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Author Topic: Trigun - People Can Change  (Read 257 times)

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Trigun - People Can Change
« on: November 12, 2017, 01:08:14 PM »
Time. Time changes people.
People really can change right? Right?
So many horrible things happened then.
So much pain.
Blood taints the road we have traveled to get here.
A future bright with the promises we made.
Together we chose a brighter morning.
If we work together, Pain will be a bad memory.
Forgotten, like the night before.
People can change... Right?

People can change?
People are stubborn.
Pain is all they understand.
Coexist? They refuse.
Sympathy? They refuse.
Mercy? They refuse
People can change?
No, Brother.
Do the choices WE make affect their path?
I would like to think so.
We were GODS once.
We ARE Gods.
We will Change them.

People can change? Perhaps.
Humanity is a far off place we remember in our nightmares.
We gave that up long ago.
We gave that up to HIM.
HE promised a sky painted with blood.
HE promised a rain of fire.
HE promised screams of agony.
Did you forget us, MASTER?
You gave us direction.
You paved a road for us to walk.
But you left it unfinished.
People can change.
But we are not People.

People can change?
We can only hope so.
We have lost you, our brethren
We returned.
Now, we have joined you.
This land is barren.
But together we can make it alive.
There is much work to do!
Earthlings and Locals alike.
We can make this land new.
This land can change.
People can change.

People can change?
After living through hell you expect us to change?
We were goners, but we survived.
WE survived THEM.
The Humanoid Typhoon.
The Harbingers of death.
Millions Knives.
They painted our lives with the blood of our Fathers.
Siblings. Children.
They broke us until we could not heal, and we Survived.
You know nothing of hell.
You expect us to change?

People can change?
Change? People?
Brother, He united us.
People, They abused us.
Did they ever understand?
Can they ever understand?
Will they ever understand?
People can Change?
Our Brothers, They are like night and day.
One walks into the Sunset, the other the Sunrise.
Can we make them understand?
People can change?
Are we to change them?

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Re: Trigun - People Can Change
« Reply #1 on: November 12, 2017, 01:09:35 PM »

~Stranded on a Desert Planet... With the aftermath of apocalypse, can they live in harmony like they vowed on that day?

The planet Gunsmoke has become a very different place. Our story picks up six years after the manga's end. Knives and Vash, twin brothers who battled over the fate of humanity are now wanted men. With the endless game of cat and mouse repeating itself, Vash wanders the globe in search of love and peace. However his brother has been missing ever since the day Humans watched as the two flew away into the sunset and out of the sight of Man's eyes.
Humans from earth had traveled to Gunsmoke in order to aid their stranded brethren, survivors of the failed Project: SEEDS only to find themselves dragged into the epic battle and become castaways as well. However they and the local inhabitants of Gunsmoke have learned to work together for everyone's common good. The Locals contributing an understanding of the threats of the planet's elements and a necessary drive to survive, while the Earthlings bring the tools and technology to help the quality of life on Gunsmoke tremendously.

Recently, more Independants have been appearing. Born from the surviving plants on Gunsmoke under mysterious circumstances, many of these children have been taken in by researchers or other civilians and raised healthily. Many are frightened or intimidated by the questions these naturally born Independants present. Will they two go on to threaten the very existence of Mankind like their older brothers?

Deep in the darkest corner of No Man's land lies an old Gothic Monastery built by plant worshipers nearly a hundred years ago. Here, the assassin cult known as the Eye of Michael have awaited the return of their master and founder, Millions Knives. Believing he has lost sight of his goals and moved on, disowning them, they have developed a deep hatred for humanity and Vash alike, blaming them for changing Knives. While some members hope to return their master to his greater Glory when he returns, others simply wish to end life.

With Many roads to choose, Its time you found your place in this next chapter of the Epic tale of the Human race and its survival.

Can people change?
Can the nightmares of our memories be put behind us?
Or is our fate to repeat such actions?
Endlessly dancing in circles around the pit of Despair?
Only time will tell...

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Re: Trigun - People Can Change
« Reply #2 on: November 12, 2017, 01:12:37 PM »
"Be sure to read them. They could save you a lot of trouble!"

  • PM profiles to me.
  • BE LITERATE! If your posts start getting Tacky, you might hear a complaint or two from an another Role player.
  • Violence is encouraged, but no Auto-hitting/Player-killing/God-Modding.
  • If you will be inactive for a long period of time, please let me know via PM or OOC.
  • Play the part, remember the time frame and limitations the story suggests.
  • You should alert me of any major questions or story related events.
  • Please use provided headers.


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Re: Trigun - People Can Change
« Reply #3 on: November 12, 2017, 01:14:35 PM »

Profile Formats

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[b]Appearance:[/b]  ((a link or description. anime pix are allowed.))

[b]Character Name:[/b] 

[b]Bio: [/b]((About a paragraph in length. Breifly describe your character and fill in what they have been doing in the 6 years since the manga))

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((description of your character and their life after the end of the Manga.))

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Re: Trigun - People Can Change
« Reply #4 on: November 12, 2017, 01:34:49 PM »
Anime v. Manga

Important differences between the Manga and Anime adaption for those whom want to join.

1. Vash and Knives are not the only known Plants. They are just the only known plants on Gunsmoke before the end of the manga.

2. Plants' hair turns black as they use up their power. When it goes completely black they are near death. Going beyond that will kill them. this is the point Vash and Knives are both at at the end of the manga.

3. Earth forces came in ships at the end of the manga to rescue their forgotten men from Project SEEDS (colonization that failed and ended up with humans crash landing on the barely inhabitable Gunsmoke.) These forces went up against Knives whom had stolen all of the plants from across Gunsmoke and merged with them. He wrecked their ships and they crashed onto Gunsmoke. These people (Terrans) now live on Gunsmoke and have helped improve the technology on the land with robotics, television, and more.

4. One sentient Plant came with them. There were two, but one was merged with Knives and her status after was never confirmed by the end.

5. Plants powers listed here -

6. Knives doesn't use guns. He literally uses his powers to make knives and murders large portions of the population by either manipulating Vash's Angel arm (Lost July,) sending his ebil people out (Eye of Michael, Gung Ho Guns, Legato Bluesummers,) killing them himself, or the mass genocide he caused when he took all of the plants and leaving people to the completely uninhabitable world they were on causing starvation, dehydration, loss of power, etc. It's well more horrifying in the manga.

7. Nicholas was 12. He didn't knock up Millie. He aged faster due to genetic experiments the eye of Michael conducted on him after taking him from the orphanage- the orphanage that he died to protect. He was replaced by another orphan boy that went through a similar experience- Livi0 the DoubleFang / Razlo the Punisher (Split Personality)


9. the manga is severely more forked up. I would highly suggest still reading it just because it's that good.

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Re: Trigun - People Can Change
« Reply #5 on: November 16, 2017, 10:03:13 PM »

  Name: Beckett
  Setting: City of Warrens, pub porch
  Company: Town Drunkards
  Apparel: [Everyday]
  Event: What's all the hubbub?

This little town got a lot of visitors for its size; all the main towns typically did. If you had a plant, you could expect people to come running from any end of the vast desert. Buses, sand steamers, and all the like transported people, so seeing new people traveling around was nothing knew to Beckett. Still, didn't stop him from being curious. He'dd moved here with Josiah and his wife not even a year ago and seen all types come round. It was nice sometimes getting to meet new people, especially when he just seemed to blend in with all the adults. Blend in probably a bit too well. No one expected that the man they were dragging into the bars with them to drink with was just five years old, birthed days after the world had nearly met its end. Only a century and a half of history on Gunsmoke and it would have been gone in a blink... at one point Beckett might have thought little of humans for what they'd done to Earth, but now that he could see the travesty that his own kind was capable of with so little effort, he was pretty open about it all. It wasn't a matter of race; it was a matter of people.

People, like the ones that caught him driving home from the local Plant facility and hollered him over from the pub. He didn't have anything else to do, and it was nice feeling so included, so he hopped right out and laughed as they slapped his back and shoved him in to join them. The place was always loud and full of all types; mostly the ugly that had seen the most travel and fights in their life, scarred and worn down from the elements and what life in these parts could bring you. The story he'd been listening to just now was about some guy losing his leg to a sand worm, and nearly more if not for some crazy guy in a red coat many years ago. Huh! Maybe he meant...? Someone asked, but all the man could say was, 'no way, that goofball? He was screaming like a little girl as he hightailed it! Man didn't have a vertebrae left in that spine o' his!'

The television behind the bar suddenly had noise. Someone turned the volume up and everyone was looking at the screen; news on the whereabouts of... Vash the Stampede? That seemed pretty ironic. It was just rumors, but supposedly the man was on his way towards Warrens. It was always rumors, and no one really knew there the 'localized disaster' would end up. No one had actually seen him for years, despite the Terran's best efforts to lock him down. 'Let him come!' one of the drunkards hollered; 'I'll show him what we can do! One shot, right between the eyes!'

'Shut up, yah old drunk! You think no one's ever tried that? Don't get us all killed!' More laughs, Beckett just grinning and looking back out the window as something started sounding outside. He tried to pear out the windows, but whatever was going on was trapped in a blind spot. He was tempted to stay put and keep comfortable with friends, but instead he found himself gravitating to the door and peering outside over the sandy ground, dusty flying up as cars came rolling in from out of town. "More people rolling in, looks like a busy night for you, keep," he grinned, but something caught his eye at one point. Bright red. It felt ironic that around the same time he sensed some other presence about. Something familiar that he felt he should know, like long lost family. 'Vash?' He turned to look back out again as the cars went on rolling by. No way... it wasn't the first time he'd felt that kind of presence, but this all seemed to correlate too much to be coincidental.

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Re: Trigun - People Can Change
« Reply #6 on: November 17, 2017, 01:36:14 PM »
Ashwood was not having a good day as him and his small band of crazies wandered into the city of Warrens. Ashwood looked so much like Vash that had to wear a cloak over his red jacket. Ashwood was looking for a place to drink since his mood soured every time he looked at himself. Rose clung to one of his arms while her twin Mary clung to the other. Steve, Albyss where nearby as well keeping an eye out for trouble for their boss, Ashwood.  “boss what about this place?” asked Steve as he pointed to a bar that Ashwood almost missed.

Ashwood paused for a second then kept walking with the two girls on his arms “Lets keep going, that place is too noisy” as they kept walking Ashwood had a sense that someone had seen him he wanted to reach for his guns but kept cool for the group's sake as they walked down the street. They came upon another bar near a hotel and soon entered. Ashwood ordered a drink while the Rose, Mary, Steve, and Albyss crowded around him telling stories of their psychotic episodes. The four called themselves the Nobodies Who’ve Been Left Behind. Ashwood never did understand why they decided to follow him they just did but soon the five where drinking and having a good time and Ashwood focused on more pleasant things

Ashwood then heard the news of Vash coming to warrens and Ashwood knew they actually meant him and Ashwood's mood soured even more. “Damn that man. When I get my hands on him I'll punch him square in the face, that's what I'll do.” Ashwood downed his drink and ordered another just as it had been set down Ashwood had his hand on one of his guns as he sensed trouble was heading his way.

Ashwood took a pull of his drink when the door burst open and some moron called out to Ashwood thinking he was Vash the Stampede. Ashwood’s eyes darkened and said “Vash isn't here, can I take a message?” he said in a sarcastic tone before turning his head slightly “you are a moron if you think I am anything like the Humanoid Typhoon. Now piss off I'm drinking”

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Re: Trigun - People Can Change
« Reply #7 on: November 20, 2017, 10:56:09 AM »

  Name: Beckett
  Setting: City of Warrens, pub porch
  Company: Town Drunkards
  Apparel: [Everyday]
  Event: What's all the hubbub?

More people; people that were parking just down the street and getting out of their vehicles. Huh. 'Th-that's him!? The bastard with the bounty on his head, right!?' Beckett looked back and raised a brow at the man hovering over his shoulder. "Bounty? Didn't they remove that?"

'Well, doesn't matter! I had family in December. I swear, if it wasn't for plants powering our city I'd want them all to leave us the Hell alone. I don't want him in this town...'
It was purely fear fueling his words of hate. Beckett frowned, then shrugged and started walking out, "I'm going to go and talk to him."

That had a few people shocked, 'w-what!? What are you, drunk!? You'll get yourself killed! Beckett, you fucking idiot! Get back here!' But all of their complaints went in one ear and out the other. He whistled to himself to drown them all out, eventually leaving them all silently praying for the dead man walking. He was walking in just as the spikey haired blond was complaining at the same news about Vash the Stampede. Everyone in the pub was dead silent, nervous to find out what this guy would do. It was a fairly quiet town and without a bounty to hunt, no one was really going to chase the guy around like they used to. He honestly couldn't see the resemblance, but there were additional inhuman influences affecting that.

Someone burst into the door behind him claiming about Vash, and everything was confirmed when the guy harshly pushed off the claims. 'Yeah, but... anyone would say that if they were trying to get out of what they'd done! My family; my friends; there's no place your your kind here!' Ouch. Beckett cleared his throat and pat the man's agitated back, "he's not Vash. He's just an angry drunk with unfortunate fashion choices," he said lightly. "Once a plant's hair turns black, it never goes back. You'll never see the humanoid typhoon as a spiky blond again."

'Who're you to tell me that? Christ, get off'r me!'

"I work at the plant. I might know a thing or two just from that. Point your anger somewhere else." He pat the man's shoulder, then unceremoniously took a seat across from the spikey blond haired man; "you must catch a lot of attention like that."