Looking for long term writing partners (Open) M/M only Craving Free!

Started by Dabi, November 05, 2017, 02:49:25 PM

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Welcome to my 1 to 1 search thread.


My name is Eternal0snow92, but you can call me Snow. I am on the hunt for new partners. Back recently from hiatus looking for dependable partners, who enjoy hefty amount of writing. Loving vivid detailed posts. I consider myself Semi-advanced writer, I do make mistakes, I'm not perfect but I do try  my best and always push myself to jump past my barriers being Dyspraxic.

I can write every day but the only snag is that I work as a pizza delivery driver. Which means, my busiest times from Friday to Monday but after that anything goes since I technically work night shifts I make a terrible grave-yard worker because I'm a natural sunshine person.


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What I can give you as a partner?

I am a seme, seke, Uke. Although my preferred role is Power bottom or Dominant Uke. I'm just terrible at sex/smut related scenes. I can assure you all of my characters have back bone. PS. I will be more than happy to double for you. So it's fair.
I only write m x M.
I am a lengthy poster, I can post from 5 to 8 paragraphs 5 lines each or variation depending what is given.
I am someone who enjoys communicating and dissing out ideas so you won't feel like you're the one leading the RP I take my fair share of responsibility
E-mail or thread only or possibly Google Docs if you show me how to use it..
I can do Fandom Cannons or OCs.

Please be warned I cannot Edit posts.

What do I look for in partners?

Someone that can play all three positions but most desired role would be Dominant Top. But I will be happy to compromise so both parties are happy.
Someone that can write a hefty amount.
Someone that will actively post. More than once a week preferably.


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Please do not post here, personal message me instead thank you.


(Most of these pairings are m x m)

Athletic x Athletic  (Rival)
Athletic team mate x Team mate 
School council member x Delinquent
Baby sitter x Married husband
Next door neighbour x Married husband
Brother in law x Married husband
Old flame x Married husband
Old friend x Married man

Celebrity x Celebrity
Celebrity x Fan [Old friend]
Band mate x Band mate
Band mate x Fan
Band mate x Body guard
Band mate x Band mate Rival  under the same label [Pretending to hate each other in public]
Ex-Band mate x Band mate  replacement

Mafia leader x Mafia leader Rival
Mafia leader x Second in command
Mafia leader x Under cover cop
Mafia leader x Rookie
Second in command x Rookie

Vampire x Vampire
Vampire x Human
Shape shifter x Shape shifter
Demon x Priest
Vampire x Priest
Alpha x Ex Alpha
God x God
Warrior x Warrior from other tribes: