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October 06, 2022, 09:54:16 am

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Author Topic: Vampire/Werewolf Post Apocalypse RP [CLOSED DESIRE MET]  (Read 901 times)

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Vampire/Werewolf Post Apocalypse RP [CLOSED DESIRE MET]
« on: November 14, 2017, 05:26:58 pm »

     His feet dragged along a dirt stretch, one foot crossing before the other, nearly tangling his legs. His stomach felt stretched thin, and his eyelashes trembled over mineral-blue orbs. The sun was gone—hidden behind a blanket of gray fluffy clouds. The sky had been that way ever since, and he hadn’t seen it any different. Even without the scorching heat, the desert was still treacherous. It was cold. He had been mostly living off lizards, roadrunners, prairie dogs, and hares; and if he was lucky, he would find a boar. But there were no boars. There was no food.

     His breath left his parted lips on white plumes. He wore a navy-blue windbreaker over a charcoal-black sweater. The jacket hung off his frame that had grown thin from atrophy. His jeans were torn at the knees, dark-blue and faded in a vintage fashion at the shins. His sneakers were just sneakers, Nike, old and worn-in. He stepped on a rock, and it rolled under his foot causing him to stagger and wake from his starved condition. His knees shook, and his legs buckled, dropping him to them. His fingers trembled, clutching the earth as he felt a wave of nausea. He wanted to vomit, but there was nothing inside him to.

     Noah hung his head, his forehead inches from the ground, and his eyes unfocused in a daze. Starvation…before the apocalypse, before he had been exiled from his pack, he didn’t believe he would ever know such a feeling. Drool hung in ropes from his mouth.

     I’m gonna die… he thought. I’m gonna die…

     His face scrunched up as tears welled in his eyes. What a horrible feeling. He now knew what it felt like to starve and what the unfortunate felt when they couldn’t afford a bite to eat. It was horrible. He sucked in a trembling breath and bit back his whimpering when suddenly, a scent so sweet passed beneath his nostrils.

     Noah’s crying ceased as his pupils shrank and blue irises sank into a pool of crimson. He raised his head and stared across the orange expanse in the direction of the scent. His nostrils wiggled as he inhaled the scent. His jaw started to crackle as his canines elongated. His breathing deepened, chest heaving anxiously. That smell…no matter if it was beast or human, it was the smell of food. His lips rolled back, baring his teeth as a guttural growl rumbled in his throat. Noah lunged, catching his weight upon his hands as his legs curled inwards like a beast. His feet stamped into the earth, sending him forward several feet before he caught himself on his hands again. His palms slid across the dirt and stones, before his fingers gripped the earth. He lunged a third time, and his flesh split away from his fingers as the massive claws of a monster sprouted forth. Thick ridges of black fur erupted from beneath his arms, spreading like grass up his shoulders and neck. His body expanded with muscle. His jacket exploded around an arching back and the shoes at his feet burst as clawed toes propelled him through the desert like a dark blur. Dust formed a cloud trail behind him as the world became bathed in red. He heard in his head his bestial grunting and canine-like panting. A road swiftly approached him and broken down on it was a vehicle—an SUV.

     A man popped open the door holding a shotgun and cursed in terror, “FUCK! It’s one of them!”

     The beast snarled and pounced the man so hard, his body flew into the vehicle and slammed into a second individual. The driver’s side door ripped open as both men were forced out of the car to be smashed beneath the great paws of the wolf. Without hesitation, the beast tore into them, ripping head from shoulders and gulping down their fresh meat. He devoured the humans down to their waists, his long ears starting to retract and his black fur starting to recede beneath creamy flesh. Crouched and balanced on the balls of his feet was a man. His hands were soaked up to his elbows in blood and human gum. He felt the warm, slimy organs in his hands, the taste of copper welling in his mouth. His teeth pulled at the juicy and stretchy meat filling his cheeks with a chewy feast.

     As he ate, he didn’t once muse over his actions. He didn’t think that he might have been devouring innocents. In that moment, he only saw them as food.

Synopsis: The above is basically the first post in the game. I am seeking a detailed and confident writer to play the vampire who my character, Noah, meets up with.

Plot: Both the werewolf and the vampire are loners and rejects from their pack/coven. They become quite the colorful travel partners. Vampires and Werewolves have always been in conflict with each other, but these two have formed their own "pack." They rely on each other to survive a world that is mysteriously in shambles. Fighting off werewolves, vampires, hunters, cannibals, cyborgs, mutants, and other madness brought by the broken planet, the two together defy the world on their mission to find clues as to what happened.

Partner Requirements:

  • Be able to write mostly multiple paragraphs and to be able to add his/her own creativity to the story
  • If going away for a long period, please communicate and let me know, so that I can accommodate (ie. if it's like in excess of several months, replace you).
  • You can find my O/Os in my signature please read over them.
  • Let me know if you're interested. The most common method is people tend to PM me rather than post in the OOC.
  • If you are interested in the game, then the writing sample I will ask from you is a response to the above post. There is no reason why I would ask for a writing sample from another game. I would like to see what type of character you plan to bring to this story.
  • The writing response is the fastest way I could tell you, "We could work together" or "No, we wouldn't work." I have given you a sample of my writing. I am asking for a response to it, and if responding to the above post seems tasking that is a good sign that this game is most likely not for you. This is why I ask for confident writers. I really want to emphasize that.

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