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December 18, 2018, 03:33:56 PM

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Author Topic: Welcome to Darkholme - 2018 Open and Active Recruiting Vampires Needed!  (Read 4955 times)

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Offline dblkroseTopic starter

"Welcome to Darkholme - 2018"

A Dark Freeform Modern Day Supernatural Non-Con Exotic Group RP... and then some,
game mastered by dblkrose & Co-GM by Vlexia


- Out of Game Threads -

- In Game Threads -

Concept: My original vision was to have a solo RP with an Alpha Werewolf (MC) and a pursuing Female Hunter finding themselves accidentally rolling their conflict right into a lair of Vampires and having to deal with that eventuality. It was, as I was fleshing out the details and talking to others that, it was realized the greater group potential.

Plot: Alone, a powerful ancient Alpha Werewolf, on the run from a dangerous Female Hunter with a personal vendetta, wanders into the Alaskan silver mining town of Darkholme in hopes of finding some rest and possibly starting a new pack. The Huntress tracks the Alpha to said town, with the intent of ending the beast once and for all. Neither Wolf or Hunter is aware that the town is actually home to a Vampire Coven who's leader is an ancient pureblood Vampire monstrosity that sleeps in the catacombs beneath the town and mine itself. As the Coven's territory is violated and it's food source, the miners and citizens of the town, are made painfully aware that the supernatural is not only real but engaged in a turf war; they face a new and growing werewolf pack and Hunters, arriving by the truckload, seeking to kill everything they have worked for.

Roleplay: Players will create a Character that will fall, in the beginning, into one of the following factions - Coven, Pack, Hunter, Darkholm (see faction details below). The gameplay will move thru Chapters, starting with Chapter 1 - Welcome to Darkholm. Each Chapter will move the plot forward from a basic beginning to hopefully a climactic ending that might lead to a continuation. The Goal is to provide your character with an environment to interact with, while a larger story is unfolding which should force you to choose sides in the eventual battle to be had. Keep in mind this is a supernatural, modern, environment that takes place in an isolated part of the world with extreme conditions regarding the elements and living standards. Violence will happen as we are talking Supernatural Creatures and the Men and Women who kill them to be at their best and worst. Expect your Character to get their ass's kicked, lip bloodied, and downright humiliated, from time to time. This is going to be a back and forth territory struggle with dwindling resources (Humans or food). Battles won and lost for everybody. Death might be a possibility... (Worked out heavily before hand though).

Erotica: Sex play will range from light (boo!) to dark (yeah!), consensual to dubious or non-con, to a lot in-between, and must be negotiated BEFOREHAND between willing partners. So basic Elliquiy standards and rules apply. I imagine each faction will have their own particular 'kinks' inherent with their breed (term will be explained below). For examples, Werewolf Mating, Vampire Seduction & Domination, Hunter's Bondage of Captured Prey, and Darkholm Civilian Submission and Romances are some imagined interactions. I, myself, am interested in reading what this RP will bring out of people.

Expectations: First and foremost, RESPECT each other. No two people look at the world the same way; respect, in my opinion, is understanding that and treating people accordingly. That goes not just for the player but for the Character. Group fun is always achieved when there is a high level of acceptance and compromise for the benefit of the whole. Players are to create unique and individual characters with some depth. If you love your character you are more likely to remain engrossed in the RP. I will try to be very open to your character design. Absolute Power corrupts absolutely, in other words, creating a character who is supremely powerful can corrupt a roleplay unless you can play them effectively. I will allow a lot but expect me, as GM, to step in when I feel your character is too much. Consider that the best characters are ones who have limitations and weakness to go with their amazing abilities. What is Superman without Kryptonite? Lastly have fun interacting, planning, and indulging in this RP, as long as the above mention 'expectations' are kept in mind, enjoy the world we are creating.

Requirements: or Rules if you want. Only two Character's per Player (for now). Please submit all character concepts to me and Vlexia for approval by PM (no need to put them in character sheet format, just give the 'jist' of the character. Be able to post at least twice a week. Two paragraphs per post minimum and a soft rule of about five to six paragraphs max (this will be hard for me as I like to write novels for my post as seen below). Please use approved header and format for posts. Normal third person past tense. Factions will have a sort of loose hierarchy, try to be respectful of that in your RP but your character is your own. NO DRAMA or OOC FIGHTING; we can disagree but if it starts to bring down the RP I will settle it or start asking people to leave. Players who disappear, especially if unannounced, might find that if there Character is holding up the RP... said character might become a casualty to an imposing faction. Please just state to the group or me, that Real Life is back and you need to handle it, we all understand and will make accommodations. Of course, have fun! If you are not, then let me know and I will see if we can change that dynamic or we can fade your player out. No worries and no grudges.

Character Sheet:
Code: [Select]
[floatleft][table][tr][td][center][img height=300 padding=5][/img][/center][/td][/tr][tr][td][center]Human Form[/center][/td][/tr][/table][/floatleft]
 [floatright][table][tr][td][center][img height=300 padding=5][/img][/center][/td][/tr][tr][td][center] Beast Form (Only for Vampire/Werewolf)[/center][/td][/tr][/table][/floatright]
[center][spoiler=Theme Song][/spoiler][/center]

[font=georgia][b]Age - Apperance:[/b][/font] (If either Werewolf or Vampire)
[font=georgia][b]Age - Actual:[/b][/font]
[font=georgia][b]Sexual Orientation:[/b][/font]

[font=georgia][b]Eye Color:[/b][/font]
[font=georgia][b]Hair Color:[/b][/font]
[font=georgia][b]Physical Description:[/b][/font]
[font=georgia][b]Voice:[/b][/font] (optional)
[font=georgia][b]Character Strengths:[/b][/font]
[font=georgia][b]Character Flaws:[/b][/font]

[font=georgia][b]Skills & Talents:[/b][/font]

[font=georgia][b]Altered Forms:[/b][/font]
[font=georgia][b]Unique Abilities:[/b][/font] (Specific to your chosen Breed)
[font=georgia][b]Special Abilities:[/b][/font] (Specific to your character)
[font=georgia][b]Unique Weakness:[/b][/font]

[font=georgia][b]Other Equipment:[/b][/font]





N icholas Ebonwulf (Nico) was born sometime in the 17th century. He had lived and died and lived again, cursed to walk the earth as a carrier of a disease that most people don't even believe in. Modern medicine does have a name for it, Lycanthropy; however, only Hollywood and Fantasy Writers care to indulge its real nature, educating the masses with fantastic tales of that hold as much truth as it does fiction.

Still, werewolves exist and there is no cure for their affliction, not that Nicholas would take it if one could be found. The Alpha Werewolf has enjoyed his neverending hunt, rejoicing in the pain of the change and the call of the lunar cycles to the apex predator sleeping in his blood. Ebonwulf has created hundreds, maybe thousands, of his kind over the centuries and has led his own pack on hunts that have left entire old world towns and villages devoid of life.

Yet, such carnage could not go unanswered. As the Wolf hunted the Sheep, there arose the Dogs that guarded them: Hunters, the bane to unholy creatures like Nicholas, armed with the very elements themselves that exist as natural antibodies to the cancers that plague the night. Silver, fire, the air itself, all harnessed by Man's ingenious prowess and engineering. How many times had silver bullets ended one of the Children of Ebonwulf? If you would only ask Nicholas, he could tell you. He felt it every time one of them died. Nico knew that Hunters would be the death of him. One in particular seemed to be closer to killing him than any other. She who had turned the Ultimate Predator into a fleeing prey... She.

She had been a fledgling hunter when Ebonwulf's pack fell upon her party. It was a glorious battle and though a few of his children howled their last, the Hunters where slaughtered. Only one remained. She was all that was left, and for that, Nicholas had made her his plaything for months. What She suffered at his hands, his claws, his fangs, and of course, his manhood, still warmed the old Beast's heart. Nico had thought that he had broken the poor thing. Had he not shattered her mind and will, violated her body in biblical ways, and left her as nothing more than a husk of a wannabe hunter?

That was why he didn't kill her. That was why he left her unafflicted, a warning to all the other hunters who would dare challenge him and his pack. Yet, She wasn't broken, wasn't shattered. She returned somehow stronger, somehow faster, somehow smarter. She killed them all; every last member of his pack was hunted and destroyed down to the one. Down to Nicholas... and now She was coming for him.

Perhaps refuge will come in this Alaskan town called Darkholme. No one in their right mind would look for a Werewolf in a town built around a fucking silver mine. At least, that is what Nicholas hopes as he treks his way through the snow. Maybe the Alpha Werewolf will be able to lick his wounds, rebuild his pack, and go on the hunt once more. Or... maybe She will come and finish this Ebonwulf once and for all. Or... maybe they will both find out why Darkholme isn't a place to seek refuge, for inside the town, under one roof, sleeps another: an ancient being who will not feel so welcoming of such disruption in his isolated Alaskan empire.

Welcome to Darkholme, Alaska. Home to Vampires, Werewolves, and the Hunters who wish to kill them. Which side do you fall on? Are you Bat or Wolf? Are you one of those bad enough to exterminate the things that go bump in the night? Or are you simply a normal citizen of the silver mining town who is about to find out they are not as high on the food chain as they once believed?

BREED: Werewolf
TRUE NAME: New Darkholme Pack
LEADER: Nicholas Ebonwulf
LOCATION: Darkholme, Alaska
TERRITORY: Darkholme Township, Warehouse 12, Surrounding Alaskan Wilderness

***For Faction Write-up See in Character Thread***


L azarus Alister Malström III, and the last, had slept for at least a month in the catacombs deep beneath his silver mine and the Alaskan 'cattle' ranch he had named Darkholme. Cattle was the word he used to refer to those that lived in his little kingdom of ice and stone, the sacks of blood that toiled in his mine, filling his coffers while believing that their short miserable lives had a purpose other than feeding his Coven.

They have no idea what lurks beneath them, a creature more ancient and powerful than anything they could imagine. He was the absolute example of the strong preying on the weak. He is the Sire to a race of bloodthirsty predators that move among them as freely as shoppers in a grocery store. Some might even call his Children boss or sir, as most of his 'Parish' ran his vast corporate Empire, Coven House Industries. The cattle were so oblivious, they didn't even suspect the name.

They come by the dozens to tear fortune from the backside of an ice cold mountain. Some sought honest work, whatever that is... others were fleeing from some sordid past into a wasteland of cold and dubious acceptance, where no one asks anything of who you really are or why you've truly come to Darkholme. So when a worker disappears into the darker depths of the mines... no one really cares. If someone in town vanishes in the chill of the night... they most likely grew tired of the cold and made their way back to wherever they had come from. If anyone bothers to search, they do so after the sun rises, somehow knowing it's not safe at night. But they find nothing, for Lazarus' children are very good at covering their tracks.

It's a Vampire's dream. You cannot freeze a frozen heart, so the frost holds no ill-will for their kind. The food is plentiful, as the 'cattle' fatten themselves under the same roof as their 'butchers', none the wiser till the fangs sink deep. And sunlight? No one ever goes out in the cold, so how do you tell apart those whose skin ashens in the light of day? Darkholme is their home.

Until one day, it wasn't. As the Elder Vampire awakens, he somehow senses the arrival of another, old and powerful, but not of the Bat. His eyes open, peering into the darkness, fangs extend as a sneer crosses his old world features. He can almost smell the stink of the beast all the way down there, deep in the earth, the mange and corruption of a Werewolf. Lazarus drops from the cavern ceiling, his body cartwheeling with unholy grace, to land with an earth-trembling thud in a kneel. One hand touched the soil of his crypt, gathering strength from the decay and death buried beneath Darkholme. He lifts his head and cries out, the horrific sound moving from something that could have come from a man to a screech that goes beyond the range of human ears.

Lazarus Alister Malström III, CEO and owner of Coven House, Elder of the House of Ström and Dire Master of Order of the Silver Drake, will not stand for his sanctuary to be defiled, his prized 'cattle' to become infected and preyed upon by some filthy mutt who howls at the moon. No matter how old this mongrel is, Lazarus decrees he will be brought to heel and learn his place! Or else he and his kind will be destroyed!

BREED: Vampire
TRUE NAME: The House of Ström ~ Order of the Silver Drake
LEADER: Lazarus Alister Malström III
LOCATION: Darkholme, Alaska
TERRITORY: Darkholme One-Block City, Coven House Manor, Darkholme Silver Mine, Catacombs

*** Faction Information Forthcoming ***


F rom the Memoirs of Simon Jaeger, Monster Hunter Extraordinaire

"So you want to be a god damned Monster Hunter? Well, the first thing you have to realize is that this isn't a new profession. There were Monster Hunters before there was written freakin' history. Take that fellow Odysseus from that poem or whatever. That man was blinding cyclopses, sailing through the teeth of six-headed monsters, and flicking the bird to sirens way before Jesus walked on water.

You may not have noticed, but you've been reading about Hunters your whole life. Yeah, the stories have been toned down a little bit, but you've heard about them. Hercules, Monster Hunter. Sinbad, Monster Hunter. Aladdin... Monster Hunter. Who'd you think put that damn genie back in that lamp? You think that was a normal wolf that dressed up as Little Red Riding Hood's Grandmother or that so-called Woodsman just happened to be out for a stroll? I guarantee you that blasted axe had a bit of silver in it.

Fairytales and Ghost Stories, that's how it's done, your first indoctrination to a world you don't even want to fucking believe in, till the things that go bump in the night are chowing down on your vulnerable neck. As your lifeblood ebbs, you'll look up into those cold inhuman eyes and say to yourself, "so that's what a Vampire looks like." You've heard the stories, so you can identify the thing that's killing ya. Now you will pray to God that some Van Helsing will come crashing through the window to stake that undead motherfucker.

See, the only reason that you didn't believe that monster was real was because there are those out there that have been killing enough of them to keep their sorry asses in hiding. So, yeah, Monster Hunters have been around as long as the first Boogie Man crawled out from someone's wet dream. Believe you, me.

Now, the second thing you have to understand is that to be a Monster Hunter, you have to be a Killer. You can say it's not fucking murder, but it is. You can say it's for the greater good, but most of the time, it isn't. Most of the time, Hunters are just as bad as the creatures they stalk. Not all of us are out here to make a difference. Some of us just want revenge. I, myself, carry the scars of my first encounter with a supernatural badass. Now I pay back that pain tenfold. I get a sweet satisfaction when I stick a silver knife right up a werewolf's ass. Boy, do they howl then! And I'm one of the good guys.

I knew this Hunter once who found this pretty little vampire girl, freshly turned and looked about eighteen. That bastard kept her in his basement for a year, just to have his way with her. He was a sick son of a bitch and sometimes wrong is just wrong. But in the world we live in, two wrongs sometimes, just sometimes, might make a right.

So if you're still wishing to be a Monster Hunter, let me give you some freakin' advice. I called these the Cardinal Fucking Rules.

One, know what the hell you are hunting. Don't go in there thinking it's a vampire... you'd better fucking know! Holy water doesn't do jack shit to a chupacabra, and they're bloodsuckers, too.

Second, have the right tools for the job. Have your gear squared away and make sure it's appropriate for the right form of nasty you're about to take on, and you just might come out alive. Know this: this damned job doesn't allow for too many dumb ass mistakes.

Lastly, and most importantly, don't ever let them turn you into the thing you are hunting. Always have a backup plan. Me, I keep a grenade on a necklace next to my heart. If I ever think I'm about to grow claws and fangs, I'll just pull that motherfucking pin and see what the next life has got to offer. A hunter turned monster is all kinds of fucked up and there's nothing worse than having to put down an old friend.

Yeah, that's right. Monster Hunters generally run in tight circles. We know about each other, back each other up. You've got a house full of snarling whatevers? Don't go in there alone. Get on the cell and call in the cavalry. We'll come running, because when it's all said and done, we are all after the same damn thing: to kill as many of these unholy sons of bitches that we can."

- Simon Jaeger was found dead earlier this year in a warehouse on the docks of Savannah GA. His body was surrounded by a number of things that could not be readily identified. Cause of death had been due to the fact that Jaeger's upper body had suffered a catastrophic injury though Simon did die with a smile on his face... seems he wasn't kidding about that hand grenade -

BREED: Human, other
LEADER: Bellatrix
LOCATION: Darkholme, Alaska
TERRITORY: Darkholm Bed and Breakfast

*** Faction Information Forthcoming ***


(Please note this was the original interest disclamier and will probably be removed in time)

So all that was to see who is interested in playing in my first attempt at GM and in a group RP. What I envision is creating a scenario where a insolated Alaskan town, that mostly exists in a large complex connected to a silver mine is visited by an Alpha Werewolf looking to hide from a female Hunter who is obsessed with ending him and good enough to do it. What neither of the two prior mention characters realizes (and most of the town, as a matter of fact) is that Darkholme is the lair of ancient Vampire and his coven. I don't think I have to mention that, historically, Vampires and Wolves do not get along and the fact that this particular Werewolf has lead a Hunter into their midst is not going to make things better for anyone. Especially the townspeople who are going to not only find out that Monsters do exist but they are actively recruiting.

If you are interested then please think about what type of character you wish to play and which side you want to be on. As it stands right now, your choices are to be either a member of the Vampire Coven (already established), a willing or not so willing recruit to the Werewolf Pack (not established so expect to start your character before they are afflicted), A Hunter called in to help with the growing Monster population in Darkholm (called in by the female Hunter after Nicholas for backup or maybe they have always known that something is strange about Darkholme and have come to investigate), or a member of the town who wishes to stay human an will pay dearly for that decision.

As for the 'Kink' well this isn't going to be freaking Twilight or Interview with a Vampire; for some of you are old enough to have watched that movie. I am going to push a very dark and very dirty world of inhuman monsters doing inhuman things too all too human people. Vampires will have their sex play between themselves, their familiars and their pets (explained when interest level is determined). Werewolves will have their own standards as sex among the pack or with prey before they are bitten or eaten will be their thing. Hunters will range from those who have their humanity to those who don't and might not see Monsters as a living being and will do as they please to those unfortunate enough to be caught; Forsake your humanity and you forsake your human rights. As for Characters who are just townspeople, maybe you are undecided as to which side if any you may want to be on... or you as a player are just dying to be the sex slave to a higher order of Creature. Maybe you can find love among the things that want to eat you... who knows but whatever your reason I, and hopefully others,  will try to make it fun for you.

The bulk of the story will take place in, under, and around this building which is a massive complex that is actually a town under one roof (This town actually exist, it's Whittier, Alaska but I'm stealing it's photo because I can).

Let me go ahead and advise that the Character of the Alpha Werewolf and Alpha Vampire will be played by me. I believe I've already had the primary Female Hunter laid out in the story above, filled I will probably be seeking Character's to fill key plot roles and though you will have a lot of freedom to do as you will, I will call upon your Characters to move the story along. The upside, you get to know some 'behind the scene' stuff that others don't know. The downside, you can't tell anyone what you know and you might have to write your Character doing something that I have asked. If your character isn't a plot type then you will probably have the greatest freedom to interact with the story as you will (in collaboration with other players because it's a group game damn it, if you want to be alone, play some solo stuff).

Lastly, let me say this is my first run at being a GM and I am probably being far too ambitious with what I want to do but I am going to give it my all. I've joined group games in the past and have learned mostly what not to do or allow so I hope I can figure out what works quickly. If you have a suggestion or some input I want to hear it in the PM. Doesn't mean I'm going to run with it but I will give all ideas their equal due.

So please let me know if your interested so I can plan this out or not, accordingly. If you have questions you can ask them in this thread because someone might have the same one.

- Out of Game Threads -

- In Game Threads -
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Offline Sasquatch421

I wouldn't mind going wolfy... Consider me interested in the pack. Now I think I need to go watch some Northern Exposure for some reason.

Offline dblkroseTopic starter

Welcome aboard Devil Dog. Ex-Navy Myself. Use to carry you guys around on my LSD out of Okinawa (if I'm reading your Avatar right).

Hopefully, we will get more interest soon.

Offline Szandor

Layin' down some interest! Thanks for accepting my Character Sheet, dblkrose.

Offline Dove

Hi, there! I love this. I have a great werewolf character that I'd love to pull out for a roleplay like this. I'm relatively new to this forum, but not new to writing. That said, I have no idea how groups work on here, so I hope you'll all be patient with me!

Offline dblkroseTopic starter

Layin' down some interest! Thanks for accepting my Character Sheet, dblkrose.

More than welcome, thanks for submitting and laying it down.

Offline dblkroseTopic starter

Hi, there! I love this. I have a great werewolf character that I'd love to pull out for a roleplay like this. I'm relatively new to this forum, but not new to writing. That said, I have no idea how groups work on here, so I hope you'll all be patient with me!

If you want to, go ahead and submit the character to me in PM, I'm sure it will be perfectly fine. We were all new to this at one time and I'm sure you'll be a quick study. Since this is my first Group RP we can go thru the growing pains together. No worries.

With that said Sasquatch421 if you want to go ahead and slip me your Character as well feel free!

Offline Amarlo

I am intrigued. I will be keeping an eye on this.

Offline Sasquatch421

Welcome aboard Devil Dog. Ex-Navy Myself. Use to carry you guys around on my LSD out of Okinawa (if I'm reading your Avatar right).

Hopefully, we will get more interest soon.

Glad to be here! Aviation Ordnance with VMFA-224 out of Beaufort. Been out for a long while though.... I'll get to work on a character to send.

Offline dblkroseTopic starter

Quick question for my werewolf players. What form do you most associate your character changing into?

For instances there is the hybrid form that is popular in movies like Van Helsing or Underworld which take from the original werewolf movies.

Or the more literary form of a large wolf or dire wolf as seen in Twilight?

I have my preference but wanted to see how others felt before making a final decision on the type that would be played here.

Offline Dove

I definitely see the larger wolf. So nothing distinguishes them from looking like a normal wolf aside from their size. They'll be closer to the size of a bear, probably, than a wolf.

Offline dblkroseTopic starter

... added the Coven write up to the interest check. Will do another for the Hunters. Enjoy...

Offline Sasquatch421

I usually see the hybrid forms of werewolf first. Honestly just mention it and I'm either thinking of the wolves in Dog Soldiers or the original Howling.

Offline dblkroseTopic starter

What I'm beginning to see, or think I understand, is that male players will tend to prefer the hybrid form and female players identify more with the larger dire wolf form. There is probably some sort of gender psychology at play but I'm not even going to try to use my limited thought process on exploring the reasons why and I'll probably just come off as an idiot anyway.

So to allow the most freedom of character development and free form play I going to allow both and give reason (vague ones) as to why this is so in the Pack Faction write up.

Thank all for your input.

Offline dblkroseTopic starter

...added the Hunter's blurb up top. Hope you all enjoy...

Going to start working on changing this thread to a recruitment thread in a day or so. Feel there is enough interest to proceed to the next step. Hope everyone is having a good day.

Offline Dream Lover

Hey, new Team,

I've been provisionally approved for this game and I am looking forward to playing with y'all and introducing my character.

Ciao 'till then.  8-)

Offline Elven Sex Goddess

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Hi everyone,  been approved and will be posting character soon.  Just working out final details. 

Offline dblkroseTopic starter

Re: Welcome to Darkholme - Home to Vamps, Wolves, and Hunters - (Recruiting)
« Reply #17 on: November 10, 2017, 02:25:25 PM »
Welcome Goddess and Lover!

With the additional people, I feel comfortable turning this into a recruitment thread. Add some faction art to the initial introduction with more information to follow including Characters Sheet Formats.

In a day or so I will open the OOC Up. Thanks for everyone who has jump on board with this RP my hopes is to be up and running by next week.

Offline Vlexia

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Re: Welcome to Darkholme - Home to Vamps, Wolves, and Hunters - (Recruiting)
« Reply #18 on: November 11, 2017, 11:16:49 AM »
Sent my character

Offline dblkroseTopic starter

Re: Welcome to Darkholme - Home to Vamps, Wolves, and Hunters - (Recruiting)
« Reply #19 on: November 11, 2017, 12:19:56 PM »
Sent my character

...and that would be a YES! Love your girl, Vlexia!

We now have the Female Hunter I've been waiting for. Working on those Character Sheets so we can all bask in CS goodness.

Offline dblkroseTopic starter

Re: Welcome to Darkholme - Home to Vamps, Wolves, and Hunters - (Recruiting)
« Reply #20 on: November 12, 2017, 08:43:48 AM »
FYI, In-Game Character Sheets are up. If you have any issues at all with the sheets, or format please don't hesitate to ask for help. I'll be more than happy to lend a hand. Special thanks to Vlexia for adding some of her expertise to the format.

The sheets should be friendly to all faction characters. If you need to add to it please do so but I reserve the right question or ask for a change (i'll try to keep an open mind). Theme Songs are optional and if you wish to add more pics please do so but not in the header (preferably in the body or at the bottom).

This is no way trying to stifle creativity. I just have a tad bit of OCD and the desire to keep the RP aesthetically pleasing. With that said, please show me what you got because it may be so good it becomes a new thing.

I'll be working on the faction write up. For now... enjoy the imagination of your other players! Mine will be posted shortly. 

Offline dblkroseTopic starter

Re: Welcome to Darkholme - Home to Vamps, Wolves, and Hunters - (Recruiting)
« Reply #21 on: November 12, 2017, 08:44:36 AM »

Human Form
Beast Form
Nicholas Ebonwulf
Theme Song

Breed: Werewolf
Faction: Pack
Position: Alpha (Leader)

Age - Apperance: 32 years old
Age - Actual: Over 620 years old
Gender: Male
Sexual Orientation: Heterosexual
Nationality: Greek Romani (Gypsy)

Height: 6'1"
Eye Color: Green
Hair Color: Brown
Physical Description: Nicholas Ebonwulf has long shoulder length brown hair, penetrating green eyes, and bronze colored skin. Nico's body is tall, tightly packed with lean muscles that gives him a 'razor's edge' look. Some facial and body hair; Ebonwulf sports a trimmed mustache and beard with thick eyelashes to accent his strong angular face.
Voice: Deep. Melodic. Enchanting, Heavy Old World Accent (Gypsy)
Mannerism: Intense. Serious. With a flare for the dramatic. Smiles comes and go just as quickly as scowls.
Motivation: To form a New Pack. To Kill Bellatrix
Character Strengths: Survivor. Natural Leader. Charismatic. Absolute Loyalty to the Pack.
Character Flaws: No Humanity. Extremely Violent. Over Confident. Sentimental.

Occupation: Muscian
Skills & Talents: Various old world string instruments. Acoustic Guiltar. Singing & Dancing. Herbal Medicine (Gypsy). Hunting. Foresting. Fishing. Living off the Land. Tarot Reading. Palm Reading.

Altered Forms: Large Dire Wolf. Hybrid Werewolf Form. Nicholas's wolf forms are large, almost prehistoric looking with deep brown to black fur.
Unique Abilities: Extreme Inhuman Strength. Heightened Senses (Hearing, Smell, Night Vision). Enhanced Speed. Incredible Rapid Healing. Monstrous Durability against Physical Damaged. Superhuman Endurance. Supernatural Agility & Reflexes. Environmental Adaptation (Weather). Immune to most Diseases & Toxins. Extreme Age or Lifespan (Virtual Immortality). Indomitable Will (Mental Resistance). Beastial Metabolism (Inability to get truly drunk, Superior Digestion and the ability to consume raw meat)
Special Abilities: Ability to Establish and Maintain a 'Pack Link' (Unique ability of an Alpha). Rapid Transformation; Almost seamless change from one form to another (Acquired due to extreme age as a werewolf). Lycanthropic Infection.
Unique Weakness: Applied electricity, medicine or enzymes may prevent transformation (Chance of this not working at all due to extreme age and control of werewolf form). Lunar Dependency; connected to the phases of the Moon, Full Moon in particular. Involuntary transformation during a full moon; transformation at this time is bigger, stronger, and more bestial with less control. Vulnerable to silver, wolfs-bane and/or other traditional werewolf weaknesses (slightly more resistance to these weakness due to advance age);

Weapons: Claws & Fangs. Has been known to destroy a skull or spine with the swing of his guitar.
Equipment: Tarot Cards. Guitar in Case inscribe with wolf and lunar motifs.

History: Νικόλαος, or Nicholas was born sometime between the 13th and 14th century to a nomadic band of people commonly referred to as Gypsies. When his troupe was accused, by the local lord, of various crimes and were systematically being arrested, judged, and executed; Nico invoked dark magic to save his people. A Wolf Spirit, embodied in a female form, came to Nicholas during a full moon and entreated him to accompany her to her site of power. There she ravaged him both physically and sexually, imbuing Nico with her essence; this gift paid for by the curse of lycanthropy. As a werewolf, Nicholas was able to exact vengeance on the lord and his people but found that he was feared and reviled by his own kind in turn who abandoned him upon discovering what he had done.

Feeling betrayed and abandoned Nicholas, who later took the surname Ebonwulf, started to wander and acquire companions who either were afflicted as he was or that he created, forming his first pack. As his humanity started to fade, his hunts and rampages across the land grow more brazen and monstrous. Nico's pack almost a herd of ravenous werewolves growing with ever attack. It was at that time the church and neighboring townships paid for and sent the first wave of hunters, who armed with silver and wolf's bane coated arrows started to destroy Nicholas's pack by the dozens. The Werewolf hatred of Hunter's grew with each loss of his packmates but also a grudging respect was given. This force the Alpha to rethink his strategy for long-term survival and the need to keep him and his pack nature secret and hidden was soon confirmed.

Forward to the now; Nicholas's mistake of not killing Bellatrix when he had her at his mercy has been the greatest of his life. It has cost him the lives of every member of his old pack and has him on the run; his survival instincts overriding his need for brutal and violent revenge. Now as he walks along a frozen Alaskan road towards a place he heard of, called Darkholme, he hopes to find sanctuary and a resources Nico thought he would never run out of, time. There is a strange sensation as the Alpha gets closer to his destination. A feeling that makes bonded wolf spirit anxious and excited. Something like... Fate, awaits him at Darkholme. The nature of which he can only imagine.  

On's: Dom. Light. Dub-Con. Non-Con. Bondage. Breath Play. WereWolf x Female (WereWolf) Sex Play. Anal. Oral. Light Bitting & Blood Play (Due to the nature of this RP). Rough Sex. Romance & Sensual Sex Play.
Off's: Anything that goes into the toilet, or on the side of a tree, behind bushes... is a NO for me; Big Shaggy Dogs or Not

Player: dblkrose
Faceclaim: Theo Theodoridis

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Re: Welcome to Darkholme - Home to Vamps, Wolves, and Hunters - (Recruiting)
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I am open to connections with anyone who wishes to have a past history with her or to join her Faction.

Theme Song, Bitches

"Guardian Angel"

Faction: Hunter
Position: Leader

Age: 28
Gender: Female
Sexual Orientation: Heterosexual
Nationality: Half Black, Half White American.

Height: 5'7"
Eye Color: Dark Gold
Hair Color: Dark Brown
Physical Description: The woman has a lithe figure with quick, toned muscles under her mixed heritaged skin that is light caramel in the winter but can tan deeply under the sun. She has big, curly hair that she allows to flow wildly when desired, but often has it straightened, her cheekbones are high and sharp, her height above average but it's mostly in her legs. She is strong to the core and down to the tendons and sinew due to her career as a physical trainer.
Voice: Husky, velvet smooth, sharp remarks with a bold, loud sound.
Mannerism: Brash, bold, and bitter, Bellatrix has a sinister head on her shoulders and isn't afraid to use it, albeit in a challenging, disrespectful, and cruel way. She doesn't respect authority and trusts no one, her chest is hollow ice and sometimes the only thing that gives her warmth is when the blood of her quarry is running down her muscled arms. Despite not being the best at first impressions, the lone woman is extremely protective and watchful, mindful of everyone and defender of the underdog. She hates injustice in particular and abusing a child is a sure way to get killed by her.
Motivation: To rid the world of Monsters who dare show themselves and prey on humanity- most specifically Nicholas Ebonwulf
Character Strengths: Physically strong, book-smart in the intricate learnings of her prey, and her personal experiences give her inside knowledge. Agile, flexible.
Character Flaws: Brash and a touch over-confident. Obsessed with revenge and it will often cloud her judgement. Nightmares from her captivity still plague her, and flashbacks will freeze her in place if they come at the wrong time. Does not trust anyone and often works alone which is incredibly dangerous. Mentally sadistic at times.

Occupation: Fitness Trainer
Skills & Talents: Photographic memory, good with faces and names, and loves to cook.

Special Abilities: Has a personal "Pack Link" with the Alpha Ebonwulf that only she knows about due to being forced to mate with him in wolf form. This allows her to track him across far distances and even can intercept some of his "messages" to his other pack members. Her personal close encounters with the werewolves gives her never-before known knowledge and secrets of that particular breed that she uses in her favor.
Unique Weakness: Human speed and natural weaknesses.

Weapons: CheyTac Intervention M200 .408 Sniper Rifle,

Two Tech 9s,

.44 Magnum Revolver (her favorite)

Double serrated blade (4 in total)

Silver Razor chain Whip that reaches up to five feet.

Other Equipment: Load Carrying combat boots, holster vest for the Tech-9s, silver ammo, wolfsbane inside the pelt she wears, a silver cross is around her neck with a silver chain, and a spray bottle of water blessed by the Cardinal Bishop Fabian Alexander of the Vatican.

History: Born in Compton, California, Bellatrix's real name is a secret only she knows and keeps as that woman died when the Ebonwulf took her. Her mother tried to teach her to do the right thing, but working as an Elementary School teacher during the day and a convenience store cashier at night, the young girl was left to her own sinful devices.

Getting caught up in drug trafficking at a young age, the girl eventually dropped out of High School and ran full time in the "street business". She was inculcated with decent attributes from her Mother, so she wasn't overly violent, didn't cheat, didn't steal from shop owners or other people, nor did she target innocents, such as bystanders or family members.     

Drugs, alcohol, partying, and sex, she is covered in back-ally tattoos all over her body, as well as a pierced nose and bottom lip. She met a mysterious man in a nightclub, a man who later became the other half of her soul, who opened her up to a different world, a new world where she could use her talents in a more meaningful way. Dimitri Koslov, a Russian Hunter who taught her the basis of everything she knows now, broke the curtain of fables and trained her in the best way to wring the life from a vampire, to rope a goblin, to collar a phoenix, and skin a werewolf. His "family" took her in as one of their own, loved her and accepted her for years, and that's why the pain of the Ebonwulf was the core....

Why her? Why them? The night was violent, sudden, and over, and the young woman was left cradling her lover in her arms, screaming to the rain that washed his blood from her lips in a desperate kiss, her true torture and torment only beginning.

The Ebonwulf thought to break her, thought to use her as a trophy, an example for others to fear him and his pack. He only succeeded in sealing his doom, allowing her to learn the inner workings of the Werewolf and all their intimate secrets and desires. Her cold fire within igniting and killing her innocence, arising ice bitch.

When he deposited her naked, broken, and bleeding body in the warehouse district, the scent of the wolf so strong on her that the ancient hunter who found her initially thought she was in the throes of the transformation, she was very nearly dead. Months of healing, years of training and education, she used her personal experience to refine her skills and intellect, making her one of the deadliest Hunters alive presently.

She wears Kimari, Nicholas' Omega Mate's, pelt as a coat in a taunting gesture as she seeks out the ultimate revenge.

On's: Rough and intense sexual encounters, oral, biting, scratching, bondage.
Off's: Bathroom play, forced anal, cutting/needles.

Player: Vlexia
Faceclaim: Brittney Renner
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Re: Welcome to Darkholme - Home to Vamps, Wolves, and Hunters - (Recruiting)
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Human Form
Beast Form
Inuit Goddess of hunt, fertility and medicine
Suki Locklear
Theme Song

Breed: Vampire
Faction: Coven
Position: CEO/Elder

Age - Appearance: Early twenties
Age - Actual: Over four thousand years
Gender: Female
Sexual Orientation: Bi-Sexual
Nationality: Inuit (the first peoples).   Currently is registered as Native American citizen of the United States,  hailing from Nome, Alaska. 

Height: 5'1"
Eye Color: Blue
Hair Color: Brunette
Physical Description: Her Inuit heritage is evident in her facial features.  That gives her a Occidental Asian facial racial appearance.  In her full vampiric countenance, she has full bat like leathery wings.  Her fingers elongate into like razor sharp talons.  Either form human or demonic vampiric, she can extend her canines in elongated form into fangs.
Voice: Sing-song melody like quality.
Mannerism: Alert, predator persona.
Motivation: Survival
Character Strengths: Survivor, hunter, predator instincts, code of honor (Bushido-beta to serve)
Character Flaws: Sentimental, code of honor (Bushido), complacency (Sits at top of food chain, as few equal her her mythical like level of abilities and skill), Savage bestial psyche when in demonic vampiric form. 

Occupation: CEO of Coven House Industries
Skills & Talents: Way of the bushido, kensai level skill with katana.

Herbalist, apothecary medicinal skilled.  In the long ages of her existence.  She has served her people from the original and adopted peoples along the way as a midwife and healer. 

Skilled tracker.

Altered Forms: psychopomp

Unique Abilities: Celerity, the strength of at least three men.  Immortality, heighten senses, dark vision (the ability to see in darkness), blood read memories and accelerated healing.
Special Abilities: Earth meld, can meld into the earth. An heal herself while earth melded. The ability to come back from near total destruction. This cannot be accomplish in a building or not connected with the earth. Flight in full vampiric form with wings.  Is yang imbalanced thus the ability to become pregnant.
Unique Weakness: Fire (Fire damage can only be healed by earth meld.) Sunlight, limited through, can spend some time in direct sunlight with minor ill effects because of yang imbalance (bad sunburn).  If pregnant cannot earth meld while in such a state.  Nor can she take her demonic vampiric form.  A wooden stake to the heart will temporary immobilize her.  Blood dependency, (at her age a high efficiency.) 

Weapons: Katana forged by a master sword smith of feudal Japan nine hundred years ago. 
Other Equipment:  Samsung Galaxy android phone and pad, a wardrobe both professional and comfortable. 

History: Legend had it among the Inuit tribes.  The goddess Pinga was a goddess of the hunt, fertility and medicine. She was also the psychopomp, bringing souls of the newly dead to Adlivun, the underworld.

Like all myths, are born of truths.  Facts blurred in the ignorance of truth.   That is twisted with the passage of time.  For Pinga did cross with the first peoples. Inuit are the descendants of what anthropologists call the Thule culture, who emerged from western Alaska around 1000 CE. They had split from the related Aleut group about 4,000 years ago and from northeastern Siberian migrants, Crossing the great land bridge that connected the continents.  During the time of the great migration of her people the Inuit (Eskimos for the laymen).  She crossed with her people following her food supply. 

Centuries have come and gone.   The world has changed it has become smaller.   This elder vampire is over four thousand years old.   She is the hunter, the protector, the executioner all in one for those of the night.  For she is a vampire.   Turned back before the bronze age.   Before the pyramids in Egyptian and Central and South America were raised.

She has not always remained in Alaska.   For she speaks several languages.  First her language of birth Inuktitut.  She also speaks Crow, Japanese,  Russian,  French and English.

She has trained with the Samurai masters of ancient Japan of antiquity.   She is a predator,  she makes no bones about it.  She hunts to survive.  She hides behind no facade, she is more then human.  Yet it is honor that holds her.   That is her moral compass if one were to label such upon a predator.   That honor has her sworn a oath of fealty of being oath bound to the elder of the coven Lazarus Alister Malström III.  For she shown up one day nearly a decade ago.

If one has been excommunicated,  it is she who is called to hunt down and end their un-life as a vampire. 

In the old days,  many anthropology studies showed a high rate of suicide.  The truth is she took them for the benefit of the people  In such harsh climes with food could be scarce.   The elderly would weigh down the whole of the tribe.   She would guide them to the land of the dead.   Just as she would ease the passing with the offering of the infants born of defects.   That were left behind. 

She is aware of other supernatural creatures,  say such as the werewolves.   She is indifferent to them, as long as they do not intrude on her feeding territory or those of the coven.  If such proves the case, she will simply thin out their ranks to move them along.

The truth is lost in the antiquity of time.   Whether Pinga is a original elder,  a genetic mutation or was she turned is a mystery.  A enigma in every sense in the timeline of humanity.  History or she herself gives little details if she has turned others or if any of the offspring she has given birth to has had her genetic makeup. 

She kills to survive it is a simple as that.   It is no moral compass that holds her to not fret over taking life.  If their blood nurtures and sustains her, then so be it.  Yet she is not without compassion as a fore mentioned, in her past with her peoples of the original tribes and infanticide. Or the culling of the elderly.   The meek shall not inherit the earth.  A fallacy of a lie that merely gives hope to those that truly have none. 

On's:  Not listed below.
Off's: Water sports, toilet play.

Player: Elven Sex Goddess
Faceclaim:  Linda Le (with Luis Royo art)

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Re: Welcome to Darkholme - Home to Vamps, Wolves, and Hunters - (Recruiting)
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Hello... Pinga! Very Nice Elven Sex Goddess