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January 20, 2021, 07:32:02 PM

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Author Topic: Music Ideas (Rock Star/Classical Pianist and Female Rock Star/Male Fan)  (Read 746 times)

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Offline DukeJohnTopic starter

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Rock Star and Classical Pianist

For this one MC would be in a noisy and controversial punk/garage band that is embracing a change in sound for a heavily orchestrated baroque pop sound. He can either be in his mid 20’s just after his band broke out or about 30 with them coming back after a hiatus. I can play him as either muscular or a "skinny punk". YC will be a young classical pianist who plays on the album. I thought she might be an elegant European, maybe French, and pretty, but with some more ordinary elements to her looks like a long French nose. She’ll be very shy and a bit insecure about how she looks. She’ll also be nervous when she figures out who she’s working for given his reputation (maybe the project is being kept a secret so she won’t know who it is when she’s brought in).

Gradually they will fall in love as she records, with her being deeply impressed by all the beautiful orchestra arrangements he’s written and slowly discovering his more sensitive side, and him liking her intelligence and shared musical interests instead of the models and groupies he’s used to. She might be a bit insecure about that, though, and think he could never be attracted to her as she develops feelings for him. We could also have them have other things in common, like her being surprised by how well read he is or him liking old-fashioned French pop music that she likes. If you wanted a bit of drama we could have him have a girlfriend who is rude to her a few times when she comes to visit. They could break up in the middle of the story (maybe she becomes jealous of all the time he is spending with YC).

Female Rock Star and Male Groupie

This is definitely a female domme idea. I want MC to be young, thin, pale, innocent, naïve, and absolutely idolize YC and her band. I want YC to be the frontwoman of a punk/garage band. She can be young or an experienced act in her 30’s/40’s. For her look she can have rock star abs with either a short red bob and freckles or a super short dark haircut with it buzzed around the edges. I’m always a fan of those tight tartan pants too.

Anyway, this will be a fairly simple idea where she’ll see him waiting in the crowd of people for her autograph after a show and see him as the perfect guy for her to have her way with completely. She’ll take him back to her room and use him to satisfy herself and then just take off the next morning, so it’s more of a one shot. She could maybe be a little tender with him at times, though.
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