Necrow's Long-Term Partner Search (Monsters, Fantasy, and More! Seeking Any)

Started by Necrowmancer, October 23, 2017, 02:06:16 AM

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Currently: Searching!

Thank you for checking out this post! I've got a handful of ideas and some extra time i'd like to fill with RPs! Please check out my O/O first though! If you're interested in something here and / or would like to plot with me, please send me a PM!

In a nutshell, I have a handful of plots and pairings, mostly original, and mostly in the fantasy / high fantasy genre vein! I am searching for long term partners preferably, since I'm not a huge fan of short RPs.

I am looking for a side serving of erotica / smut / what have you in all of these, though how much is up for discussion with my partner!

This will be updated as I add more potential plots so it isn't just 90% pairings.

Some of these I have vague plots or ideas for, but not all of them. If there's a certain side i'd prefer playing, it will be underlined. If neither are underlined, I don't mind playing either / aren't craving one roll over the other. Some of these also overlap with plots below, but in case you have your own idea about these pairings that isn't a plot i've put out here feel free to toss it my way!

Monster [M] x Human [F]
Lich [M]* x Human [F]
Eldritch Abomination x Human [F]
God x Godd[ess]
God[ess] x Human
Hero x Villain
Adventurer x Adventurer

*Can absolutely be replaced with a certain DnD lich god. I can dream

Some of these are more bare thread then others. Those that are basically just shells / more 'in depth' ideas for above pairings are marked with a +.
A Dead King's Peony Cage (Monster (M) x Human (M/F))

Genres/Themes: Fantasy / High Fantasy, Beauty & the Beast-esque, Teratophillia / Exotic, Romance, MxF (preferably, can be MxM), Potential Non-Con

Plot: Once, there was a kingdom, crumbling from years of war and neglect from their gods who bickered and fought amongst each other. The newly anointed king, fearful for the well-being of his people, sought out along-forgotten god in hopes he could help the kingdom. The god, shunned by his peers, offered the king a power greater then any mortal had before: true magic. The king accepted, and agreed to the god's two rules: one, the king was not to teach anyone else his powers; it was his and his alone to use. And two, the god was to be their sole patron, to replace the gods that cast him aside who were too busy fighting with one another to tend to their masses.

They were easy enough rules to follow, and the kingdom thrived under their new king's rule and power. Crops flourished, the sick were healed, but this wasn't enough for the king. He couldn't help but to teach others how to create miracles of calling the rain, starting fires, mending the wounded, even if he promised the god that he would not. What sort of king would he be if he did not do what was best for his people, to offer them their best chances at living?

The god was angered, but he did not need to do much. People began to realize what this new power could do, and people wanted more. People sought the king's secrets and turned his magic to destruction, and soon the kingdom began to crumble. As the king watched his beloved kingdom burn around him, the god turned him into a monster as punishment for breaking his promise. The god then imprisoned the once-king inside a labyrinth made of the burned remains of all that he loved; a eternal reminder for what he'd done.

Since, the labyrinth has become a drawing point for wizards wishing to further their understanding of the magical arts, sending others in to delve the labyrinth if they aren't mad enough to look themselves.

Potential Directions:

  • The king is angry. Those who have lived around the labyrinth know there is only one solution: a sacrifice. A unsuspecting wizard on visit to the fabled maze is taken captive by the local town and offered up to Szaifudrus in hopes of quelling his anger. Their escape only lands them further into the maze, leaving a less angered monster as their only hopes of escape or respite.
  • A curious individual, wizard or labyrinth delver, has been making it far enough into the labyrinth to catch glimpses of the fabled monster... meaning the fabled monster has been catching glimpses of them. This piques the old king's interest in someone skilled and smart enough to get that far.

Notes: I would be playing the monster, Szaifudrus, and you would be free to figure out what sort of character you wanted to play. I'd prefer a female character, but male would work too!

Lost to the Oblivion (Human (F) x Eldritch Abomination)+

Genres/Themes: Fantasy or Modern, Horror, Lovecraftian, Eldritch Beings, Potential Teratophilla / Xenophilla / Exotic, Corruption, Tentacles, Mentor / Student Relationships. Largely inspired by the game Sundered.

Plot: A human has stumbled across the remains of a ancient ritual used to contact and attempt to summon a extra-dimensional being beyond her comprehension, and accidentally re-awakens or re-contacts it. The power latches onto her, using her as a vessel for whatever plans it may have in the mortal world. The eldritch being takes interest in its host, extending its powers and its knowledge to make her more powerful in order to reach achieve its goals. The human finds themselves infatuated with their new horrifying mentor, and slowly succumbs to their corruption, even if doing so could cost the world as they know it.

Potential Directions:

  • Can honestly be any genre. Initial idea is fantasy, but modern, steampunk, Victorian, sci-fi, western, or whatever you want would work just fine as well.
  • The being could want the corruption of the mortal / human world, to enter it themselves, or whatever other idea you might have as a reason to take a human vessel.

Notes: I would be playing the human character! I have eldritch being as the other character, but any other sort of extra-dimensional or extraordinarily powerful and unusual being is acceptable as well. Dark gods, sentient forces, what have you. There's a lot of wiggle room here.

When You Had Been Mine (Human (M/F) x Immortal (M)+

Genres/Themes: Any Setting (Preferably Fantasy), Reincarnation, Long Lost Love, Human x Immortal Being (Preferably 'evil' aligned. Can be a god, vampire, lich, what have you.), MxM or MxF, Romance, Slow Burn(?)

Plot: Many millennium ago, a immortal and another being fell in love. But it would not last forever. The immortal's lover meets their untimely demise, leaving their partner to fester in their misery. Time has passed since then, and by chance one day they meet someone who feels oddly familiar. At first, they pay it no mind, until they realize that this is their long lost love, reincarnated. Even if they are not the same person as they had once been, the immortal being will stop at nothing to have their lover back in their arms again.

Plot Directions:

  • The immortal is a god of some sort, who might be residing on the material plane in order to further his plans in the mortal world. Maybe he's stuck there, maybe he's simply visiting and posing as a mortal to avoid detection or to better work with his own cult. The human can be simply someone living in town that he encounters, or perhaps one of his own cultists.
  • The immortal is a lich, a once-powerful king who ruled well into his undeath with his partner. Since their death, perhaps they've moved into seclusion, or continued their rule with a iron fist in retribution for their beloved. The human could be a simple civilian, a adventurer trying to slay them, a servant, a sacrifice, etc.
  • The immortal is an adventurer who has ascended to a state of immortality through some means (perhaps achieved godhood, or has been blessed with immortality), and the human once was a adventurer with them. Perhaps they meet while the immortal is under guise as a normal adventurer, or any of the similar tropes from the previous two ideas.


  • I'm down for playing either character in this situation, though would prefer to play the human. The human can be male or female, but i'd like the immortal to be male.
  • General things regardless of specific plot directions: The 'human' could be a elf or similar as well. Just a general mortal humanoid. Their gender / sex could have changed as well (perhaps they used to be male in their past life and are now female, for example). I have a itching for the immortal to be some sort of evil-aligned or less then moral, but if you're interested but really not digging playing / playing with a evil character then let me know!

Between Two Points (Villain (M) x Hero (M/F)+

Genres/Themes: Fantasy / High Fantasy, Forbidden Romance, War, Potential Politics

Plot: A war has broken between two sides, devolving down into a war between good and evil. Kingdoms crumble on either side as years pass, locked in a ferocious battle that will drastically the world depending on who comes out on top. For many years, their leaders were intent on seeing the other destroyed, but a chance encounter (or perhaps the capture of one) leads the two leaders to realize that there was a lot more in common between them then they had ever realized. The two begin to fall in love, carefully driving ways to visit each other without the knowledge of their people. But the war rages on, and they know there is no way to stop it without their side turning on them as well. So the two loves are fated to keep their relationship a secret, carefully disguising their meetings in order not to alert their own armies.

Plot Directions:

  • Sides could meet under the pretense of one or the other being captured, political meetings and exchanges, under the cover of darkness, etc.
  • While I use "hero" and "villain" here, they can be of any morality or ideals.


  • I can play either character! If I play the 'villain' character, they will probably be a warlock of some flavor.
  • While romance is the main plot point of this, I don't like forcing characters together. Because of this, I'd like to really plot out characters with you to make characters that will most likely be compatible without shoehorning it. This can be things like morals, ideals, etc.

It's A Long Ways Home (Multiple Characters)

Genres/Themes: Fantasy / High Fantasy,  Travel, 'Slice of Life', Caravan, Adventurers, Multiple Characters, Potential Action, Adventure, and Romance. Basically a group setting as 1x1. See Notes.

Plot: The world is a vast place, filled with life and adventure. The world is flourishing in a golden age of culture after the end of many long wars, and people are eager to explore the world once more. Caravans crisscross the continents, bringing people from one place to another for trade, commerce, or whatever else they might be doing. For some, caravans like this are a temporary thing to reach a destinations. For others, these are a means of seeing the world. Adventurers hop aboard these traveling groups to find new places of exploration, to earn a little extra gold defending them, or to find purpose and meaning in their lives. A certain caravan is known for its goal of circling the globe, attracting people interested in long-term travel (as well as a few looking to just hitch a ride to the next town). A group of people from all walks of life, cultures, origins, and beliefs find themselves together for the long haul as the caravan continues it journey across the world.

Plot Directions:

  • Premise revolves around a group of adventurers and perhaps regular folk / other people traveling together in a caravan across the world. It could include adventure, fighting, day to day life, romance, whatever we decide on together! It could be left open ended and episodic, or turn into a epic adventure.


  • This RP is basically a group-sort of set up with the intention for it to be played out as 1x1, since I do not have the energy or time to actually run a group rp like this. But if multiple people are interested and willing,
    i'd be ok with a small 2-3 person rp with this setting in mind.
  • The intention would be that we would both play multiple characters, though the exact number is up to you. Some can simply be left as minor characters / NPC types if you'd prefer not to juggle too many characters, but I'd prefer at least 2 serious characters each. It's not much of a caravan if there's only 2 people!
  • Character wise, anything goes. Half of my intention and hopes with this rp would be to see what characters are made, and how they interact with each other. Maybe they don't see eye to eye morally. Maybe they're all excited to go dungeon delving! Maybe romance brews between two (or more) of them. I don't have any serious commitments to what happens, and am very interested in this rp being an exploration of multiple characters interacting around a moving hub.

Bury Me Six Feet Under (DnD 5e/3.5e, Looking for GM)

Since this is a little less straightforward, I am largely looking for someone who might be willing to DM or a rp partner willing to kind of DM some sort of plot, campaign, rp, ect. involving my NE vampire cleric of Vecna. Alternatively, if you have a group opening (For something more text based, since my schedule does not allow for a actual in call weekly campaign atm) let me know as well!

I'm willing to work out what kind of story and plot you're willing to DM! I have several directions and ideas, but since I would not be the DM I figure it's best to see what ideas you'd have first! My only requests are obviously that you allow my character to be her alignment, and perhaps something that works towards her climb in her cult's ranks.

Bonus if you're willing to indulge in MCxVecna honestly