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Started by TwarelyQuinn, November 14, 2017, 11:25:05 PM

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Quinn's Current Plot Cravings

Hello Puddin! I'm Quinn and I'm: currently seeking partners!

Back from my hiatus, I am excited jump back in!

I'm looking for people who can post around once a week and are willing to put creative work into the plot with me. I like to think I'm friendly and want a partner willing to talk with me through plot, characters and whatever else comes up. A lot of my thoughts on roleplaying and why I like it comes from my background in theatre, I love a collaborative environment and I love creating something with someone. I expect my partner to work with me in driving the plot and be respectful. Though I don't have a post length requirement, I expect a certain level of detail and effort. I can post anywhere from three paragraphs to eight or ten given what I have to work with. I am currently open to smut based plot.

Additionally, I'm a queer person so I enjoy F/F and M/M stories a lot, but have no problem doing F/M relationships either, I have a number of plots that are F/M. I’m also comfortable writing as an gender, I identify as nonbinary and would love to have more queer storylines. I typically write as a strong individual who is sexually submissive. I don’t have a lot of boundaries, I’m comfortable with extremes storylines, non con and the like so don’t be afraid to ask.

I've bolded the plots I'm most interested in but don't be afraid to suggest more; these aren't the only things I'd be interested in doing, just the ones that are currently tickling my fancy the most. You can check out more at my O/O page, but note that is currently wildly out of date. I will be updating it soon.

Additional Information About Me
As a Writer
I'm a writer first, then role-player. I prefer story, character development and universe creating over anything else. I don't mind taking the time to plan out and talk and create together in order to really have that understand of one another and create great collaboration. I'm also a super open and flexible person, if you don't like something, tell me. I'm always willing to talk things out, even if we don't agree. I'm up for debating or talking about whatever, as long as it done with mutual respect. If I'm uncomfortable with something or want to change something or whatever, I'll tell and I want you to feel like you can do the same. 
Though I am not new to writing and roleplaying, I'm new to this site so I don't at all judge experience levels. In turn, I do ask for a little patience if I'm still a confused with the finer points to operating the site.
My Style
I'm a creative writer, I love to make worlds around my stories. My strengths are in character banter/dialogue, detail, character dynamics etc. I'm all about open communication, anything that needs to be talked about, any concerns or questions, I want us to be comfortable talking to each other. My biggest weakness are run on sentence, I get excited and my sentences can get as long as my train of thought. I try not to but I'm only human. I can get excited and hurried to reply, so I sometimes make some of your classical mistakes that I miss in editing.
In general I write in third person past tense.

Current Interest/Craving:

I’m in the mood for some dub/non con in an asylum setting. Below are some ready to roll plots, but I'm also open to other ideas. These stories can be changed to any gender pairings.

My reply rate is minimal of once a week to a every other day depending on my schedule out of E.

That Pretty Little Head:
Time Period: 40s-50s
Elements: Electro shock therapy, medical bonds, mind control/mind altering
Plot: M/C has been enjoying their independent life, living in the city and working as a secretary of a local politician. When they discovers the politician is corrupt, he first tries to blackmail M/C then has her forcibly committed to an asylum Y/C works at. Y/C is a doctor or nurse, who has either accepted bribe money (or something of that nature) or is at the direction of a superior that has, there to make this “little problem go away”. Y/C takes an interest in M/C and decides to make them Y/C’s new project. This could be spouse, play thing etc.
This could also have a queer angle, ie lesbian being turned in by a current, ex or a prospective male partner.

Broken Doll
Time Period: Sci Fi (Future)
Elements: Mind control/mind altering, medical/tech bondage, non con, groups, robotic play.
Plot: This is a Utopia, everyone is happy, all is well. There is no more poverty or disease or anything bad. The government has made everything perfect for its citizens. Of course nothing is truly perfect. M/C starts to see the cracks, this can either be purely accidental (witnessed something they shouldn’t have) or they’re part of a resistance group. The government can’t let something imperfect just out walking around, so they’re taking to a facility. There Y/C could be the director or a case worker assigned to M/C.

Hush Darling
Time Period: Present Day
Elements: Mind control, alternate reality. Lots of options based on direction.
Plot: (Disclaimer: Loosely based off a movie I only kind of watched) Y/C has created a way to create virtual realities that seem completely real. So real that sometimes the person in the virtual world doesn’t know it’s not real. Through a determined set of circumstances M/C falls prey to Y/C’s and is trapped in their virtual reality.

Perfect Partner LLC
Time Period: Open
Elements: Mind Control/mind altering, servant sub, bimbofication
Plot: A company that creates the perfect little partner for their clients. This company does more than matchmake, they guarantee a perfect product, through molding and testing.

If you're interested in roleplaying with me please send me a PM as to keep this thread clean, thank you! Also if my thread has inspired you and you have an idea for a game that I have not listed please free to reach out to me, I don't bite! Unless you want me to! Now, like all good things, I'll end this with a bang.
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Old Plots

Original Plots:

Welcome to the Arena:
Type: Scifi, Fighting, Meta Humans
Idea: The short summary of this plot is people are selected to battle it out gladiator style against each other and monsters. This plot works with a couple different setting, such as a futuristic one which could be kind of Hunger Games like where is a form of entertainment, it could be alien abductions where people are taken to fight, or modern underground fighting ring where people are sold or taken to fight in these illegal games. Whatever the setting the idea works for all of them. The people or aliens running this battle arena are using a serum to create super powered fighters. Think Bane, but instead of just beefing the person up it gives them a specific power, which is tied to something about them. With each dose the powers get stronger and possibly some new ones. Of course if you want to last long in the arena you have to keep dozing and the serum is one of the sources of currency among the fighters, but over dosing seems to come with its own series of problem, hyper aggression, out of control powers, strange physical mutations and eventually those people disappear. This begs the question, where do the monsters come from?

Pirates! :
Type: Scifi, Possibly Historical and/or Steampunk
Idea: Scifi pirates, such as Firefly, is something that would be really interesting. This could go in about hundred different directions, all that I find really interesting. One idea comes to mind: There have been whispers around that there are some people around that are not like anyone else, that they have these abilities. Anyone with a flicker of difference starts disappearing. Some meet a terrible fate, others are being taken in by a rogue group of powered anarchist causing havoc around them. One character is the captain, the other is the captive (willing or not), the captain has powers, but the captive could go either way, have powers (saved by the captain) or is a high ranking official taken as a ransom by the crew, or maybe a mix of both.

Modern Fantasy World:
Type: High Fantasy, Modern, Possible Slice of Life
Idea: I would love to do a world building about how magic and fantasy creatures would effect how life would turn out. How would we get power, from enchanted crystal or magic made by slave/low income workers? How would different magical races create a power structure of privilege? There are so many questions and things to talk about it. The plot could be a story about corruption or breaking out of system or exposing it.

The Queen's Secrets:
Type:Light to Medium Fantasy, Medieval 
Idea:The story starts out like any other, a princess from one country marries a king from another as part of a peace treaty to end a long war, but that's where the simplicity ends. For her own protection before the marriage a knight from her home country goes through an ancient ceremony where he's bound to the royal. This means he's loyalty lies solely with her. Though the road for them to become friends is long and rocky, something else is boiling under the surface. But where the queen's heart lies isn't the only brewing secret, rumors are boiling about her parentage as well as trouble in her home country.
I see this one as a long term roleplay with a relationship being a slow burn. Though it's set up as a FxM pairing, I'd be totally down for a knight being a woman in disguise or a trans person.

The Shadow of the Dragon:
Type:Medium to High Fantasy, Medieval
Idea:It can be difficult to step out of the shadow of a powerful parent, but when you're the youngest of royal with no throne to sit on, it can be hard to find your place. The princess finds herself lost and looking for purpose, so she disguises herself so she can join the women warrior group. She bonds with one of the fighters she's training with and it blossoms into something more. When training ends, the group is sent on a mission that lands them in a fiery situation, which reveals that the two women are hiding more than one dark secret. Though I'd prefer for this to be a F/F pairing, I could be talked into changing it that she disguises herself as a man to join the fighters thus making it a F/M pairing.

The Hunt
Type: Fantasy, Werewolves (Treads a fine line between smut driven and plot driven)
Idea: She was of good breeding, members of her family had served as Betas to the pack's Alphas for generations. Though it was never guaranteed, her strength, her intelligence and her bloodline line made her the next likely choice to play second fiddle. Of course there was just one little matter that had to be sorted first, she was young and female and it was finally her turn, her hunt. Except that phrasing is slightly misleading, she was not the one hunting, she was being hunted. It was a tradition as old as packs themselves, every female when they came of a certain age stood bare in front of group of potential mates, all looked to make her theirs, and all she was given was a head start. The one that could catch her and lay claim to her would be her mate. In the mind of this particular woman, she had certain man in mind; he was an unexpected choice given the general mistrust many members of the pack had for him, but she found she had some genuine feelings for him. Still cunning and speed would only give her so much control, another could beat him, another could catch her.

This is where the idea splitters into different directions which all lend to different kinds of plots. After all this is anyones game, her lover, the pack's alpha, a lone wolf, perhaps even an alpha of another pack. Her Lover: He was not supposed to catch her, he wasn't even supposed to be at her hunt. The alpha had implied that perhaps he should be busy that night, but it wasn't an order, so he didn't listen. Making her his mate caused quite a stir in the pack, causing him to consider leaving them all behind. Only she was of high blood, she wouldn't want to leave, now what's a werewolf to do? Pack's Alpha: He was the alpha, anything he wanted should his, except her. She had always been aloof, unimpressed, but at her hunt he would show her, he would tame her the wild in her and make her his own. They were a proper match, and somehow the knowledge that she would not be his easily was all the more alluring. Lone Wolf: That was the problem with hunts, they were hard to regulate. Any werewolf nearby could just hang back long enough for it to start and as long as they were successful, the prize was rightfully theirs. He couldn't be sure why he decided to join the hunt, maybe he had been on his own for too long, maybe it was the challenge of some many other males, maybe it was her scent. Another Pack's Alpha: Territory was getting sparse and an all out war was something neither pack could afford, formally inviting him to the hunt was the olive branch and she was the treaty. He was older than her and she would not be his first mate. He knew from the moment he met her that she would fight him and that he would have to break her in order to make her the perfect mate.

This one can get pretty extreme and pretty twisted and dark, which is kind of why I find it so exciting. Because this one plays with such rigid gender roles it only works with F/M pairings.

Fandom Plots
I'm most interested in Batman based plots. I have a few plots below but would love to hear your ideas as well. It all cases I prefer to be the underlined character but would be willing to switch if desired.

Jason/OC: *Spoiler Alert for those who don't know about Jason Todd* This takes place some time after Jason was killed by the Joker and may have flashback which he's not included about what happened while he was dead and before he came back to Gotham, we'll work out the details. This plot would largely center around the Bat-family coming to terms with Jason's return and who he's become after his resurrection. MC would either be his friend or someone he was in a relationship with before his death. We can hammer out the details together.

Teen Titans: Beast Boy (Garfield)/Rachel Roth (Raven), Robin (Dick Grayson)/Starfire (Kori), Cyborg (Vic Stone)/??: Inspired by Gabriel Picolo’s Teen Titans (if you haven’t seen his art art you seriously need to look it up, so good). One of my previous partner dub it Teen Titans Casual. A Slice of Life style piece for these coming of age young adults (college age) as they strike it out on their own in a new city away from parents and mentors. A much more modern take on the classic version, outside of cannon. 

Batman Beyond: OC/OC (F/F): Two woman raised by some of Gotham's most notorious villains, are falling into the footsteps of the family business. When they go after the same prize they find themselves not only contending with each other but Batman as well. This is not a fully fleshed out plot.

Harley Quinn/Poison Ivy: No solid plot but who doesn't love these two?

Damian Wayne/Rachel Roth (Raven): Just PM me if you’re interested in this one, I have about ten different ideas for this pairing, both cannon and AU.


Loki/Sigyn: There are so many different ways to take this, and to be honest I'm not totally caught up with the MCU movies, so I can't help past like the second Avengers movie. My thoughts were taking pieces from the movies, comics and mythology to create the story of the two.

Half Baked Plots
Just some fun ideas in the old brain space that aren't fully formed yet.

The Sickness In Your Head:
Type:Historical, Extreme, Smut Heavy, Doctor/Patient 
Idea: The setting is the fifties where society is trying to reestablish gender roles after WWII and mental healthcare/asylums are in this moral grey area. A woman (MC) is committed to the Hecate Asylum for things she’s been saving about her employer, a rather powerful man. The claim is that this is all part of her diseased mind, and who’s to say that’s not the case? After all the only people that really know is the employer, the woman recently declared insane and the doctor assigned to treat her. And who is everyone going to believe?

When the Siren Calls:
Type: Fantasy, Monster Girl
Idea: Throughout human history the unknown has called out, the shadows in the woods, the depths of the ocean. Only it's not a what, but a who and she's not staying in the shadows anymore.

Type: Supernatural, Extreme
Idea: YC recently inherited an oddities shop from an old relative.  Of course it not something they took seriously, it wasn't as though any of the spell books or mystical object actually worked. So why not try one out? It's all fun and games until someone summons a demon.

At the Queen’s Feet:
Type: Fantasy, Monster Girl, Smut Based
Idea: Nothing specific, thinking a monster woman bound to a queen. MC could be a prize of war or a peace offering from her people to the queen.

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01/20/23: Updated with adding a current/craving interest section with new plot ideas (That Pretty Little Head, Broken Doll, Hush Darling and Perfect Partner LLC) and moving old plot ideas to a separate post.
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