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May 22, 2022, 05:09:20 am

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Author Topic: Fun Smut wanted (mxf, Futas and fun New MxM)  (Read 1179 times)

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Fun Smut wanted (mxf, Futas and fun New MxM)
« on: November 17, 2017, 08:34:13 pm »
Heyo. Thanks for stopping by. Sorry if this isn't as fancy as some other's but I hope it gives ya the info you need.

General Info
Who I Play: I generally play males but I have experimented in playing as girls from time to time. Just depends on my mood.
What I play: Generally either M//M M//F or M//Futa. My cravings change constantly so just ask me
Where I Play: Either through Private Messages or Email. I refuse to play via IMs. I'm the 'Do a couple replies on an RP, then hop off to play some games for a bit and then come back'.
Be Patient: With my mental issues as well as my work schedule, I may not have alot of time to reply Saturday-Wednesday. But I am usually free Thursday and Friday. That said if it's been awhile PLEASE send me a PM letting me know.
Post Lengths: I'll be honest. I try not to keep myself within a strict minimum. About four or five sentences are enough for me. But this heavily depends on the RP. If it's a simple slice of life then it'll be short. But if it's something like a fantasy setting and such then they'll be longer. Talk with me on this. I'm pretty flexible. Though I personally think Five Paragraph per post for one character is asinine as all hell
Character Descriptions: I REFUSE to use pictures of real people. Sorry it's just kinda weird for me and for most of my ideas it wouldn't fit. I prefer either written descriptions or drawn pics. UPDATE: depending on the RP idea, if you yourself wanna use a Real Photo then that's fine. HOWEVER if that photo happens to be something that looks like it was ripped from some poor person's Facebook page then I am dropping that shit instantly. That is beyond creepy.
Ditching Policy: Unfortunately I must admit that i've accidentally ditched RPs from time to time. This is why I EXTREMELY stress the 'Please PM if it's been a bit' rule. However after a certain time it's better to just consider the RP dead if it's been about a month or so. If this happens then no sweat. No Fault or finger pointing. Just move on like adults and maybe even discuss a brand new RP

FUN SMUT: I'll admit, I do get turned off heavily by most darker smut stuff. Like breaking a woman down to become a cum bucket and the like, although I can be convinced of Master and slave stuff but this is very iffy. I define Fun Smut as something liiiiiike... Maybe Sibling A catches Sibling B masturbating and decides to help them... or just random hook ups. Or "Alright look the treasure is right there... you. We need you to distract the dragon while we snag it. Godspeed soldier" and commence getting a hole full of dragon cum (or ogre, or tentacle, whatever's in a dungeon usually). But honestly just discuss with me. I can be coerced into darker things... Maybe... Kinda.

Absolutely Wrecked: You ever see those hentais where someone gets gangbanged and at the end they're kinda delirious, cum pouring out of every stretched orifice. I like that stuff.

Excessive Semen: This is a favorite of mine. The surprise of almost a gallon of cum right after getting fucked silly. Or maybe something like someone sucking an 'average-ish' cock only to wind up getting a massive explosion of jizz.

FemBoys: Whether I play them or my partner plays them... FemBoys are best

Milfs: Doesn't have to be incest related... I just like mature women. Whether it be a Teacher, a Neighbor, Boss or maybe something involving super heroes or something?

Thick Girls (or boys) : Are Best Girls (or boys). Nothing wrong with slim fashion model types but girls with some thickness are divine. Now I don't mean obese or anything like that.

Anal: Fucking, Fisting, Rimming... i'm down for it all just no scat

Incest: Generally I do bro x sis, mother x son, or cousins. I don't really enjoy playing as dads or uncles in incest RPs unless we're doing multiple characters

Harems: The one that drives alot of peeps away, but this is one I really like to do and with the right person can be pretty fun. I have a few plot ideas for this so just lemme know if you're interested. NOTE: I can also play a harem of dudes (or a mixture of genders) for ya if ya like ^_^

Affection: When it comes to an RP where characters are a little more romanticaly involved, i'm a sucker for bits of affection. Neck kisses, little nibbles, hickies, etc etc

Reward Sex: "Sure i'll let you hit this buuuuuuut you need to beat up that luchadore in your next fight got it?"

Group Sex: Be it Gangbangs, orgies or what have you. The more the merrier

Public Play: Fucking in an alleyway, empty class room, changing rooms and all the nice stuff.

After Sex: We had our fun... so let's cuddle, maybe clean up a bit... I don't know why I just find this stuff cute as fuck

Abuse for Pleasure: As in "When he beat me to a bloody pulp and choked me, I felt so alive and came instantly."
Toilet Play
The word "Faggot": Look I personally hate this word... like a fucking lot. And there's been times where i'll be doing an RP with someone, and we got hot sweaty meaty man sex going on and their character calls mine "A Faggot". It's not sexy, or 'dirty' just fucking don't use it. Got it? Just don't.

Tim Allen Style "Uuuwaaah?"
Dom/Sub: Okay this isn't so much a TURN OFF per se. But I am kinda tired how EVERY RP nowadays has to adhere by it. For some plots and ideas it's fine. But honestly i'd be down for something that was more 'switch' based if you catch my drift
Cheating: Okay so look. I had some bad shit happen to me in the past and because of it I could never do any sort of story involving cheating. But I'm starting to put that shit behind me. This is still a big MAYBE.

Not Exactly Kinks but stuff I'd like
Anime Cliche': I'll admit, i'm a massive weeb. I especially like anime style fight scenes (calling out attack names and the whole like) <~<

Furries: Not really a kink or fetish but I do enjoy these from time to time.

Monsters: Let's get creative!!! Monsters are always fun to make and play as.

Pre-established Relationships: While most people understandably want character relationships to start off as a blank slate, I'd like to have some history between them. Life long friends? Maybe they had a couple one night stands? Or maybe fuck it, they're already in a relationship or even married?
~~~RP SHIT~~~
Plot ideas

The QuestCRAVING: Inspired by old games like Jak and Daxter, Oddworld, Mario and Banjo Kazooie. YC is the daughter of a chief to a tribe that protects a giant gem said to hold immense power and according to legend, can be used to power a giant weapon that was once used save the world. However, a mysterious man and his army of machines arrive to annihilate the village and steal the gem. With determination, you leave your island home to begin your quest to retrieve the gem and stop the mysterious man and his plans. In this i'll play a GM and will create a large and wacky world for you to explore along with a large cast of characters and npcs to interact with. This can have as little or as much smut as you want. As for tone, it's supposed to have a more light hearted, cartoony vibe... which if we go a more smutty gives us alot of room to experiment with. Also since many of the games this is inspired by has some kind of gimmick power the character can do. You can have one as well.

On The FarmCraving: MC is a young male Holstaurus who gets gets hired as a farm hand. However due to his 'assets'. He begins to attract some of the ladies of the farm. Maybe even the Farmer's Wife or Daughter.

The Big OneCraving: Kind of a more one shot type deal. Essentially MC has a pretty great life so far. has a good paying job that lets him work from home. A nice house, etc etc. And sure he's on the short boyish side in terms of appearance but he does have a certain 'cuteness' to him. There is one problem. Despite his scrawny short appearance, he has a pretty massive dick. Like... 'Holy fuck how do you fit that in your pants' level? And well that's part of the problem. It's hard to go out and have a life with that big thing so he mostly stays inside and has to constantly masturbate to keep the beast down. YC could be a neighbor, an old friend trying to catch up, etc etc. either way, some how you manage to discover his 'Secret' and decide to try and tame the beast yourself.

Welcome to the Team (MMMMxF): The Star Squad is one of the most prolific super hero teams in the world. Lead by the ever charismatic Captain Knight along with the mysterious alien Jack, the super shinobi Shadow G, The hulking cyborg Machine Zaiver. After YC's powers awaken, they are offered a chance to join the team. What happens when romantic interests flare up in the normally all-male hero team

After School Slut Club (FF x... Anything): In this we'll both be playing as girls as well as random NPCs. Kurishima is a kind of dull mountain town. Two best friends get a bizarre idea from one of their brother's hentai mangas and essentially become prostitutes. Letting students and faculty pay a fee to have their way with them. Over time they recruit some more girls and create the secret 'After School Slut Club'.

My Favorite Incubus (MxMF): A newly married husband and wife have finally moved into the home of their dreams. Only problem is that it's being haunted by MC, an incubus boy. While he means no harm, he does cause a bit of a sexual ruckus around the house. I'd like someone to play both the husband and wife but I can play both the husband and Incubus if need be.

Fuck Buddies (MxF): this one is more lax. Essentially both our characters are pretty much tired of relationships. Whether they have terrible luck or just a string of bad dates. Since they're good friends. They decide to have a Friends with Benefits situation. Essentially I wanna play around with this dynamic.

Super HeroxVillain/Civilian/Sidekick
MxF or M Harem

I would prefer to play as an OC but can double as Canon
Blazblue (Bonus Points if you can play as Taokaka)
Guilty Gear
ARMS Craving
Fate series (kinda new so be gentle)
Zelda Breath of the Wild: In particular, I would like to play a traveler or group of travelers that get to wreck Link.

PICTURES of things i'd like to play against
Summer Vacation
Yordle Witch
A God's harem
Elf bride
Space Vixen
Cyclop Monster
Saber Nero
American Elf
Milf 2
Goth Girl

Country PAWG

For the love of Futas
Been wanting to play as a Futa lately... mostly against other girl characters but I can play against male ones to... maybe
Chinese Dress

Help Momma (Futa x F): MC is a loving and doting mother to her darling daughter (YC) and loving wife. One night, YC manages to peak inside your parent's room to find quite a sight. Your mother was sporting a fat cock and slamming away at your dad's ass. Before you know it you're fingering yourself and head back to your room. Now the only thing on your mind is how to get your mom's sweet cock in you.

Not Quite What I was Hoping For: MC was once a young man who... sadly didn't have the best luck with women no matter how hard he tried. One night he finds a book that lets him contact a demon. In exchange for 'being more desirable', he is to plant his seed in as many women as he possibly can within One Year. However... the demon tricks him and turns him into a full package futanari! Along with the gender change (and fatter cock), he somehow has a strange aphrodisiac pheromone that only affects other women. And as an added curse/blessing, the longer he goes without cumming, the wilder he gets until he can force his cock in some poor woman. Does he try to find a way to reverse it? Or accept his new life as a slutty futanari

Helping Eachother: YC is a young college girl who is starting to blossom as a futanari. She has no one else to turn to, until one of her teachers (MC) has her stay after school one day. Turns out, she's a futanari as well and takes YC under her wing in how to handle being a futanari

Somma That Good Gay Shit
MxM. I don't exactly feel like I could accurately do full fxf stuff. Sorry

Anthro x Human (Bonus points if the anthro is decently built to straight on Bara)
Out of the closet Roommate x In the closet Roommate
Polyamorous Gay Dudes: Adventuring Party? A prince and his most trusted servants? Some dudes on the road who form a strong bond?
Super Heroes. Bonus points if I can play a Tokusatsu style hero
Monster Boys
Reluctant Protectors
Shy sweet Baras x spicy flirty femboys

Completely Inhuman looking monster (wolf/dragon/etc)x Human
"My dad owed someone a lot of money and to make it up, he sold me to be that person's 'pretty boy'." Bonus points if that someone happens to be supernatural
"We broke up three weeks ago and now we're stuck helping eachother during the zombie apocalypse"
"I've always wanted to be more attractive. So i made a deal with some witch. Only problem? i'm attracting other men and not girls."
"You've just inherited a house. Nice, big, spacious... almost like a mansion. Only problem is that it's filled with monsters. Are they nice? Mean? Who knows..."
"i'm kinda fat and generally made fun of at school... but the hottest guy just asked me out. THE HELL?!"
"I'm an average human in a world filled with monsters. And I get paid big bucks to let those monsters fuck me on camera"
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