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Author Topic: Boku no Hero Academia (freeform/anime)  (Read 11686 times)

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Online Zaer DarkwailTopic starter

Boku no Hero Academia (freeform/anime)
« on: October 15, 2017, 08:07:20 PM »

The first person to manifest a Quirk was a newborn baby in the city of Quig Quig, China, who had the ability to emanate light from their body. After that incident, many people around the world began to manifest different kinds of special abilities, though the cause of the phenomenon was unknown. Currently, 80% of the world population possesses a Quirk.

At the dawn of this extraordinary era, the Police Force moved to prioritize leadership and to maintain the status quo, and as such, decided not to use Quirks as weapons. To fill that void, the profession of crime fighting Quirk users, heroes, began to exist. Authorizing the use of powers that could so easily kill, however, was a greatly criticized decision at first. Over time, it came to garner public support due to the fact that the first people to work professionally as heroes acted morally and upheld the law.

I am sure many fans of anime have already checked out the show and thus know the basic details of this game but those unfamiliar with this premise I well advice check first episode at least for fluff. But besides that this game will not follow canon but show chars can appear in the story. Either case the game is based on students graduating from school and entering the hero courses, besides the U.A High School there are other hero course providing high schools (U.A holds place as number one though) and for reasons (chosen by players) they have been assigned for Valencia High School, which holds position as third rated best school for hero course but exception from others it serves as international high school for heroes and it is located in artificial island off from the coast in Japan (resting between China and Japan). Island is heavy industrial area but immediate school area in five miles is peaceful and reserved for students and their needs (having shops, apartments etc). Besides students the staff is also international in background wise.

Now, fun as it is to just pick a quirk I advice you use below link to 'randomly' get quirk/power for your char and play around it and choose between three types of quirks (emitter, transformation/composite or mutant), drawbacks come with once type is assigned (and in case more open ended negatives you can go creative; no one's quirk is without drawbacks somekind). Despite what power you get from random link below, GM will make needed judgement calls in regards how potent player's quirk is presently (it may not be fully evolved or trained to full scope with given power and it can improve overtime through training and experience). Also some powers you can name perks from having it, example;

With such power you could name you have 'trained under higher gravity' and thus have higher than normal endurance and strength (besides the benefit able survive extreme low or high gravity no harm).

Below the link is basic charsheet which you can fill and game starts once I have enough interest (considering online message board attrition rates, around +8 players ensure some solid cast remain after few weeks). My own updates will happen random times, around 2-3 times per week so I welcome co-GM positioned players who run teachers (creating teacher NPC for themselves to run classes with). Villains may appear as well. In regards smut; players decide and on E it is likely going happen and there may be rapist villains with appropriate quirks going around.
(you can be quirkless and still attend in Valencia hero course as unlike other high schools they accept quirkless candidates to exams and as students as well but they receive much ridicule outside school staff and need train harder than most and have already before exams figured out means able to combat crime done by supernatural foes without having supernatural abilities, also as GM open to plot ideas to 'receive' quirk later in story)

Code: [Select]
[floatright][img height=300]IMAGE URL HERE[/img][/floatright]
[b]Name/Super Hero Name:[/b]
[b]Description of Hero Outfit (or pic):[/b]
[b]Personality (1-2 paragraph minimum):[/b]
[b]PC's casual Ons:[/b]
[b]PC's casual Offs:[/b]
[b]PC's sexual Ons:[/b]
[b]PC's sexual Offs:[/b]
[b]Background (2-3 paragraphs minimum, include reason why want become a hero and why going/assigned to Valencia High School):[/b]
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Online Lustful Bride

Re: Boku no Hero Academia (freeform/anime)
« Reply #1 on: October 15, 2017, 08:26:38 PM »
*Plants flag* I will put a character tomorrow when I can.

Online Bekah Boo

Re: Boku no Hero Academia (freeform/anime)
« Reply #2 on: October 16, 2017, 06:53:24 AM »
*Raises hand wildly*
I'll have a sheet as well when I get off of work ;3

Online Arcanist

Re: Boku no Hero Academia (freeform/anime)
« Reply #3 on: October 16, 2017, 08:01:03 AM »
Count me in! Will complete one tmr morning.

Online Zaer DarkwailTopic starter

Re: Boku no Hero Academia (freeform/anime)
« Reply #4 on: October 16, 2017, 08:30:54 AM »
Nice, three interests :). I will provide quick example of a char for everyone's benefit (she will show up as NPC in entrance exam);

Name/Super Hero Name: Savannah Jenkins/Steel Arm
Age/Gender/Nationality: 19 female american
Description of Hero Outfit (or pic): Worn loosen jeans, black tanktop with dark crimson coat and metal reinforced boots
Personality: Savannah loves fidgeting with gadgets and anything mechanical; may it be cars, trains, trucks, construction machines. She could in theory build up computer but programming or computers aren't exactly her field. She is simply girl who often gets greased in oil in garage and is not afraid get her hands dirty while working. She is dedicated and strongly driven in whatever task she sets up to do and is kind for those who are kind to her. But she can be at times total asshole in regards someone mopping around for nonsense issues.
Quirk: Mechanical Weapon Construct (mutation), as mutation her entire arm has turned into mechanical steel clad arm. It provides difficulty for tasks which demand sense with your hand or arm and as made from metal she needs do 'regular self-maintenance' on it or else it starts break apart or dysfunction and naturally powerful magnets are anathema for her. Plus side if entire arm gets destroyed she can rebuild it and she does not feel pain from given arm.
PC's casual Ons: Mechanical stuff, beer, casual good time
PC's casual Offs: Assholes, clueless people, party spoilers
PC's sexual Ons: Switch (happening during same encounter), rough housing, sex toys
PC's sexual Offs: Body wastes, blindfolds and bondage (phobia)
Background: Savannah is from united states of america, from Texas. Her parents own together a machine assembly company, his father having quirk which allows him shape and bend metal and her mother having telekinetic ability assemble metal parts (specific magnetism power). So while her elder brother can turn his entire body into steel, she only got her arm turned to steel but besides that she figured early on she can turn her arm into various objects, which first was turning it into hammer and smack her thick headed big brother with it! She soon discovered all around utility of her arm turn into any machine based object which was based on battle or warfare. Not onto tools albeit in theory could apply weapons for regular tools if using enough imagination with it.

However despite conflict based nature of her arm she firstly studied engineering and wanted to become lead engineer designed working for her parents company, however one day a steel eating villain attacked their factory and destroyed it on the ground and led her family to bankrupt their company and they started struggle living by working on personal garage to repair cars and machines. The personal experience of this tragedy and see depression from both parents because of one asshole ruining her family life led her change her planned course and studies to hero courses. USA high school for heroes is second best compared to U.A High School and was near, however Savannah is adventurous so she applied to Valencia High School because of it's international nature of it.

Her grandfather who is retired SEAL had taught her basics on martial arts and also help to get most benefit from her weaponized arm in a battle. Training has been mentally and physically intense but she skipped one year entirely on this training so she could do well on the entrance exam for the high school and get selected.

Offline ZameRagues

Interest #4
« Reply #5 on: October 16, 2017, 12:08:38 PM »

Name/Super Hero Name: Jack MacSweeney Milligan / Gallowglass
Age/Gender/Nationality: 20, Male, Canadian
Description of Hero Outfit (or pic): Simple white outfit with a red trim, matching long coat with a fir hood. Couple leather belts and an empty scabbard on his hip.
Personality: Jack can often be seen sitting in a chair with a leg bouncing in place, not out of nerves but energy. He loves to move, run, jump, and fight. Talented in his own way, enjoys reading an opponent more than a book. Hating to sit in a classroom for hours he's opted to be in the back of classrooms whenever the teacher would allow simply so he could stand rather than sit down, at least if they also allow standing as well.
Quirk: Hidden Arsenal (Emitter), Always claiming to be a creation quirk, Jack's quirk is the ability to hide items of many sizes on his person. Believing to hide the items within himself, he isn't sure if they truly disappear inside his body or somewhere else. Regardless of where they go, the items aren't hidden for free. Everything he hides weighs down Jack more and more as he hides things. Though it is a fraction of the items actual weight, the arsenal he can hide often makes him weigh much more than a normal person.
PC's casual Ons: Medieval weaponry of any origin, A good laugh, An opponent willing to fight more than once.
PC's casual Offs: Poor losers, those easily offended, Superiority complexes
PC's sexual Ons: Athletes, Tight Clothing, Submissive Partners
PC's sexual Offs: Bodily Fluids, Violence, Non-Con
Background: Born to an Irish family living in Canada, Jack had more than a mother and father. With multiple sets of grandparents, great aunts and great uncles, along with normal aunts, uncles, nieces and nephews, even a pair of brothers, he had a lot of people to live with. While all of his older family didn't show any kind of quirk, his mother and father did. His mother was a curator for a museum with a creation quirk, capable of replicating the weapons, armor, and tools on display. The father often traveled transporting product for varies companies contracted by the government, using a Gate quirk he would transport himself and anything he carried through a void gate.

    As a child he had a lot of energy to spend. His family taking him to a plethora of events and outside activities, though the team based ones didn't stick too well. Gymnastics, swimming, fencing, martial arts, track, anything that kept him moving he liked. His quirk didn't manifest till later than most children. A trip to the toy store where a simple toy he picked up to look at disappeared in his hands only to be found later by his mother when it reappeared in the child's hands. While his quirk didn't aid him in his extra-curricular activities, it was the ultimate backpack. Hot, cold, wet, or dry, Jack hide things and keep them in pristine condition. A fear developed in his mother however, that with such a quirk Jack would be become a thief as there was next to no tell when he was hiding something. It wasn't until a swim meet that his mother realized just how much the boy could hold as he had been progressively buying training weights with his allowance just so he could hide them and weigh down his person. Diving into the pool he shot straight to the bottom creating a bloody cloud in the water.

    Feeling that he could put his talent and quirk to good use both Jack and his family felt it was a good idea to attempt the entrance exam and become a hero. Ending all of his other hobbies he focused on his studies as best he could. His mother replicating many of the weapons and tools for her son to take with him. When the day finally came, he got a piggy back ride from his father and took a gate to the school, as the embarrassing way of travel was the fastest and only way for his father to take him there without carrying him like a princess.
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Offline Yukina

Re: Boku no Hero Academia (freeform/anime)
« Reply #6 on: October 16, 2017, 12:31:30 PM »
Name/Super Hero Name: Sakurako Miyazaki/Loose Circuit
Age/Gender/Nationality: 19/Female/Japanese
Description of Hero Outfit (or pic): Being a huge Kamen Rider fan (and a usual cosplayer), she designed one homaging it: (
Personality (1-2 paragraph minimum): Sakurako is your typical wallflower, preferring to avoid the scary world of social interaction and keep her nose in a book. This habit, however, has made her a very avid learner and thus she had worked hard to become a straight A student back in her high school years. The shy girl is a budding lesbian, though she's never had an actual relationship. That doesn't mean she's completely inept in terms of sexual knowledge though, as she bares a secret stash of yuri doujinshi which she reads when alone and sexually frustrated. Thus she is a large romantic and very much a submissive. She also tends to have a large attraction to taller women and those that have motherly frames.
PC's casual Ons: Manga, the internet, cosplay, good books
PC's casual Offs: Bullies, racists
PC's sexual Ons: Motherly frames, female partners, taller partners, romance, cuddling, quite vanilla at the moment
PC's sexual Offs: Anal
Background: Before attending the hero course, the shy wallflower was just a shut-in that designed websites on commission to make a meager living. She used her funds to fashion her simple apartment into a den of nerdiness filled with numerous books and obscure merchandise. While the meek recluse may have kept worldly thanks to the internet, she never dared to step a foot outside unless she was absolutely required to. Her past had been rife with social horrors and harsh bullying due to her mousy nature and seeming lack of a quirk.

This changed though when her circumstances got out of hand one rainy evening. Despite how much she had been bullied, the shy wallflower had never displayed her quite deadly quirk...the ability to fire off bullets of lethal electricity. Her school life had been harsh, but the poor girl still felt the entire time that it would horrid to use such an ability in retaliation. The night had been seemingly calm and she was very focused on her laptop. Then ironically one stray lightning bolt sent everything into chaos. Terrifyingly broken of her focus, Sakurako accidentally fired a bullet off in the panic...right into the power outlet! The entire apartment building received a sudden power surge and the cops were quick to get involved. While she wasn't arrested due to the circumstances, she was mandated by a judge to join the Valencia Hero Course...
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Offline FarFetched

Re: Boku no Hero Academia (freeform/anime)
« Reply #7 on: October 16, 2017, 01:09:14 PM »

Name/Super Hero Name: Lionel Bronto Goldmann / WORLD BEARER!

Age: 19

Gender: MALE!

Nationality: Gaijin (British/Japanese)

Hero Outfit:
Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide

Lionel Goldmann is the expressive ham that other hams wished they could be if they weren't busy loving themselves to death. He looks like a complete All-Might impersonator. Often, people know when he enters a room not because of his size, but because he declares his arrival exuberantly, using his whole name. Yes, even the the middle one.

Lionel is obsessed with being healthy, working out, and displaying his POSITIVELY SUPERB MUSCULATURE. He absolutely abhors junk food, preferring to eat only meat, vegetables, eggs and milk- classic healthy foods. Finding the food in Japan occasionally below his personal (sometimes unattainable) level of healthiness, he has become a bit of a Chef and will cook his own meals if he can. Working out is almost a basic state of being for him. He'd even do jumping-jacks in the middle of class if no one stopped him.

Lionel begins every morning with 100 sit-ups, 100 push-ups, and 100-squats every day, followed by a 4-KM run in the evening. He gives his body a break on Sundays, and the look on his face for that entire period is a perpetual, uneasy restlessness. He is addicted to the healthy high of FITNESS! The status of his muscles are a very focal point in his mindset. This means that shirts are optional. When forced to wear a shirt (almost always, this is Japan) he wears tops that are tight enough to DRAMATICALLY TEAR OPEN if he flexes too hard. Just, you know, to drive the point home. He has abs. Behold abs.

Despite having his head firmly lodged up his well-toned buttocks, Lionel isn't mean by any measure. Beyond the large amount of fluff he puts into his own self-worth, he has a very strong sense of Honor and always looks out for those less fortunate than him.

However, this is only Lionel's facade. The reason he sounds like an actor is because everything is an act for him. Much of Lionel's true feelings are hidden behind a thick veneer of pride and English patriotism. Beneath that is his true self; a hurt, lonely young man with no real home and no real place in life. He longs for his family's acceptance. And, at the same time, he hates them for denying life form him. It is slowly tearing him up inside. And without an audience to bear witness to his STUNNING GLORY, it occasionally shows.

Lionel, both the facade and the reality, sport a noticeable white-knight complex. He knows the feeling worthlessness better than most. His history of trauma has bred a deep dislike of discrimination; he will go out of his way to start a fight if he notices anyone being picked on. It is one of the few things that can annoy him into dropping his act.

PC's casual Ons: Healthy individuals, Nice people, Anyone that bothers to put up with his Ham
PC's casual Offs: Bullies.
PC's sexual Ons: Girls
PC's sexual Offs: Boys

Fixate (Transformative) - Lionel possesses a transformative quirk that allows him to make portions or all of his body a fixed point in space. When any part of Lionel’s body becomes ‘fixed’, it stops moving and cannot be moved or harmed. Unfortunately, this includes Lionel himself, who cannot move any any part of him affected by his quirk. Lionel is unable to fixate his clothing, which can lead to spectacular wardrobe malfunctions. Objects that hit fixated parts of Lionel act as if they’ve hit a solid, immovable wall. Punching him is a great way to break your hand!

Outside of school, Lionel's casual wear is comprised of faded yellow pants, yellow track shoes, a black tank-top and black fingerless gloves. The gloves in particular are made of thick leather, and have extended cuffs that cover his wrists. However, when working out (which is often) he tends to wear a plain yellow t-shirt, neon green short shorts and yellow sweatbands on his wrists. In class, Lionel wears the normal school uniform, though his shirt and overcoat are a size too small for him. He still wears his gloves to class.

The Goldmann dynasty is as gilded as it is old. They are famed for their commanding presence on the battlefield, and more recently for their extremely loud Quirk.The Goldmann family Quirk is largely hereditary. Dubbed "The Lion's Roar," users are able to evoke powerful forces using only their voice as a weapon.

Members of the Goldmann family, especially those with the Lion's Roar, are typically loud and boisterous people. They take such pride in their voices that they often fail to shut up when they need to. The only thing that gives a Goldmann pause is tradition- the ancient tenants their family has relied upon for generations. Large family meetings are eerily quiet, where only the eldest members of the family are allowed to speak freely.

Lionel Bronto Goldmann is... different. His life isn't all the glamor, pride and glory that he makes it out to be. Deep down, he feels more like a mistake.

The Crest of the Goldmann family is a glorious, roaring lion with two prominent horns. However, it bears a hidden meaning. in truth, it's actually a Lion standing in front of a bull. The horns are a reference to the Bronto family, an immigrant japanese family that had been subservient to the Goldmann lineage for over a hundred years. Unlike the Goldmanns, the Bronto family never shown very strong quirks. Occasionally, one would appear from their family with a semblance that made them more durable, but it was rare.

Lionel is a child of both these families, the bastard offspring of an already-married Goldmann and a Bronto maid. The latter, sadly, died in childbirth. His father, while certainly unfaithful in every respect, wasn't so heartless as to leave young Lionel to fend for himself. He took him in as a son, much to the eternal ire of his wife. This odd upbringing, wedged between a duty-driven father and a spiteful mother made for most of his early life.

On his thirteenth birthday, Lionel's Quirk finally came out while playing sports with a cousin. It's appearance made for a large scandal the family had ever known. The increased durability was the hallmark of a Quirk from the Bronto family. The two family had always been separate; mixing blood between them was taboo. Lionel's father had kept his son's origins to himself, but there was no hiding this new Quirk.

The change Lionel saw in his family was immediate and traumatizing. People he once considered friends and brothers wouldn't so much as talk to him. Family photos were altered to exclude him. The entire Goldmann's family, with its Roaring pride and acoustic quirks, brushed Lionel under the rug with the most deafening sound of all.


Fearing his own excommunication from the Goldmann family line, Lionel's father sent the boy away to live in Japan with his Uncle, Rob Berof Goldmann. Uncle Rob was far from the best person. All things considered, he was probably a worse person than Lionel's own father. Prior to meeting his nephew, Rob spent most of his time whoring or drinking away what money he could get from brawls and deals with drug cartels. However, this unlikely degenerate would become instrumental in giving Lionel the courage to become a true Hero.

Initially, (and predictably,) Rob was furious over being forced to babysit his brother's brat. He barely even gave Lionel a second thought. He left Lionel to his own devices and carried on his end-of-the-world lifestyle like normal. Lionel found himself without real guidance in a foreign country where he barely spoke the language. He was often picked on at school- since his quirk could only really be used to defend himself, he was subjected to endless psychological harassment. Bullies tended to rip his clothes and draw faces on him, likening Lionel to a Kappa. It all proved to be too much. One night, Rob came home to find his nephew, after the latter had an "accident" with a kitchen knife. Lionel still has scars on his wrists to this day. He prefers to cover them with wristbands.

That macabre evening came as a slap in the face to Rob. After seeing what his neglect had done, he began looking after his nephew seriously. Most importantly, he began actually listening to Lionel. To Rob's surprise, he realized that no one else had ever done the same for Lionel before. Rob quit drinking, and began to do what he could for Lionel. Rob was far from a shrink, but he did his best to build his nephew up again. Often, by the only way he knew beyond drink- Fighting. Rob taught Lionel to brawl with the best of them and, when Lionel showed promise, began training his quirk in secret.

It wasn't the perfect solution, but Rob's influence sparked a newfound feeling of self-worth in Lionel's chest. The change was something his uncle picked up on, and he began fueling that feeling as much as he could, regaling Lionel with tales of how great his family once was. Even if his family refused him, Rob told Lionel that the blood of giants ran within him, and that Lionel should never forget that.

Lionel took these stories to heart. They filled him with a feeling he had never known: pride. Pride enough to become better than what his family thought of him, to rebel against what the world had made him out to be. He wanted to stand up to them. To say "No, I will not fall to your silence; I will not vanish quietly into the night. I AM STILL HERE. LIONEL BRONTO GOLDMANN IS STILL HERE, AND I'M NOT GOING ANYWHERE." Lionel put his body and soul into training with his Uncle. He ate, slept, and breathed physical effort. He was spurred on by desire to leave a mark on the world, and to prove his family wrong. Using the greatest of all heroes, All-Might, as an example, he began shaping his mindset and his body in his image.

Tapping out the last of his savings, Rob eventually enrolled Lionel in Valencia High school, where he will be taking the entrance exams. Lionel, at long last, was done suffering in silence or becoming a victim. His a mission is to take life by the horns and steer himself onto a journey so great and inspiring, even his family will be unable to quiet his existence.

Because one day, even if he has to say it at the top of his lungs... Everyone will remember the name: WORLD BEARER!

Theme Music:
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Re: Boku no Hero Academia (freeform/anime)
« Reply #8 on: October 16, 2017, 07:44:47 PM »
peeks~ sounds like possible silly fun and rp goodness. Tempted and peculating a muse.

Online Bekah Boo

Re: Boku no Hero Academia (freeform/anime)
« Reply #9 on: October 16, 2017, 07:55:47 PM »
Name/Super Hero Name: Lenore Disdainte/ Noire Ombre (Black Shadow)
Age/Gender/Nationality: 19/Female/French
Description of Hero Outfit (or pic): Shadow Form
Personality: Given her attire and vibrant hair Lenore is far from what is considered to be passive, rather her demeanor is often more of a bundle of energy than anything. The general prankster and otherwise bubbly tease Lenore enjoys life to the fullest and strives to not only make every room she walks into burn bright, but to do so with a smile and have as much fun as she can while doing so. Many consider the french girl somewhat childish in her behavior which can vary from pulling jokes or teases, to being quite stubborn and forceful when it comes to matters she's quite curious of; but in all she doesn't seem to mind what others think of her and it clearly shows. Always a colorful splash of energy Lenore is never seen without some sort of sweet treat near her person, more often seen with a lollipop at the corner of her mouth at all times as it gives her the demeanor of never being the serious type. Although she appears unfocused Lenore has a great deal of respect for those around her and often provokes them to make them better, even if she doesn't always go about it in the best way. Crude, funny, somewhat lazy, Lenore gives off the vibe of a slacker but when push comes to shove she is more than capable of showing her own worth. Though it doesn't stop the girl from lounging around on any and everything she can, as things such as personal boundaries are more of a foreign concept to her, making the sight of the petite french girl pouncing on anyone nearby quite the common occurrence.
Quirk: Shadow Mimicry(Transformation)-Lenore is able to shift her form into a shadow like consistency giving her free realm to travel as well as covert stealth, the ability allowing her to bleed into the background and avoid straight on attacks and some minor protection against physical attacks in general. For a short amount of time (depending on her strength and stamina at the time) she can hold this form and teleport from one area to another through shadows themselves, though her drawback is any sort of light as it tends to drain her strength depending on the intensity.
PC's casual Ons: Sweets, Candy, Coffee, Jokes
PC's casual Offs: Angry people, Having to sit still, Rude people
PC's sexual Ons: Rough, Sensual, Passionate embraces
PC's sexual Offs:Vore, Scat, Bathroom play
Background:  Growing up Lenore had little qualms with her surroundings and in fact had what many called quite the picturesque childhood, the only daughter of a baker and florist the bubbly child was as active then as she is to this day whether it was getting into trouble or simply playing outdoors. She displayed her quirk early on in the form of quite literally disappearing into her own shadow (which gave her poor parents quite the fright the first few times) as to Lenore she felt it was all simply a game which could very well explain her prankster status of current, the act of stealthily sneaking up on others quite the humorous past time of hers. In an effort to try and bleed a bit of her excess energy her parents felt it best to perhaps enroll their darling daughter into ballet as the graceful timing and focus would serve her well, and as a result it became one of Lenore's most cherished past times. Initially it had been a struggle due to her over excitement and wandering thoughts but the girl fell very easy into the practice and over time she was treasured for her agile grace and stunning flexibility over various poses and dances.

By the time Lenore reached her teenage years she became top of her class with the brimming love of ballet as well as her compelling nature to claw her way to the top with her persistence and natural talent, though despite all of her hard work there would come a day that would change her fate to come. It had been a day unlike any other in the small town nestled on the coast of France, it's hard working occupants mostly fish mongers and bakers by trade as such threats such as crime were few and far between, yet around Lenore's 13th birthday she found her entire world changing without warning. Walking home from ballet practice as she often did the young girl was swept up into the shadows by a forceful hand, the towering male having spied the bright child in her leotard and bag as not only an easy mark but one that could perhaps be used for wager for more. Before Lenore could even think the man started to drag her away deeper into the shadows with an evil glint in his eye, the terrified girl unable to attempt to do anything but scream before a hard hand drew back to silence her. It all happened in a blink of an eye before those teary eyes opened to find herself no longer in the man's clutches but rather a young woman who easily cradled the petrified teenager, the warm smile she wore along with her formal attire speaking of her sheer strength as the rippling muscles bulged from the one piece she wore as well as the insignia splashed across her chest.

It was Racing Bolder! The famed femme fatale who roamed the dirt roads in search of not only justice but to protect those who could not protect themselves, the heroine truly a marvel to behold as it would be a day that Lenore would never forget. From that day on she knew she wanted to become just like the famed hero, to protect others and not only do so with a smile but with the same agile grace Racing Bolder possessed. The only matter was to begin her adventure in not only a new place but a whole new world to the french girl as she spent what time she could not only learning the native language but as well to make an effort to be accepted so she too could one day save others from the near fate she had faced all those years ago.
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Re: Boku no Hero Academia (freeform/anime)
« Reply #10 on: October 16, 2017, 08:39:52 PM »
Oh dear....this legit will make me have a Villainous Hero feel...but I love the idea as it can really limit my character/hose himself or another.

However, I wanna drop this in the forum before I make a character with it...cause this could prove to be a VERY powerful ability.

Between constructing weapons made from blood, creating barriers from blood, stopping bleeding, and other various applications...this character could go a number of ways, based on strength and training.

Online Zaer DarkwailTopic starter

Re: Boku no Hero Academia (freeform/anime)
« Reply #11 on: October 16, 2017, 09:15:31 PM »
Well, exact nature of blood manipulation depend is it transforming (meaning change your or others blood nature by touch) quirk, emitter (meaning conjure stuff from blood, from your own or foes or manipulate blood from a distance) or mutation (only your own blood is manipulated in your body in constant basis).

It has villain vibes if you go 'blood puppet' approach. But it can also serve as personal booster power (if taken as a mutant type of quirk you manipulate own blood flow to increase your physical properties and able heal quicker). Overall though I will make rulings that every quirk has to follow certain theme and upgrades (in later chapters/in-game years) focus on said theme. But do remember in one sport events one players had quirk which brainwashed anyone who answered his question and he was 'ridiculed' as potential future villain (but to counter this he had strong drive become a pro hero).

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Re: Boku no Hero Academia (freeform/anime)
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Yep~! Highschool in it's own right is all about appearances and the BHNA-verse cranks that up to 11. Even being a "hero" is mired in a popularity contest.

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Re: Boku no Hero Academia (freeform/anime)
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Aye and as note for all applicants; your not approved to Valencia High School yet, there are the exams. Ofc some may get pre-approved in (like some students are) but those are from by parent(s) who are graduates from the school and are part of pro hero scene.

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Re: Boku no Hero Academia (freeform/anime)
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Honestly I was hoping someone would start something like this up. Consider this my note of interest.

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Re: Boku no Hero Academia (freeform/anime)
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I'll have a sheet up after work tomorrow night!

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Re: Boku no Hero Academia (freeform/anime)
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Name/Super Hero Name:Mayumi (Yumi for short)
Age/Gender/Nationality:17/ female/ Unknown
Description of Hero Outfit (or pic): As seen within the picture her hero outfit is free flowing and allows for all the changes that happen to her body when using her powers. Including allowing for the tail that at times appears during longer encounters. She can shift on purpose, but with no real control on that aspect of this power she wears a outfit that won't get in the way. The fabric allows the water to roll off of it, like water off a ducks back.


The words that come to mind are, caring, thoughtful, witty, playful, calming, skilled, klutzy, honest, hopeful, and countless others. Yumi is always ready with a soft smile, that has been known to light up the world around her. She has a care taking nature that comes out in the way she watches over those around her. Cooking for them, listening to them, healing the, inspiring them when they need it, and always worrying about them. The people around her have become more so they have become family. They try to watch over her because of her sweet nature, she tends to be a bit to trusting at times. But they also respect her skill, as it may not seem it but Yumi is incredibly skilled. She tends to be a klutz...the likable sort but a klutz none the less when away from what seems to be her element. She doesn't seem to take anything personal, and shrugs off most things said about her. There isn't much that can keep her down.

She is known to have animals all around her to get along with them. But that was probably because of her soft heart that always took them in when they needed help or healing. Yumi never judges, you never know what kind of person you'll meet or get to know if you judge them by how they look. Some of her best friends were rather scary looking after all. And in the end Yumi never pretends to be something she isn't, she has an honest and hopfull heart and a strong will that never seems to fail her.
Quirk:Transformation- Spiritual Symbiosis - Bound with the spirit of a Dragon Yumi has gained a series of abilities as a gift for being a host. The more she uses these abilities the more dragon like features she manifests. To the point where she almost looks nothing like her normal self. The abilities she receives are an enhanced being (strength, speed in water, healing, toughness, stamina, senses). She also has the ability to control water, and heal the wounded when she has the water to do so. Yumi has no real idea of the limits of her powers and the connection with the dragon. Only time will tell how or what comes of it. Strangely though due to her strong connection to water she tends to be a total clutz when not around it. And tends to seem as if she is talking to herself, when really she is talking to the little dragon voice in her head...yes she answers it as well. :P

PC's casual Ons: cooking, taking care of her friends, swimming, surfing, camping, music (she has an amazing voice), dancing (though she only has any real skill when around water.)
PC's casual Offs:bullies, spiders, loosing people she cares about, sour things, the desert!, being cooped up inside to long
PC's sexual Ons:teasing, tempting, playing with her hair, touching, kissing, passion, biting, exhibitionism, ....
PC's sexual Offs: vore, gore, Bathroom play, excessive pain, mutilation,marking aka branding or tattoos, being forced, bestiality
Yumi doesn't really know much about where she was from or who her family is. All she recalls from her childhood is playing along the shorelines, and surviving on her own. She snuck into the small village that was near the sea and took food and other little things she needed. Most of the locals not even paying attention to her, and those that did had no real idea what to do about it. She was almost a local ghost story. Just a fair hair child singing as she danced on the waves.

But what most do not know is that she wasn't alone, Yumi had a friend a caretaker. An elder dragon that called a local cave home seemed to take a liking to the young lonely girl. It would tell her stories, and teach her how to live and survive. In truth Ryōjin was the only family Mayumi knew for the longest time. Well that and her aquatic friends that tend to follow the dragon around.

Yumi would have been content to live her life by the shoreline as if it was. But there was a horrible night that nearly took her life, a fire after lightning struck the small shack she called home. Fires nearly consumed the house. But Ryōjin managed to put out the flames and pull her from the derby. Unfortunately the smoke had filled her lungs and burned the badly, Yumi was dying. So Ryōjin did the only thing that he could to safe such a pure spirit, he bonded with her. Forming a spiritual Symbiosis of sorts, it worked and saved Yumi's life, but it also forever changed it as well.

It started as rumors or more stories about the fair hair siren by the shore. She saved lost swimmers or local wildlife. The rumors drew the attention of a few hero's, specially after she managed to help them save a downed ship. Surprised by her potential and skill they invited her to come back with them. To join a school, a place where she could learn to hone her skills and possibly even find the family she had been missing all her life. Strange, out of place, and quirky in all her own ways Yumi has no idea what will come next. Thankfully she wasn't alone, and had a bold heart that seemed to look forward to the changes that came her way.


Name/Super Hero Name:Ashley Winters
Age/Gender/Nationality: 19/female/Russian
Description of Hero Outfit (or pic): None, she just wears street clothes with working.
Personality:Ashley used to be shy, awkward, and horrible with people. But after loosing her family things shifted in the young girl. Ashley is bold, brash, feisty, intelligent, mysterious, with a dark sense of humor. She seems to keep parts of herself closed off and hidden away from people. So she never really talks about her past, just tid bits here and there. But she is not shy, forward, flirty, strong, smart ass with a stubborn streak. She has a passion for for art, and is brilliant to say the least and isn't afraid to make it known. She seems to have a fiery spirit that struggles with something within. It may seem like she is hiding something deep within her.

She tries to maintain a balance, but there are times when the darkness within almost seems to overshadow the light within her soul. A struggle she continues to have within herself, but for now it is a struggle she is winning. Though don't be surprised if she has an attitude, or finds herself lost to her vices from time to time. After all the dark side has proven to a bit more fun from at times.

PC's casual Ons:studying, reading, learning everything she can about hero's and villian's, technology and building and designing new tech, sketching, music, sweets,
PC's casual Offs:people that discount her for being quirkless, failing specially when it's her friends, swimming(fear of drowning), being board,
PC's sexual Ons:touching, forplay, teasing, kissing, hair pulling, dom/sub, power play, spanking, orgasm control, passion, living in the moment, .....
PC's sexual Offs:vore, gore, Bathroom play, excessive pain, mutilation,marking aka branding or tattoos, being forced, bestiality

Ashley was actually born to a lower class family, she was the baby sister to an older brother. They knew from her first months that she was different. She learned to walk and talk so much sooner than she should have been able to. Her parents thought of her as gifted, perhaps even as having a quirk. But they didn't want her to get pulled into the warring world of the Hero VS Villain's. But the doctors all assured that she had no quirk at that time. Still they wanted their daughter to have a chance at the happy life they could provide.

At the age 12 Ashley and her family were on vacation when tragedy struck. A villain attacked the city they were visiting, and somewhere in the chaos of the event they were separated. Scared and lost in the smoke and derby of the battle raging around her, Ashley cried out for her parents. But it wasn't them that answered, it was a Villain, and the man she would never forget. Electricity arched around her, and all Ashley could do was watch in wide eyed wonder. The hero swooping in just in time to protect her from being hit by an attack.

But she stood there, unafraid as the hero that stepped in to try to ask her something. She seemed to barely acknowledge what was happening, as if she was lost to the what she was seeing. The Hero scooped her up and tried to move them both out of harms way. But she knew how to stop the villain, and knew that running wasn't going to help them. So she grabbed the hero's arm and explained what she had somehow figured out. Not only was she right, but what Ashley explained saved them and countless others as the Hero was able to stop and contain the villain with the information she gave. But as the dust settled it didn't seem as if her world had been saved. Her parents bodies were found in the rubble, and her brother was and still is missing. Ashley was alone...

She was sent to social services, of course, but there was someone seemed to take an interest in the child. The Hero that had saved her life knew there was something special about the girl. Despite not have a quirk she was able to help save the day. And she was just a 12, with or without a quirk it showed that there was potential within her. So the hero took her in, and began to raise her. Giving her every chance to learn and expand on her already brilliant mind. Even going as far as getting her into AU by recommendation as soon as it was possible. It would not be easy, and she may never end up getting a quirk, but there were people that believed she could be a hero despite that.
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Re: Boku no Hero Academia (freeform/anime)
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Name/Super Hero Name: Ishihara, Rei/ Shinigami

Age/Gender/Nationality: 18/ Female/ Japanese

Description of Hero Outfit: Black top with long sleeves or arm length gloves that can be quickly removed during encounters. Leather half corset hipster shorts (as per picture) is a constant part of her uniform leaving her legs bare. Upon careful observation, there is a hidden quick release.

Personality (1-2 paragraph minimum): Rei is the typical western belief of what a typical Japanese girl should be. Submissive, polite and introverted. In fact, she does feel uncomfortable around people and sometimes has difficulty socializing. This is mainly due to the fear that she will accidentally drain someone. Hence the reason why she continually wears gloves and long sleeves and conservative clothes. This further perpetuates her image. This has caused some issues for her. After all, to fully use her power, she needs to be in skin contact with others. She is still learning to overcome this.

However, she becomes a completely different person when she is hungry. Her demeanor was changing to the other end of the scale. Her shell figuratively and physically comes off as she becomes a succubus or her namesake Shinigami. Revealing more of herself so she can efficiently feed on others. Each touch was giving her pleasure as she absorbs more and more of the life force of her foes. So sensual....So fulfilling...Kimochi!

Quirk: Health and Stamina Drain: Rei has the mutation that enables her to drain the health or stamina of anyone she touches and using it to regenerate her injuries, mental or physical, sickness or any damage that will have an adverse effect on her. Returning her to her "factory reset." Which can be a real bummer at times. Her powers are always on and will continue to absorb the health and stamina of those who touch her or those she touches. She has limited control over her abilities, able to choose what she drains depending on what is needed, and ability to store it over a period (dissipating by the end of the day). More importantly, Rei can heal others and restore stamina with that which she stole. This has enabled her to touch others without harming them, but must be a conscious thought. However, if she falls below her normal stamina or health levels, she starts to get hungry.

PC's casual Ons: Zero Range Combat System (Based on ninjutsu & aikido, Reading books, Desserts, Cute animals & The draining of life force of her foes.
PC's casual Offs: Bullying, Rude and Cruel People.
PC's sexual Ons: The strong touch of a man, the soft touch of a woman, romance, exhibitionism (only when hungry)
PC's sexual Offs: Vore, Scat, Bathroom Play

Background: Born to a traditional Japanese family in Kyoto. Her father is a sensei of  Zero Range Combat System and has the quirk of Combat Empowerment. While teaching Japan's special forces, he met Rei's mother, a healer. Although none of them superheroes per se, they contributed much to the Japanese government and the tight special forces family. Currently, both of Rei's parents continue to be part of the special forces group.

The only child in the family, her power did not seem to materialize, but she was never sick as a child. Her skin was flawless, complete lack of acne, especially during puberty. She never did develop any bruises or abrasions from all bumping around that generally happens to a growing child. Rei's mother soon believed that her child could regenerate or at least her herself from injury. Although Rei's father wanted a boy, he loved Rei all the same but treated her like his son. Teaching her his combat system at a very young age.

Rei did very well in school. Not particularly gifted like those with quirks, but tried her very best in what she does. Because her ability was "invisible", many believed that she lacked any quirks and such was often bullied or ignored. In fact, many like her was often bullied, that is those who did not have any flashy or cool abilities. One day, her close friend was being bullied by a boy with the strength augmentation quirk. Having had enough, breaking a promises to her father, she wrapped her legs around the boy and took in down to the ground using his strength and balance against him. She also accidentally drained him of his stamina, effectively knocking him out. At the same time, Rei became more alive as a wave of pleasure hits her as she drained him. The bully was lucky to have survived, but nothing was thought more of it because of his reputation. However, despite the initial rush. Rei became very afraid.

Returning home, she confessed all to her mother who further tested her. Rei's powers have manifested, and she can absorb the life force of those she touched and regenerate. Unfortunately, as with all mutations, she is unable to turn off her abilities. Efficiently rending most who come in contact with her open to her draining powers. The only person in her family now who could come in contact with her was her mother because of her quirk. Taking to wearing conservative clothing, clothing that covered her from neck to toe and wearing gloves, her personality changed overnight as she became more introverted. Careful not to touch anyone and anyone touching her. Her dreams of kissing a boy or girl ending that day.

She threw herself into training with a vengeance making her father proud. She became good enough that she would often help her father at his off-duty dojo, with gloves, gi and hakama of course. During a visit of a group of American special forces soldiers, one of them challenged the Rei to demonstration match. Having lost the first two rounds, the soldier lost his temper and used his quirk of Blade Manipulation and managed the cut and stab Rei. Using her own energy to heal herself, but feeling her her hunger rise uncontrollably. Rippling her gloves and gi off, she grapples the soldier and proceeds to drain him of his life force. Her body almost completely regenerated, but still hungry, she attacks the other soldiers. She single-handedly took on the squad Every injury she took in that battle only regenerated as she became a living vampire. She only stopped when she recognized that she was fighting her own father. What was worse was that she was fighting topless! Panicking she found that with effort she could heal or at least return what she took. Healing her father first and then the rest of the squad.

Over the next few months, she was taken out of school and underwent a regime of self-control and meditation exercises, with the help of her parents. Reis's father, using his contacts in the Japanese Government manage to enrol her at Valencia High School. Hoping that her abilities can be used for the good of the nation.
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Re: Boku no Hero Academia (freeform/anime)
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Name/Super Hero Name: Hitomi Tanaka/Timeslip
Age/Gender/Nationality: 16/Female/Japanese
Description of Hero Outfit (or pic):
Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide

Personality (1-2 paragraph minimum): A little lazy, if brilliant, Hitomi has a happy go lucky attitude that keeps her very chilled out in the moment. Typically she can be found snoozing when off duty. When interacting with others she shows a kind disposition, a soft touch and a gentle heart that hides her passionate embraces and sensual side. She's not one to start a fight, though she is one to finish it if need be.
Future Self: Hitomi's quirk is an oddity, as it allows her to literally transform into an older version of herself from the future, as shown Here. This allows her to take on the skills and abilities of her future self. This transformation can last up to four hours. Because of her quirk, Hitomi has taken great pains to keep abreast of different fighting techniques and engineering knowledge, allowing her to use those skills with her future self at a perfected state. This can also give her insight on events that will happen, giving her a small hint of precognition in being able to predict things such as villain attacks on banks and other such crimes.
PC's casual Ons: Books, Combat training, gadgets and engineering, quiet places to think.
PC's casual Offs: Bullies, Rude and Cruel people, being unprepared for a situation.
PC's sexual Ons: Light bondage, Consensual sex, exhibitionism, Oral.
PC's sexual Offs: Vore, Scat, Bathroom Play, Non-Con.
Background (2-3 paragraphs minimum, include reason why want become a hero and why going/assigned to Valencia High School):
Hitomi was born to a Japanese family in Tokyo, and led a normal live until her quirk activated. It was a large surprise when she was suddenly 14 in a classroom of 7 year olds, with all the knowledge that came along with that. Doing homework easily, mastering skills in her aged up body by studying them in her current one, her quirk allowed great flexibility when it came to her abilities. She did feel a bit bad that it wasn't something that allowed super strength or flight, but the knowledge that she gained from the future allowed her to create things to supplement that. Her life continued on until she was 16, when she decided that she wanted to be a hero.

Her reasoning was simple...if she could age her self by seven years and have insight on future knowledge, then no villain could stand against her. After all, within seven years their weaknesses would easily be known, and if she studied them now she would easily have their quirks and weaknesses memorized in seven years, leading to certain victory...and an easy paycheck. It was probably selfish, but Hitomi wanted to save people to make money. After all, heroes were paid well for their services by the government, and if she could create things using her aged up abilities, she could also sell those to prospective heroes for even more cash. So she set about on a journey to become a hero, coming to reside at Valencia High School to learn how to control her quirk and finely tune it so that she could become an official hero.
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Re: Boku no Hero Academia (freeform/anime)
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@Beckah Boo- I liked your backstory a lot! Does 'Racing Boulder', have anything to do with the Rolling Stones?

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Re: Boku no Hero Academia (freeform/anime)
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@Beckah Boo- I liked your backstory a lot! Does 'Racing Boulder', have anything to do with the Rolling Stones?

Why thank you ;3
I sort of rushed it and its a bit scattered but that's like Lenore anyways so it made sense heh.
Haha soooorrtaaaa...
She's pretty racy and built like a boulder, but she's also bold like them so in a way haha.

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Re: Boku no Hero Academia (freeform/anime)
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I have a question, how did you guys randomly determine your quirks?

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Re: Boku no Hero Academia (freeform/anime)
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Re: Boku no Hero Academia (freeform/anime)
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I really like that character concept of yours, Wolfy. :)

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Re: Boku no Hero Academia (freeform/anime)
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are gay characters ok? If so I'll have a character up, or maybe I'll play a female if that's ok