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February 26, 2021, 01:29:30 pm

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Author Topic: What Have I done!? )seeking multiple M characters)  (Read 814 times)

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What Have I done!? )seeking multiple M characters)
« on: November 14, 2017, 09:18:02 am »
Standard Disclaimer

The gender of the player and that of the character bears no relation to the other. It is totally irrelevant to me if you are a male wanting to play a female, a female wanting to play a male or a wolf pretending to be a sheep; As long as you are willing to invest and engage in the creative process, I'm thrilled to talk to you!

I wish that I could say that I really don't have any idea of how I got into the mess that I'm in, but I've promised myself that I would stop trying to lie to myself; Doing that is probably how this all got started in the first place. I guess all of this started... well, in a really round-a-bout way, with my divorce.  I suppose. If my ex husband of 14 years hadn't of been caught, in our own bed, with a 16 year old student, then this could never of happened... I hope he's made lots of friends in prison!

Perhaps I should take a step back so all of this makes sense. My name is Terri Reynolds and I'm a Biology teacher at Brook Valley High School. My 18 year old son, David, is a student at the same school. I'm sure that you can imagine what kind of life that lays on a high school student. But, that's neither here nor there, is it?

At any rate, I promised that I would never lie to myself again, so I do know how it all happened; the little mistakes, the minor missteps, the lie that I kept to myself throughout my marriage, and the tequila, perhaps most of all. You see, like that old song, mixing tequila with my low tolerance for alcohol ... well, it's not a good idea and we'll leave it at that, shall we? Besides, Anyone who went to university with me could certainly tell you "The Tales of Terri's Tequila Terrors." So, I guess that the tequila has a role to play as well.

After the divorce, David and I had to relocate to Brook Valley, a modest town about 90 minutes outside of Portland. I devoted myself to my son, and my work as a way of dealing with the absence of another person in the king sized bed sitting up in my bedroom and it worked pretty well. David and I grew closer and he grew into a fine young man. I had some issues trusting men, but eventually, I became involved with a nice enough man and we have been dating for several months now. we had both agreed that we shouldn't take our relationship to the next level until I was ready for it; by the time that our 6 month anniversary came around, I was ready, more than ready to take it to the next level! After all, I'm a woman and I have needs that a toy can't give me... and I hadn't had sex in more than 3 years

The night of the big event, as we will call it, I had told David that I would probably be gone over night; he asked if he could invite some friends over to watch the game on the big screen. 

Although I know that this will reflect badly on a teacher, I and the parents of David's friends agreed that if the boys were old enough to vote and go off to war, they were old enough to have a drink at home; we just told all of them up front that their keys get locked up until morning; once a parent has deemed them safe to drive home, they can leave.. To date, it's worked out well enough.

The date was... eventful. Dinner was incredible and we probably consumed a little more wine than what was good for us. The stroll along the park river walk was romantic and we played some in the shadows. The fresh air helped to clear our heads a little and by the time that we had stopped off for some more wine and got to his place, I was more than ready for him.

Within a few minutes, we were sprawled on his couch, my panties gone and dress pooled about my waist; his hands on my ass and lips on my breast were heavenly. I was just pulling him out of his pants to take him into my mouth when we heard a key slip into the door's lock. Before we had time to look up, a lovely woman, carrying a carry-on bag, came through the door, talking about some flight cancelation. The asshole was married!!

Filled with fury, frustration, embarrassment and humiliated, I ran from the house so fast that I forgot about the panties. I was an emotional wreck and just wanted to be in my own bed; unfortunately, I forgot about the boys at the house.

Even now,  I can't explain why I did what I did;  maybe I was feeling sorry for myself, perhaps I was depressed and didn't want to be alone; maybe I was just still so turned on that I couldn't resist the boys down below. When I reached the top of the stairs to the basement, I could hear fairly well; I knew that I wasn't hearing a sporting event. There may of been balls and sticks at use, but nothing to do with football. I went down to the basement to find David and 3 of his friends watching a porno about a gangbang. The boys were already more than lit and when one of them passed me a bottle, I took a good pull before checking the bottle to see what I was drinking... Tequila, of course. As mentioned, Tequila and I should never cross paths, particularly when I'm already carrying a buzz to begin with. Definitely not good for Terri and that was my second... or maybe third mistake of the night.

Before I really knew what had happened, I was dancing with one of the boys and I could feel his erection against my belly. On impulse, I rose to my toes and kissed him; the lift revealed my lack of panties and suddenly a hand swatted my bare butt! The next thing that I knew was that a dick was in my mouth and another stroking my folds as if his life depended on it. They took turns with me until the early hours of the morning; until I passed out from exhaustion. The next morning,  I woke up to find myself between two boys and everything came rushing back to me; I had a panic attack and jumped out of the bed. I was covered with what had to be cold semen and desperately needed a shower! I was in real, serious trouble, I had not only let 4 teenagers screw me, but 4 of my students! If anyone ever found out, my career, my life, even David would be taken away.. I could end up in prison! That would give my ex a good laugh, wouldn't it?

I jumped into the shower and started scrubbing myself as if  I was trying to remove acid. I thought that I would be safe in the shower with the door closed, I must of been preoccupied, or simply not paying attention.

One of the boys had entered the bathroom and opened the shower stall before I had even been aware of him; that nearly gave me a panic attack as he closed the stall door to lock us in together...

He wanted to do me again and I made yet another mistake; I let him use me and whenever he wanted to in the future if he kept the boys quiet about what had happened. After agreeing, he pressed me up against the shower wall and took me in the ass. At least he used soap when he thrust up into my rarely, very rarely used back door. When he was done, he washed his dick off and left without a word.  I have to admit that being used like that; nothing but a convenient whole really got to me and I masterbated until the hot water ran out...

After I was done, I went down stairs for some coffee. I had just poured a cup when I felt hands on my hips. Another of the boys had come down and seeing me in a bathrobe, he apparently got ideas. After he took the cup from my hand, he pushed me over the counter, lifted my robe, and pressed into my vagina with a soft sigh. Although I didn't climax, I got a perverse thrill out of knowing that he had satisfied himself on me before he left again. It was becoming clear that I was in trouble and that these three boys, with David would expect much more of me in the future...

That should give you an idea of what I'm looking for in the story. I have a preference for playing the heroine, and I'm open to any kink/fetish that my partner would like to include, This will be smut heavy, but I hope to find some kind of plot to go along with it. I mentioned 4 boys, but if my partner doesn't want to play 4 rooes, I'm happy to discuss as few as two, or even one if the character concept is a really good one.

If you are interested, please drop me a PM. Please do not respond in this thread.
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