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Author Topic: An anouncement of Upmost importantce  (Read 511 times)

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An anouncement of Upmost importantce
« on: January 12, 2009, 03:57:28 AM »
Ladies and gentlemen, Hear me. I come to you to warn you of the revolution. This is not of some political hand off, or change of government. I speak of the manifestation of the living dead. That is right, Zombies shall soon walk the earth.  The flags that we love so passionately shall turn to clothing and bandages. Country’s borders shall to triviality and culture boundaries. We will hammer our plows back to swords and pruning hooks to spears. Every day life shall soon change. This is a call to arms for all nations. American, Germans, and English alike. We shall all take up the fight, for this war shall be the hardest of all, because all men must work together.


The virus’s name is Solanum. It directly attacks the frontal lobe, killing off the brain cells and reproducing itself with in them. After 20 hours from initial infection, all bodily functions stop, with the exception of breathing. After 4-6 hours of “clinical death” They shall reanimate and be able to transmit the virus by bodily fluids such as saliva, blood or sweat. Solanum is a mutation of an airborne spore produced by a west African mushroom.

Its spores shall travel by grain, or person to forign soils, then grow off carrion. The mushroom will look almost identical to a Portobello other than that it lacks a scar mark on the stem were the cap breaks free during the germination stage of development. After 10 or so generations, the virus contined in every cell of cilia and spore produced by the cell is transported by air into the public water suply, and then into the human body. Reports have been filed stating that people have gone months with the dormant virus, and not even noticing that it had developed. The only way that the virus can start to reproduce is if let stagnant in dead blood or tissue for 2 days. Then does the symptoms of Solanum start to show up. There have been experiments that bombing the limb with arsenic and immedietly amputating produces a %10 chance of survival.

How we must live after the attack
Each man must find his own way to survive, and prepare himself, and his homestead for the attack. I can not help you (But Max brooks can) with this. I shall now describe my own play for how, at least, America will survive (European plans will come later).

6 months in after first "Zombie Problem" Aftert the first infestation, we will see people rely on the military to deal with this problem. The military will be able to handle this problem for about a year, but will soon fail to hold them in "Containment zones". Civilian life goes on almost exactly as normal, just some population would be moved from "Containment zones" and you would start to see hostilities between groups.

1 year in The military is becoming concerned as recruitment has come to a dead halt. In time of war (This has now been declared a war) America has always been able to call upon its massed civilians to come and deal with the problem through the draft. Problem is that the growing tension between states and regions has broken into anarchy. The army can now see a full percent of monthly desertion, and with communities coming under self government, the American government gives 40 days of "Pass period" to all democrats wanting to stay with the government, Flying them to either New York, or Boston. Most of Canada (minus New Brunswick, Nova Scotia, Ontario and Qubec) would had fled back to there mother countries in Europe. The others mostly move across the border down into America and a small percent are left behind in large colonies. The northeast of America know as New England is turned into a last bastion of government control, but even still many large cities have large sections that are unacceptable due to a large zombie infestation and hospitals are under 24/7 armed military guard.
The South is quickly turned into a blood bath. Most Blockade themselves in there homes, or form small communes with there kin and friends. Only Texas is left as its own government, With its border sealed to new comers. People still form groups, but these groups hold up on the large ranches in the east, and the maze of canyons and hills in the west.
All the states West of the Mason Dixon line (Minus Texas) is in ruins. California is decimated Navada is destroyed and everything in between is in ruins, the zombies just hate it over there. Only Hawaii survives, because the zombies are walking, and its taking a long time.

4 years inAfter most major industry is shut down, the north collapse, and all hop boats to Europe. The societies have turned to make gunpowder out of the homes, and have to adopted smoked guns due to the limited availability of nitroglycerin and gunncotten. These hamlets are mostly defended by barbed wire first defense, a 10 foot chainlink fence second defense, and an unsympathetically sloped 15 foot concrete levy. People mostly spend there time farming and producing nesesities, or for the larger communities, operating the boilers that produce electricity from wood stoves.

More shall come, Keep tuned to this station for important bulletins on the current situation, and suggestions of what to do

Humans are strong, We shall beat this!
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