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Author Topic: A ring in time! - Multi-dimensional Adventure (Open)  (Read 246 times)

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A ring in time! - Multi-dimensional Adventure (Open)
« on: October 16, 2017, 12:27:38 AM »
A portal opens a green ring float through.  A deep voice states, “Find your master!”  The ring takes off, flying at incredible speeds as the portal closes as if never being there.  The ring floats after breaking the atmosphere, it is 7 am.  It stops in front of a window, passing through it as if the window is not there.  It forms a box, a red ribbon wrapped around it alighting itself upon the dresser there.  The room is 10 x 12, a large bed in the center, the closest to the right opens with two panels.  The stand holds several items including a TV, old model gaming system and several books that appear to be gaming related.   The owner appears to be gone right now.  Beneath the box is a note, ‘For Peter’.

Peter is in the cafeteria waiting for first period.  This is the meeting hall of sorts.  This is where everyone comes before Study Hall.  The room is arranged, typical high school here at Riddell High.  The school feels more like a large stylish prison than a high school, but apparently, if you ask anyone about the food, most would say it is no different.  The jocks and cheerleaders to the southwest, the so-called cool kids to the northwest, to the north are the nerds/geeks, to the northeast are those with the true style, to the northwest are the so-called rejects and then there me with my group.  This is my wolf pack, there are five of us there was me Charles Peter Clayton the leader, not by choice but since I am the oldest and most level headed of the group, according to Trey's mom.  I stood about 5’9, 200# very muscular, my dark skin is considered chocolate by most; dark brown eyes.  In truth, I looked older, actually in my late 20’s but I've looked this way since I was 15 now 17.  Then there was Trey Williams, he and I were closest, he was the one that was assigned to show me around when I first arrived here Trey was kind of rotund but athletic he too was dark skinned not as dark as me though.  His chubby cheeks and disarming smile let him have a kindness, not normally found among his group.  William Davis was much lighter than the other two; his average frame led him to be mostly what he wanted.  He was tall about 6’1, 240# average over all for the most part.  He wasn’t the smartest tool in the shed but he was by no means dumb, he was a little slow on the up take but once he got it he was good.  Jaden Miller was 5’10, 186# He was smooth as his dark skin let him be considered very attractive, most considered him far more attractive even amongst the group.  Especially considering of us all he was the only one with a real girlfriend.  Then there Caden Willis, he was light skinned very low cut hair as all of them had, except me who finally decided to cut my hair all off this year.  He was 6’2”, 190.  Most thought he would play basketball because of his size, he was not fans with the basketball team ever since he got into a fight with Randall who was the team captain.   So that left him with this group, it didn’t stop him from trying to be a player.  He was the schemer he was the one that was always looking for the BBD – bigger, better, deal.
Today though was a special day, one of their own were celebrating.  It was my birthday.  Going into our senior year next year, this was to be the best for us.  Even though all I could think of was getting home and hoping my father was true to his word.  I hung out with my friends but this year I put more effort into my studies.  My father promised me the car of my choosing if I got a 4.0.  Going into my senior year I was sitting pretty and with a bit of effort, I was coasting to a 4.0.  I was gleeful and would be riding high with my new car as right now, between the five of them only Trey had a car and he wasn’t able to drive to school yet till end of this year.  We were sitting there waiting for the bell to ring when she approached.  Candice Mitchell, she was nice but average height for a woman at 5’2” she was 145# very shapely, buxom even and nice on the eyes with her peach skin and red hair.  Most..hell everyone seemed to have a thing for her, even me she was Mary Jane Watson.  Peter Parker’s long-time love, yet right now she was talking to me.  I shook my head as tried to focus I was just looking at her, I had to focus on what she was saying to shake myself out of the dream.  This could not be real.

“….P….Peter.”  Her voice finally came through my disbelieving haze.
“Yeah, that is me,” I said rather confused.
“Can we talk…in private?”  She responded, looking at my crew.
“A….ah sure,” I said as I got up and walked with her.  As I turned back briefly to look at my crew who were just as disbelieving as myself.
Candice was the head cheerleader and she looked like it.  As the cheer captain she kept up with the football team and who was staying and leaving.  Even though she was just now going to be a senior she had more than earned her spot as leader, who I was now alone talking with.
“I know you seem to be against football and all.”  She said
“I am not really against football, I like football but I have been working a bit to help out my mom.  Why?”  I asked.
“Well why not try out then?” She replied.
“What?” I looked at her.
“Today are football tryouts.  You would be a shoo-in for the team and I think you would be really good as I should  know I would be there to watch you too.”  She said as she looked at me with those dreamy eyes. 
“Ahh...Ok sure.” I say shocked that she would ask at all.
“Great!”  She said with her man dropping smile.  It was the smile that would drop a man to his knees and get you to do just about anything.  She said as she turned to go, kissing me on the cheek.  “I will be watching you.  Thanks.”  She said as she disappeared around the corner.
The coach missed none of this interaction.  He was watching from the cafeteria.  Candice was his niece.  She had been sent to live with him to keep her out of trouble.  He knew with a body like that she would be getting into a lot of it.  He was ever the protector; he wouldn't let anything happen to her.  He wouldn’t pimp her out or anything, but he was not above letting her use her charms to get him the players that he needed to win state.  He saw something in Peter, something hidden and dangerous.  Also, the boy was smart, smart enough to pull up the team average which they needed right now as well.  He would let her go to her little concert now.  She would still be chaperoned but she could definitely go.
“Coach are you serious?”  Daly said as he walked up to the coach as they headed to first period.  “We don’t need him most of our starters are coming back next year.”
“On defense Daly, defense.  We need a running back!”  The coach said as he walked with six of his star players.
“Him though coach, he is not even with us.  He is a foreigner!”  Daly was used to the group that he had played with his last three years.
“I don’t care if he is big green and only speaks of himself in the third person.  He will make an excellent back!  Trust me on this one.”  The coach responded.  “Listen kid Reggie is the strongest person on our team.”
“Yeah so?!?”  Daly retorted quickly thinking he knew.
“Ok so who spots Reggie?  Peter!  I have seen that kid hold 325# in his hands straight out for a full five seconds when he thought no one was looking.  He was spotting him and he lost control and dropped his hands.  He then reseated himself and put his hands back on the bar.  That is strength boy, that is power and if you can’t see that you are not the team captain that I trained.  Give him a chance today.  I am sure he will surprise you.”  The coach said opening the doors.  “Today you grunts is dodge ball!”
There was a combination of both sighs and cheers.
Daly shook his head but moved to make his team for the day.
The bell rang as I looked around.  I didn’t like this, but I was sure I was being punked.  I didn’t like it but I was nothing if not a man of my word.
With a sigh, I turned to go as the hallways were filling and I realize my class is on the far side of the large ‘H’ Complex, completely the other way.  My bookbag over my shoulder and I hated to be late.  In that moment I moved quickly, making sure not to bump into anyone as best I could.  As the tables were still set up, I didn’t think I could make it, the only thing that would let me make it to class on time.  I began to run across the tables.
“If you don’t get yo @$$ down!”  Said one of the lunchroom monitors.
I turned to say.  “Sorry Ma’am.”  I jumped down slid across the floor.  Jumping to my feet and taking off I could see the door as the second bell was coming I could anticipate it.  The teacher was standing there glaring at me.  Mrs. Thomas was not my favorite fan and I wasn’t hers either, she was about to close the door before I put my foot inside.  I stood up and walked in as the bell rang.
“Morning Mrs. Thomas,”  I say a light sheen of sweat on my forehead and a disarming smile.  It was facing the barracuda or Sir Talks-forever in Principal Stanley’s office.
“Since you are already up why don’t you do the problem that is on the board.”  She said, her cold venomous voice just waiting to tear into me it seemed.

“Can I put my bag down first or do you want me at your beck and call right now Ma’am,”  I said cordially.  I was nothing if not polite to a fault.  Even to her, she could never say I said anything disrespectful to her face.  Behind her back, sure ours was truly a love/hate relationship as most of the class chuckled.
“Bag down, butt to the board Mr. Clayton!”  She said.

I quickly complied.  I was sure she had a dislike for me because I was naturally gifted in math.  I learned long ago that I could do most math up to calculus in my head.  Jaden apparently could do calculus.  Smart and good looking why couldn’t you be here right now, my friend.  Actually, none of my crew were unattractive.  Jaden was just the only one with a woman out of the five of them.  I looked at the problem as I put my bag down, I continued to look at it as I approached the board.   When I reached down for the chalk I looked at her then wrote the answer.  “X=5.”  I said as a matter of factly.
“Show your work, Mr. Clayton!”  She retorted, just as a matter of factly.
I frown as I erased my answer.  My gift in math was that once I have the answer, I know how to work backward through the problem.  I go over it and my way is far easier than how the book explained it.  I even had Erwin the teacher’s pet raising his eyebrows and nodding to the affirmative.  I let go of the breath that I had been holding as I go back to my seat.  Dana looked at me and winked.  “Good job.”  She mouthed as I looked at her.

I smile.  Dana Edwards was a caramel skinned attractive woman, not as shapely as Candice but nonetheless very attractive to me.  She knew the other side of me, the charming, cute, honest man that I was or soon would be if I would stop trying to be a player.  I kept my leader persona up with my boys but she knew me and we talked.  She even liked me but I was a typical male it seemed interested in the unattainable.
“Thanks.”  I mouthed back.

After that little tidbit.  The rest of the day was mostly uneventful I was good at football, but I was also a big target.  But I did give my word that I would try out.  My boys were highly disappointed as today was my birthday, they were going to celebrate it with me, but they would stay and watch me, they were after all my pack.

After that little tidbit.  The rest of the day was mostly uneventful I was good at football, but I was also a big target.  But I did give my word that I would try out.  My boys were highly disappointed as today was my birthday, they were going to celebrate it with me, but they would stay and watch me, they were after all my pack.
I remember this, this was familiar.  I was used to it and I was looking at the jersey ‘32’.  “Its been a long time old friend,”  I said to myself, of the number not the just the jersey.   I put it on.  I knew full well I didn’t have to stay past 4 pm.  I put my helmet on and seemed to change, I was in my own world.  I was another person with the helmet on.  There was only my team and the opposing team.  Today the opposing team were my schoolmates and yet deep down, I didn’t care.  I was determined if making the football team would make Candy notice me, I would become the number one draft pick today.   I went to the group I was assigned to and walked into the huddle like a gladiator.  I was used to the feel of the pads and gear.  When the Coach gave the play I gave no indication of recognition.  I simply moved to the position, when the play was called. 

“Blue 32...Hut..Hut!” The quarterback called the play.

The initial play called for me to receive the ball as I was assigned I moved straight for the hole.   The one guard pulled as was assigned.  The other guard Taylor moved the wrong way.  He despised me, making him look bad at dodgeball, trying to be so smart in Spanish and History classes.  The block was designed to pull the defensive backs, away and make the transition easy for the back to run as far as he wanted before being brought down.  I recognized the error but paid it no mind as I was facing off against the middle linebacker.   Brackus stood there in the hole he looked like the penultimate linebacker, he was 6’4” 240# he was destined for the pros, his muscles had muscles.  But yet he hadn’t come across will and determination like this.  There was another reason why I didn’t play football.  It was my one way to get back at my father, for not doing whatever was necessary to keep our family together.  But here in this moment I only heard my father’s words.  ‘Put your head down boy, put your head down and run for daylight!’  I did just that.  I hit Brackus with the full weight of my anger and aggression against my father and my father never knew what hit him.  Yet Brackus bore the weight of it..  Brackus hit the ground with a thud, he didn’t move again but the pain was etched on his face.  The others tried to tackle me but to know avail.  Even though I was big I was also quick and before even I knew it I was standing in the endzone.  There were cheers coming from both the cheerleaders who had stopped to watch and my boys in the crowd.
I stopped and took off my helmet and dropped it to the ground, in silent prayer as I always did.  I looked at them all even Candice was smiling at me.  I looked up and even saw Dana in the crowd and smirked.  I moved over to take a look at Brackus.  I shook my head as the coach looked at him.  “You off the field….,” The Coach pointed at Taylor.  “How did you miss that block, Taylor?”
“Sorry, Coach…I…”  Taylor stammered.
“If Brackus is seriously hurt you will be!”  He looked at the trainer.
“Collarbone, probably fractured.” The trainer said.
“Good he should recover by fall.”  The coach said.  “Well, that was interesting.  Welcome to the team son!”
“Thanks, coach,”  I replied taking the man’s hand and moving to get off of the field as other players made their own tryouts.
I moved to go shower and clean up.   My boys cheered for me.  I pulled my phone looking at the text from Dana that said.  <<you were great!!>>
<<Thanks!>>  I texted back.
“Ok, boys where too?”  As I looked at them nonchalantly.
“Well your mom said to bring you home, then we will be back to pick you up at 7 am.  It is senior skip day, after all, this weekend though we are going to Six Flags then see if we can find you a woman!!”
“Yea apparently he needs one.  Did you see that hit!”  Caden said.
“Yea right!”  I said sitting shotgun and they took me home.  They dropped me off outside of the apartment.
“We will be back in the morning.”  They yelled.  “Later Superman!”  They cheered.
“That is Icon to you!”  I yelled back.
I went inside.  Mom wasn’t home yet and my uncle either by the looks of it.  ‘Probably off with one of his many women.’  I thought as I went to my room.  I looked at the shelf and smirked at the ring box.  My face frowned as I looked at it.  ‘For Peter.’  It was dad’s handwriting I opened it.  Inside was a green lantern ring.  “This poor replica?!?  This is not a car!”  I was nothing if not pissed.  “All of this hard work and you send me a damned ring!”  I tore out of the house through the patio door into the back and chucked the ring into the lake….the far side actually as I threw it.  I took off down the street.  I didn’t know where I was going but apparently, Dana’s apartment was in view when I finally looked up as she lived on the far side of our housing complex.  I looked down and my face frowned again, only to spot the same ring.  I looked rather confused as I reached down and kicked the ring this time thinking of my father and the car I worked so hard for and didn’t get.  I played soccer growing up, that and martial arts allowed me to kick the ring pretty far.  I continued walking only to spot the ring on the other side of the street, this time it was a blue ring.  I sighed more than confused now as I picked it up and examined it.  I looked around not understanding the joke.  On the inside was written….’I wish…’.  I shook my head and put it on.  “I wish I had the power to change all of this!”  I said the ring glowed for a second then died down.   I shook my head.  “Great something else he messed up!”
I walked towards Dana’s apartment, but seeing her mom’s car was not there I realized she wasn’t home yet.  So I walked back home, just in time to greet my mother and uncle.  He had been with some woman named Nancy.  They picked up the cake.  I would have another this weekend, but mom always liked to do something special the day of.  She bought me a new computer and I was able to work on putting it together after they sang to me and we ate dinner.  I finished the computer about 9 pm, suddenly feeling rather sleepy.  I thanked them all then turned in.
I slept like the dead.  I opened my eyes in my room, it was still dark.  When I turned over trying to figure out what was going on I saw Trey.  “Ok, so what are you doing here?”  I said.  “It isn’t even morning yet.”
“Dude you have been out for more than 48 hrs?!?”
“Yeah right, my mom would have taken me to the hospital sleeping like that!”
“Sorry man, but she was going to take you in the morning had you not awakened.  Their rule is 72 hrs.”  Trey looked at him confused.
“What you are not serious I missed senior skip day?!?”  Sounding rather erratic.
“Yeah it was a blast, both Dana and Candice was looking for you?” He teased
“Candice and Dana?!?  Ah man ah man?!?”  I say disappointed
“Gotcha!”  He said with and an evil smirk on his face.
“Dude I could slap you!” My fist balling.
“She has how many dudes chasing after her, she ain’t got no time for the likes of you!”
“I really wanna slap you, now,”  I respond
“Yeah, yeah.”  ~I am really glad you are ok, I was worried.~  He thought.
“Dude don’t worry about me I am fine,” I say not recognizing that he hadn’t actually spoken the words.
“Hunh, what are you talking about.” He says looking at me weirdly.
“Nothing I said don’t worry about me,” I said not thinking anything about it and in truth neither did Trey.  My head hurt and my body ached, like I had been working out for days.

“Dang dude I knew you were muscular but DANG!”  Trey said.
“Shut up dude and get out I am coming.  I am hungry.”  I said in no uncertain terms.
I looked down at myself seeing the physical changes, nothing different to me.  I was always pretty muscular, but in that brief moment, my eyes shifted to see beneath the skin, the blood vessels, bones all of it.  Then it went back.  I examined my hand looking, but saw nothing else.  I got dressed we went out to get something to eat.


Trey drove, I rode shotgun.  The wind was passing us by as I rode in the car, it was just after sunset.  The light was fading but the sky was clear.  Even as I looked the moon was visible, but seemed so much closer.  I shook that off, then I looked around.  “Dang dude you drive like a grandma, can we go faster?!?”  I said shaking my head.
“Man please I am going 70, I am not trying to get a ticket for you!”  Trey replied quickly but it seemed like we were going so very slow.  The cars were around us but it seemed like I could move so much faster than what was there.  It almost made me nauseous.   I just closed my eyes, but I could still see like I was looking through my eyelids.  I saw him, but I could hear his heartbeat as clearly as I saw it as well.

~I don’t know about him, something is wrong?~  I heard his thoughts as clear as he had said them, but my ears didn’t detect anything so this time I didn’t respond.  We came to a stop in front of Dave and Busters.  I didn’t open my eyes, but I listened looking around without opening my eyes.  I didn’t say anything, I just followed I didn’t open my eyes with my sunglasses on I just walked with him.  I spoke to everyone, all of my group gave me recognition.  I even spoke to Kenya, Caden’s girlfriend.  I moved throughout the room without opening my eyes at all.  It was nothing short of amazing.  So everyone went to play video games, I thought of going to the hammer, it was just a strength trail that if you hit the spike right it would go up and hit the bell, but this one had an electronic bell.  I still hadn’t opened my eyes yet adjusting to this, new….sensation.  I had played this game before, but most of the time I just barely hit the top.  Yet this time the hammer wasn’t even as heavy as it was last time.  Had everyone not been looking at me, I would have all but twirled the hammer like a baton, it was just that light right now.  I saw two girls walking by due to their shape and bloodflow.  It was the only thing that made me open my eyes, as they were looking at me.  I paid my tokens and move to swing the hammer, it was not even a full stroke as it hit the top and it cracked.  It screamed and whirled only to die, with strange sparking sound, but not before paying out max tickets.  I chuckled as I finally pulled off my glasses and waved as they smirked at me walking by.

I thought at this point that something else was up as I looked at the ring on my middle finger.  A part of me wondered what was going on, but another part of me wanted to know did this thing really work.  I took the tickets to the ticket machine to get my stub, before excusing myself and going outside.  I needed to check something.  I have been exposed to comics most of my life, the things I have been noticing seems nothing short of heroic.   Made sure all of my posse was inside and no one was looking.  I took off running but it wasn’t simply running, it was so much more the world seemed to be blurring by me.  When I stopped I was almost home in a matter of minutes.  I smiled feeling the coolness of my face, apparently not affected by friction.  I took off back and made it to the parking lot in almost less time.  My face was all but gleeful, I could run like the wind.  It was nothing short of awesome.  I chuckled to myself thinking at this point I would have to figure out what else I could do.  I knew I was stronger now, faster, I could see differently, hear differently.  I walked back in looking at my friends realizing I was definitely not going to be able to say anything.  I had no way of explaining it, but I was most definitely going to figure out a few things by school time Monday morning, but tonight I was just going to have some fun.

We kicked it that night having lots of fun, I won more tickets than ever, but figured it was just my abilities right now once I learned it was pretty easy a few more swings of the hammer, all but broke the machine.  We were now on the way home, I had them stop at the Faststop and told them I would walk home, it was important not to get Kenya home late as we all knew how her dad was and it sounded like a good excuse at the time.  Given my regular fighting skills, they thought nothing of me walking home.  I wasn’t going home, down the street from the house was a train yard and it was nothing if not time for me to find out what all I could do.  Given my hero knowledge it was pretty easy for me to test.  I did speed the first hour realizing I could do about 600 miles per hour running.  I tested strength and realized I was at 75 tons lifting a rail car.  I could jump pretty high and pretty far from a stand still.  I could see through the cars trying and focusing my eyes, once I focused too hard and energy shot from them and almost knocked a rail car over till I ran to the other side and righted it.  I began to focus the beam making them large for area then small, the smaller I focused the been the more heat was generated the larger the more force.  Then I focused and tried to generate energy from my hands the effect was the same.  I laughed to myself I started dancing around in circles most gleefully.  Then I heard gravel move and turned to see and older drunken man by the smell of him looking at me.  I stopped and waved.  “Nice night.”  I said.
“Yeah whatever.”  He replied before he walked off.

With a burst of speed I took off home more gleeful than before I was at my front door I slowly walked inside I thought of whose abilities I matched more.  Most thought I was a Superman fanatic, but I only had a few powers…I didn’t try the hyper or cold breath, I could but not now then I thought about the energy blasts and shook that off, but then I wondered…the telepathy…I could be Icon like?  I wasn’t about to test the invulnerability theory.  My uncle didn’t have a gun, he would go to jail as it would violated his parole.  My mom didn’t really believe in them and I wasn’t about to shoot myself to try it so that would have to wait….wait!  A knife!  I thought quickly running to the kitchen as mom was out and my uncle was definitely gone since he wasn’t in his bedroom with one of his honeys.  So that left just me.  I pulled out her butcher knife….I breathed….I breathed…..”1…2….3….ahhhhhhhhhhh!”  I screamed….the scream came out rather girly only to turn into a chuckle as I laughed now looking at both my hand and the shattered knife in my other hand.  I quickly cleaned up all of the shattered pieces.  I would have to buy a new one.  I moved to my room all but tearing it up looking at all of the comic books writing down other abilities from every comic book that I had.  I made a list.  I would have to get up early in the morning to test it was Saturday after all, I had all day.  I would meet up with the fellas much later.

I flipped through them all making a list in my notebook when I finished at midnight I put everything back up and laid in my bed looking at the now purple ring before drifting off to sleep.  I was a hero…..a real life honest to God….hero.
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Re: A ring in time! - Multi-dimensional Adventure (Open)
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was the a specific idea of charterer you were wanting

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Re: A ring in time! - Multi-dimensional Adventure (Open)
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It is more of a superhero story.  I can post more maybe??

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Re: A ring in time! - Multi-dimensional Adventure (Open)
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(OCC: Looking for Female or Male to play female character (s).  Other particulars to be discussed.  Since it is multi-dimensional more than one story can be going on at the same time.  We will change the title of course.)