiful celebrity was about to find herself in a media firestorm if things weren’t handled correctly. This celebrity had a reputation, she married another celebrity, but she was the one being photographed with other men. She was a night owl, always at clubs and the media loved rushing to her to try and catch her doing things that she shouldn’t be doing in public. When, the chief of police called John into his office, he knew something was wrong. The chief told Bill that this celebrity’s husband was found dead, and the main suspect was his partying, wild wife. John was put on the case as the lead detective, and now found himself attempting to investigate this woman. However, she was not the type of woman to allow a man like John to get information easy, without attempting to distract him from what his job really was. Could John keep his good image and do his job, or will this women ruin his career, while also may be getting away with a major crime?

*Other roles I am interested in*

1. Co-workers

2. Succubus- can a man resist losing his soul?
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Re: Bill525 Role Play Idea Thread (M for F)
« Reply #1 on: March 18, 2018, 12:04:30 pm »
Still looking for a role play partner..... the Nanny role is back open.... message me if you are interested in any of the ideas.

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Re: Bill525 Role Play Idea Thread (M for F)
« Reply #2 on: April 01, 2018, 01:17:37 pm »
Update made to The Nanny role...... and added a new role, "The Wrong Girl."  Message me if interested.

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Re: Bill525 Role Play Idea Thread (M for F)
« Reply #3 on: May 21, 2018, 02:16:02 pm »
Still looking for some writing partners, PM me if anyone is interested!