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December 02, 2020, 04:27:02 PM

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Author Topic: Looking to get going (F/M, F/F, F/Any)  (Read 715 times)

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Looking to get going (F/M, F/F, F/Any)
« on: October 27, 2017, 03:49:11 PM »
Wildragon05's First request Thread
I'm new here and wanting to try and get things going.  As of right now I have one character that I like to play with who is a witch, so naturally I would be looking for more of the magical or fantasy elements in my stories.

What I expect:
  • Be literate.  Pretty self explanitory, but I'm not going to nitpickl your sentence structure.  As long as I can make sense of it, I'm good.
  • I like to have at least 2 paras per reply, usually I'll do more.  One-liners are boring and bring nothing to the plot
  • I understand life and everything gets in the way, but I would ask for a post a week minimum.  If something comes up and you can't do it, just PM me and give me a heads up.  I'm usually good for a reply at least every 3 days, but I love going back a forth a lot if we really hit it off.
  • I really like OOC communication and getting to know my partners.  PMs aren't just for plotting, but I do love doing that.

Favorite ons
  • Magical worlds
  • Modern Fantasy
  • Action/violence
  • Demons, Angels and other beings
  • Mythical wars ie: Angeles vs Demons
  • High Fantasy settings

Hard offs are as follow
  • Bestiality
  • Non-con
  • Vore
  • Any sort of sexual mutilation or torture
  • No bathroom play at all

Bio and character sheet follows.

Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
Name: Maya Hayley Clarke
Age: 24
DOB: 1/7/1993
Gender: Female
Species: Human (witch)
Nationality: American
Orientation: Demiromantic/bisexual
Religion: Who the fuck knows
Face Claim: Marie Avgeropoulos
Hair Color: Very dark brown, pretty much black
Eye Color: Blue Sapphire
Height: 5'2"
Build: Thin
Family: Alexander Clarke, Father (Estranged)
Denise Clarke, Mother (Currently in an unknown mental hospital)
Friends: Ziminiar, not that she would call him one
Alignment Chaotic Neutral (Maya), Chaotic Evil (Ziminiar)

Maya Clarke was born into what seemed to be a normal family.  Her mother gave up her career and life to raise her.  It wasn’t until she was much older that she learned the reason why.
Maya’s family had a long and rich history of witchcraft.  Each female born into the covenant was bound to a demon, sealing it away inside their bodies and drawing strength from them.  They protected the realm from many demons over the years this way. 
While they made this choice willingly, it could have a negative result on the witch.  Anything from insanity to death could befall them.  Maya had to watch from a young age as the demon inside her mother slowly ripped her psyche apart bit by bit.  The more unstable and broken her mother got, the more distant her father became. 
It was then that she started to hear another’s voice.  A deep, dark voice.  First it was whispers in her ear to do something wrong, to hurt people, but she didn’t want to.  She had to fight against it alone. 
When she was 8, her father simply disappeared.  Her mother blamed herself and something called Xanu.  The voice tried to explain that Xanu was like him, that her mother heard the voices as well.  Only she was weaker that Maya.  That Maya was special, but even she would fall down the same path her mother did.  Unless she gave herself to the voice.  It was then that the voice gave his name, Ziminiar.  The young girl couldn’t quite pronounce the name, so she resorted to calling him Z.
When her mother took a more drastic change, Maya went to her teachers asking what she should do and if they could help.  Of course she never could expect that in her pleas would lead child services to their door.  They had her mother sent away to a mental hospital and sent her away to foster care.  She was only nine when she was left with no one but Z.
Over the years between each foster home, Z became louder and louder.  Only now Maya talked back to him.  They argued over the things she should do, between right and wrong.  Every now and then she would give in, doing something bad to make things better for her.  Often leading her to a new foster home that she would soon grow to hate as well.  The only thing that remained the same was Z and the more alone she felt, the more she felt connected to him.
When she was fourteen, things really started to change.  Maya had always seen Z in her dreams, the demonic features often waking her up in the middle of the night.  Only now he was there when she woke every time.  Standing there and staring at her.  She couldn’t believe it or what was happening.  She wasn’t sure if she was still dreaming or what this was.  But she still felt connected to him as he stood there smirking at her.  He explained that he was no longer trapped inside her always, but his time was limited.  After a few moments he returned back inside her body. 
After that day she felt different, like something inside her had been let out and she had more energy, needing less sleep and able to do…things now.  He explained to her that she was special again, telling about the things she could now do.  A few words spoken softly and fire in her hands.  A few others and lightening ran across her fingers.  Ziminiar explained that this was magic.  A combination of both hers and his at times.
At sixteen she was still very weak in her magic, Z only telling her bits and pieces of what he knew.  She had become used to him acting on his own, picking up objects, throwing them around to create chaos.  One day he lashed out at a group of boys bullying her, sending them to the hospital.  This was when she learned that his life was connected to hers.  If she died or was hurt, so was he.  While death wasn’t the end for him, it was a ‘terrible inconvenience’ as Ziminiar would say.
It was around this time she was approached by a group of people claiming that they were her family, and she could feel how Z was uneasy, as if disturbed and guarded.  They explained to her the history of the covenant and that she was a witch.  They explained how the demons were bonded to each new witch born into the family.  She asked many questions about Z and the other demons, why they had to do this, and why he was such an asshole.  They explained everything to her, stopping when she told them she communicated with him and he could move on his own.  They demanded that she was to come with them so that they could send Ziminiar back to Hell and free her from his influence.  Finally Z spoke up about the situation, appearing in front of the witches, telling Maya that if he was removed, she would die.  She had a choice to make, stay with Z or go with her family to die.  She chose to live and stay with the only person not to abandon her.
Now she lived alone, surviving and learning how to control and use her powers with Z, still only learning the basics of her powers and abilities over the years.  She needed to find out more, learn and grow as she secretly feared the day that Ziminiar could free himself.

Now there are a few plots that I'm interested in specifically, but I am willing to do all sorts of things with Maya.  Mostly I want to keep a 70/30 plot/smut ratio.  I'm looking to develop her and make a good story with people over the smut.

General ideas
Girl at the Rock Show
Based on the Blink-182 song with some alterations.  MC is the so called "Girl at the Rock Show" while YC is a more timid/submissive character that meets MC and things just go from there.  It doesn't have to end in a romance, but mostly this is a specific play on the bad girl/good (Insert gender here) trope.  This is open to F/M, F/F, F/Any. 
MC is the student and YC would be the Master.  In this plot, YC stumbles or searches out for MC and sets out to teaching MC more about Magic and how to use it.  This will of course be difficult for YC with the demon inside MC fighting back and trying to teach MC his own magic and work to corrupt her.  Open for F/Any right now
Dragged into the Dark
YC is just a normal human, doing normal human things when they are dragged into the supernatural world by something MC does or something relating to MC.  Be it witnessing magic or demons coming out of hiding to prey on people.  From there YC is sort of thrust into the whole "magic is real" idea and have to deal with a witch being part of their life.

I'm sure I'll add more later on and you are more than happy to come to me with any ideas you might have.