House of Lies. M Seeking F. Plot-Driven. Light/BDSM.

Started by Montagne, November 08, 2017, 01:25:52 PM

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Looking to start this story up again after returning from an extended break. I will aim to post a minimum of once a week, with an average output of 2-3 posts a week. I'm looking for a partner who has the same sort of posting schedule and who prefers longer posts (refer to my previous posts to get a feel for my style).

This is a light/BDSM level game, it's mostly intrigue focused, but there's no reason they can't be as kinky or as vanilla in the bedroom as we want them to be. The important thing is the core idea of the intrigue interests you, and you're a player willing to throw their own ideas in to advance the story.

If this idea interests you, send me a PM. Give me a rough idea of how you would like the plot to progress, the sort of person you would like to play and the land she is from. I really want to play up both the intrigue and personal conflict in this story, so hopefully this will interest you!

I'll be uploading a few more ads tomorrow for some more extreme, kink based RPs, so if that interests you, also keep an eye out!


Looking for a roleplayer (of any gender) who is a fan of the sex fueled political drama & intrigue of Game of Thrones. The story will take place some time before the current books to allow for the story to be dominated by our plot, rather than worrying about the imploding political scene around Westeros. Alternatively, we can tweak things to create our own houses/setting in a low fantasy style universe, the major thing I want to preserve is the theme of warring medieval houses, rather than the cannon characters.

Your character is the eldest daughter of one of the great houses, next in line of succession for a house with no male heirs. She is married to one of the sons of a neighbouring dynasty who is played by myself. The plot begins deep into their marriage, they have developed a true romantic attachment that has grown out of this marriage of convenience, along with a 4 year old son.

18 months before our story starts a neighboring house invades her house's territory and her husband marshals his house's army to travel north to protect his wife's homeland.  She soon receive terrible news as her husband marches to war - her father and mother's death. She is kept up to date as she grieves from her seat at her adopted families court, her husband writing to her regularly to tell her about the campaign. Throughout the arduous time he is away news is brought of battles fought by her husbands bannermen, along with more disconcerting news of her family's knights scattering to the winds after her father's death.

After a long fought campaign her husband is finally successful and she is summoned to the seat of her house as the rightful heir to be crowned Lady of the house alongside her husband who will now become the house's Lord. Eager to see her husband again, and with the only news she had received for the last 18 months being from him, she heads north. But, once crowned, her previous bannermen approach her with claims of treachery. They claim her husband let her family die to ensure his position over the northern lands after learning her mother may be pregnant with a son.

Are they telling the truth? Who is she to believe? Men who have been loyal to her family for generations or her husband she has grown to love? Can she rule her lands effectively as a true northerner, or will her husband end up taking control of her lands? Even if their story is true, what can she do to the father of her child - especially while his house's military is one of the few things that ensures her lands are safe from invaders?

This is a largely plot driven story focusing on the female character uncovering the treachery of her husband while growing from a princess and mother into a leader of her people. As I'm volunteering to play the "bad-guy" I have no qualms with him reaching a grizzly end at some point. Of course, just like in George R.R. Martin's world, the good guys don't always have to win. There should be serious internal conflict from her over news of her husbands treachery. From her perspective, he has been the perfect husband for years, and from the news he has sent her, he saved the kingdom while her families bannermen disgraced themselves. There should be some cultural differences between the two houses. I'm imagining her's as something closer to a stark house whereas he comes from a more cultured southern homeland, but we can discuss and alter this via PMs.

Given the importance of plot to this story, a partner who can contribute ideas and help drive the story forwards is a must. The plot will also involve a number of NPCs, so I need a partner willing to share responsibility over them as well. As a loving husband and wife, they of course have a sexual relationship, and that will play a part in the RP. I'm happy for this dynamic to either be lighter than my usual games, or for her to be a lover of rough sex in the sheets, depending on my partners preference.

You can find my other story ideas here - these stories are more sex driven and the kinks are harder than I am expecting here, unless that's also your preference.


My partner had to put this on hold so I'm looking for a new partner for this story! PM me if this interests you.