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August 18, 2022, 09:17:17 pm

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Author Topic: Modern tales of Corruption (F seeking M characters)  (Read 1073 times)

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Modern tales of Corruption (F seeking M characters)
« on: November 13, 2017, 12:19:49 pm »
Hey everyone I have recently had a bad craving for a few of my games that I have yet to really play. I love my alternative settings Scifi, Fantasy, Post Apocalyptic, but I have had a few modern settings and scenarios that don't really get as much love as I would like. I am interested in taking on a few new partners in these more grounded, down to earth modern settings. So I have decided to do the responsible thing and give them their own  devoted thread. So I am currently not going to take on any new partners until I find at least one modern game hehe.

Confessions of a Cruise-ship Cocksucker (modern)

Cortney Swimmer was considered by most to be an angel, she went to a prestigious catholic school, where she was a model student, track star, cheerleader, and went to church every Sunday. But deep down her teenage angst had been building, she felt that she needed to rebel. The upcoming family trip seemed to be a flop and Cortney wasn't excited at all about it, little did she know that this would be her chance to go wild. The cruise was set to travel through the islands in the Caribbean and Cortney thought that it was going to be filled with boring family events, but to her surprise both her parents would be drunk and practically non existent. She was to share a room with her little brother who had ADD and was a major perv got sick and couldn't go. Yay, she had a room all to herself. So a sixteen year old girl with zero supervision, a budding sex drive and a need to rebel made for easy targets for a whole cruise ship full of horny attractive older men and made for a crazy ten days.
I am looking for someone to play a series of men, to seduce and corrupt my teenage Cortney as she explores a life of sin. A kind of GM to throw multiple people at her as starts smoking, drinking and exploring her sexuality. The men can range from High class cigar smoking Scotch drinking businessmen, married suburban dads, and simple working class crew mates. We can explore multiple fetishes and various levels of corruption and rough sex.

The Corruption of Candice Garret (Modern)
[Rough Sex, Corruption, Old/young]

Candice Garrett was a quiet, well mannered, goody toe shoes, raised by her strict Christian parents and home schooled her whole life. The sixteen year old lived in a bubble cast by her overly protective mother and father, never knowing of the harsh realities of life. Candice was content with her simple life having only a few friends from her youth group and never having a boyfriend. Until one day her life was tragically changed when parents where killed in a bus crash along with many other church goers. The girl was crushed and to make things worse she had to move in with her only living relative, her aunt. Sandy was what her parents described as a heathen, she was a drunk, a drug user, and a tramp, acting like she was twenty even though she was double that. But Candice didn't care anymore her faith was shaken, if God existed then how could he take a bus full of his most faithful followers. So she packed her bags and headed to the trailer park to live with her aunt Sandy. She lived there for a month quietly reading her books, naive to the filth that stretched beyond her small closet sized room. Until one day she met a man, she thought she could help him. Darren Fletch was vile and disgusting, he never learned how to coexist with people, only how to manipulate them. The forty-six year olds only real ties to the outside world where his drug dealer, liquor store clerk, poker buddies and his disability check. But when he met Candice, Darren quickly began to manipulate the young girl. His mind told him to teach the innocent, young girl to be a total slut.

To the Losers goes the Spoils (Modern)
[Noncon, Gangbang, Humiliation.]

Harry, Frank, Jimmy, Todd, and Buck grew up together a tight knit crew, the social outcasts in their high school, the freaks, the nerds, the losers. They heard it all, but it brought them together, after high school was college and while others were doing keg stands the crew was back at their various dorms playing online games. The boys bonded and grew even closer as they played away their social lives. After college they moved all over the country and got lives but they never lost touch and even discovered a new online game to play together. “Conquest of the Elders” was an addictive multiple online battle arena that pitted two teams of five against each other, the guys were well into their thirties when they discovered it and after five years they honed the craft. The team became well known in the forums and fan pages and even participated in last year's world championship. There team was known as DaDirtyWhiteBoyz and this year was their year, the team had made it to the finals and the game developers flew them to new York for the championship. The battle was long and hard each team stationed in the center of separate auditoriums surrounded by cheering fans, neither ever even seeing each other. When DaDirtyWhiteBoyz team fell they were crushed and with a prize of a million dollars for each player the stakes were way too high for them to fail. The celebration was immense and as the champs were crowned the boys felt nothing but rage and shame. To add insult to their injury one of the members of their rivals was a sixteen year old girl. She flaunted her title in their face she called them losers and really rubbed it in. The guys couldn't let it go she was young, pretty, and cocky as a person could be, she represented the everything that they weren't and she played games better than her. DaDirtyWhiteBoyz had to make her pay, so they plotted a revenge to take her down a few notches.

So this is more of a one off but we can discuss making it longer. I need someone to play DaDirtyWhiteBoyz crew as they catch the girl at her hotel suite and push their way inside. They use her for a couple days, spending her winnings before going home to their normal lives