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August 11, 2022, 09:38:30 am

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Author Topic: The downfall of powerful women. F seeking M  (Read 1084 times)

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Offline PixelatedPixieTopic starter

The downfall of powerful women. F seeking M
« on: November 12, 2017, 03:47:48 am »


I always struggle to do my request threat properly, so hopefully this doesn't end up too much of a rambling mess. 

So... what do I want?

I am fairly certain that I have a rather common fetish, at least on this website, which is to player a powerful (or at least confident) woman as she goes about some sort of downfall.  So most of my ideas and desires are somehow related to that. 

In terms of the rest, I like plot, and I like smut.  I would prefer a reasonable balance of both but don't mind leaning one way or the other if an idea particularly catches me.  Likewise, I like freeform and I like system games.  The randomness and structure of a system does add something, in my opinion, but the rules can be a hindrance or drag things down at times.  In a system game, or in some cases even while writing freeform, I do like the other person to take somewhat of a game master role.  That isn't to say I expect you to do everything, I am happy to contribute and shape the story (I definitely like adding ideas) as the whole point is that we are writing something together, but so far my experiences with each writer having a main character has been largely negative in terms of how it has worked out.

I am willing to discuss most any sort of smutty content.  With the obvious exception of underage.  I am also only interested in playing a female main character.  Beyond that I very strongly prefer non-consensual.  It can be in the form of drugs, mind control, or coercion, or it can be violent and forceful.  However I also like to go beyond the purely physical.  I don't want to write a scene and then have my character promptly forget or get over it, rather I would like to explore the consequences and impact of the scenes.  This could be as simple as permanent markings and how they effect the character, to a drug or other addiction, to pregnancy, to being completely broken or changed as a character.   

So... what am I looking for?

I have included below a partial list of systems that I own.  I would be interested in something using pretty much any of them, or in something that uses the system from one as an inspiration.
Pathfinder, Starfinder, Buffy, CthulhuTech, Masks: A New Generation, Achtung Cthulhu, Werewolf 20th, Shadowrun, Star Trek Adventures, Star Wars (Fantasy Flight or Saga), Deadlands Reloaded (Savage Worlds), Scion, Shadow of the Demon Lord, Warhammer 40k, Dragon Age, Dresden Files, Conan: Adventures in an Age Undreamed Of, Firefly, and End of the World.

Otherwise, I find myself craving a few specific types of stories right now.

A story that is some variation on a white, western, woman being kidnapped in a distant country.  A prominent reporter who goes to interview an African Warlord, only for him to take offense at her attitude.  A businesswoman who breaks some local law and is arrested by corrupt police.  A heiress who is kidnapped for ransom off of her yacht.  The main focus is on them being prisoners, potentially even slaves, but I would also like to explore any attempts to escape or get away, and maybe switch characters occasionally to people who are trying to help them. 

A story focused on a gangbang, and what happens after.  A woman gets on the wrong bus, and ends up in the worst part of town.  A boss goes on a corporate retreat with the employees whose lives she has been making a living hell for months.  A gaming streamer makes a wager at a convention.  A college girl goes to the wrong frat house.  A camper is attacked by bikers.  A woman goes to the wrong gym to work out.  A hiker is ambushed by poachers.  So the story starts, at least relatively early, with a gangbang, but the focus is on what happens after.  Did she enjoy it?  Does she try to get revenge?  Does she try to get them arrested?  Does she get pregnant?

A powerful heroine's fall.  This one fits well with a system, Pathfinder for example, or could be freeform.  It could be fantasy, could involve superheroes, or something else.  The idea is that an established (high level if using a system) heroine is somehow defeated for the first time.  She finds that she enjoys it.  How does she deal with that?  Does she let herself be defeated later?  Does a slow slide into corruption follow?  I would prefer if this is part of a fairly traditional story in the genre otherwise.

A story focused on slavery.  This could be related to one of the above ideas, or on its own.  It could be direct, so to speak, twenty-four seven slavery, or it could be through a mechanic such as blackmail.  A model finds that her dream job is actually a cover for a sex trafficking ring.  A college student is blackmailed by her step-father and his friends, or someone else.  A cult likes to kidnap women to train as servants or livestock. 

A story that focuses on a group of villains, but through the eyes of multiple characters.  A biker gang.  A criminal organization (Bond-style over the top, or more 'normal').  That sort of stuff.  The idea is that the story is mainly about the villains and what they are doing, but we write about it as related to various of my characters (probably sequentially, maybe at the same time or flipping back and forth).  A woman who is on a road trip is kidnapped by the bikers, and we explore their conflict with another gang.  A woman suffers a home invasion by the bikers, and we explore them being chased by the police.  An operative sneaks into a secret lair, and we learn about the criminal organization's plot.  A woman tries to steal from a drug dealer, and we cover a turf war between criminal organizations.  That sort of stuff.