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January 18, 2019, 09:41:46 AM

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Author Topic: word of the day oct.14 merriam-webster  (Read 532 times)

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word of the day oct.14 merriam-webster
« on: October 15, 2017, 01:33:08 AM »
The suns warmth shining down on my face. The dew from the meadow grass feel so cool on the bare skin legs and feet. The spring breeze catching the fur of my ears and blow a few baby hairs into my face. i brush my hand throw my brunet and green haired bangs tucking part just behind the top of my cat ear.  I lay with my tail raped around my left leg there staring at the clouds just over the forest near by. The stream leading out of the forest  sounded soft today . "It probably clogged up again. I better go fix it before it stop competently and is no longer feeding in to the lake." I thought to myself. I push my self up to a sitting position and ruffled my long hair trying to get the flowers and grass out i part my hair down the side of my left ear punishing my bangs off to the side if my face. I adjust my tank top  and shorts as i get up and brunch out my tail. I began walking over to the stream as i got closer the ground got softer and muddier . I couldn't see the blockage yet so I wonder closer to the forest. I could see clearly in to the opening were the stream let out I could hear the running water I just couldn't see it. I stepped slowly into the forest following that would have been the stream following the sounds of water flowing. I found the large log in the way sending the water in all sorts of directions. i pushed it as hard as i could getting it to move slowly. the stream flowed throw as normal again. but off in the distance i could still hear splashing and then a cll for help. I ran as fast as i could to the yells. "Hold on I,m coming!" i called out to the voice.
They answered back with a"Help please! Im stuck! Hurry!"
As I rounded a large tree I could see a young girl girl with her arm taped under a fallen tree. She screamed at the sight of me.  I steeped back what you never seen a cat girl before. she stared at me a moment the asked nicely."I'm sorry would you please help me?" We both pushed as hard as we could with no luck."one sec. I'm doing to see if i can find something to prop it." I ran off and found a big log that I put next to the fallen tree and another long log I wedged under the tree and over the other log . I pressed down with all my weight will the girl pushed the tree with hers with any luck by the second try we got her unstuck.  I reach out and offered her a hand up."hello my name Bell by the way and yours?"
the young girl responded "Lee... thank you." she said softly holding her arm,she looked lost.
"Hay why don't you come with me to my home and you can clean off and get a fresh pair of clothes?" I said as I looked down at both of us. we were both covered in mud from head to tow. I could still see some of the shine colors popping throw on her shirt tho. A little to razzmatazz for my style I'm more of a black tank and jeans sort of person. She accepted my offer and we headed back to my cottage. Where we showered and washed our cloths and talked over a nice cup of tea.
it had trued out that she had been separated from her family for almost 3 weeks now. I decide t go help he find the in the morning.