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Author Topic: Sanguine's House of Dub/Non-Con (FxF/Fu/M)  (Read 562 times)

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Sanguine's House of Dub/Non-Con (FxF/Fu/M)
« on: November 07, 2017, 10:22:57 PM »
Hello all!

After an unexpected hiatus, I've returned to E and I've missed you all dearly. As the name implies, the bulk of the stories hear tend to lend themselves to the darker aspects of erotic writing. Most of the stories you will find below tend to work best for medium-long length, but could be adapted to different lengths.

Of course, if you have any juicy ideas in mind, then feel free to share them with me. I am always open to trying new things.

You can find my F-list here.

Please be aware that I strongly prefer to play sub roles.

Without any further ado, here's a list of ideas followed by a list of general pairings.

Feel free to comment or PM if interested.


What is supposed to be a simple excursion turns to disaster as a group of travelers' barge gets capsized during what was supposed to be a leisure sail through a chain of remote tropical islands. The captain's desire to extend the excursion by a couple of days ends poorly as the barge gets caught. What was supposed to be paradise turns into a nightmare as the survivors are scattered among the isles or worse. MC and YC are survivors who either knowing or unknowingly land on the same island.  YC (either a local or a fellow traveler) finds MC and from there MC finds herself in either a dub-con environment (she's too weak to survive on her own and is forced into an arrangement) or is claimed by YC in the struggle for survival. This particular idea can lend itself well into a long-term plot.

Just A Run

A more traditional plot, MC is a your average jogger who enjoys running during non-peak hours. Whether it be at early dawn or the middle of the night, the rush of that dark stride is something she craves. As expected, she gets more than she bargained for that night in so many ways...

This plot can go many ways: a very quick assault, a kidnapping, or a more dub-con where MC knowingly returns, exhilarated and terrified by the idea of being jumped again.

The Rejected **Craving**

This is story is a re-design/re-boot of a story I wrote long ago and features some very heavy themes. The story begins with MC being a recently expelled college student in a city of ill-repute. Life goes very wrong for her after expulsion. She is shunned by her family and disowned after she disappoints the family yet again. MC finds herself homeless in these ill-reputed streets.

The only place she can find shelter after spending a couple weeks on the street is a drug den. **Note: the following can be omitted if you find this subject matter too taboo. An alternative direction is featured after the original.** Once in this shelter, she is introduced to heavy drugs and is assaulted. Whether or not she's even aware of it depends on the drug use we choose to go with. Regardless, the owner of the drug den gets her hooked on drugs, using her body (whether she agrees to or not) to settle debts, draw in new clients, and etc. Whether this is a medium-long term story, the original story ends with the overdose of MC; purposely or not. Like I said, very heavy stuff, but it's great for both smut and story.

Alternate outcome: Instead of getting completely hooked on drugs, MC is 'rescued' by someone who pulls her out, promising her safety in exchange for some 'favors'. MC still ends up being mistreated, but she's spared her horrid ending. This version of the story tends to lend itself to two paths; MC accepts her fate as the plaything of  her 'rescuer', living her life under his thumb, or MC finally runs back home, hoping for reprieve from her life after her 'rescuer' takes things too far.

A Fraternal/Sisterly Blight (FxF/Fu preferred) **craving**

This particular story follows the dark relationship between a pair of sisters. MC, the younger sibling, has been living with her older sibling since their mother left and their drunken father threatened to hurt them one too many times. Now, the pair is trying to make a new living. However, old habits die hard. YC, for one reason or another, is convinced she has to keep an iron grip on MC to make sure she 'doesn't stray'. This includes controlling her schedule, who she sees, what she does, and whom she dates. As such, MC spends her days between school (either high school or college) and ballet, her only outlet.

MC only knows one way to live and that's by doing whatever her sibling asks and letting her sibling  do whatever they want.  YC thinks they can fill whatever role MC and YC needs and that's the way it's going to be. After all, it's the only thing they can really control and anything is better than their previous life...right?

Cold-Blooded: (Single/multiple PCs for MC)

It could be a summer camp, a cityscape, a relatively small town. The location could always be different, but the rend result is the same, a trail of bodies. YC is a serial killer whose MO comprises of one real thing that never changes, their target. Young women are found used and abused and in a multitude of morbid ways. YC is never caught, moving from one place to the next after a very rapid string of assaults. the police are stumped by the brutality, efficiency, and velocity of YC's crimes.

MC or MCs are one/some of your victims. How they make it into YCs can be discussed. This has been a very dark story/fantasy I've wanted to write that is filled with potential a lot of extreme exploration.

It can be clean or it can be messy.

It can be fast, or it can be agonizingly slow.

This is a very dark story with no happy ending. It is a total exploration of the deepest recesses of our minds.

Home Invasion:
[/b]  YC is a neighbor, a stranger, a family friend, or else and has been targeting houses in the area. MC is a teen left alone for the weekend. YC can either stumble this poor girl or have planned it from the start. **Potential for very dark plot if desired**

Prom Night:
This is supposed to be the best night of MC's life. She's all dolled up and ready to go. A limo is supposed to come get her so she can join her friends in style. When that limo gets there, it takes her somewhere different, very different. **Potential for very dark plot if interested**

Teacher's Pet:
One of my more generic stories, but I've been craving a good exploitative relationship lately. MC is a student in some form and a professor tries heavily to blackmail MC into being his little pet. Did MC cheat in class and their being threatened with expulsion? If MC meek and they just decided to explore and take their chance?

The rest are some of my favorite pairings that I never get tired of!

Master (Mistress) / Slave (or Pet)
Home Alone : A stalker? A break-in gone wrong?
Forced into Slavery
Drunk and Lost.
Camp Counselor Coerced
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Re: Sanguine's House of Dub/Non-Con (FxF/Fu/M)
« Reply #1 on: June 17, 2018, 12:26:49 AM »
Hello  all, I've returned after a long hiatus and am seeking to pick up a 2-3 partners for some of the stories listed. I hope to hear from some of you!