Hearts Knotted Like Pretzels (MxF) [Romance, Baking, Slice of Life]

Started by TurtleInTheSheets, October 11, 2017, 02:21:40 AM

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(Romance, Baking, Slice of Life)

The intensity of the competition between their shops exceeded the temperature of their pre-heated ovens. Even their employees were confused as to why both of the bakers/ chefs were hell-bent on coveting control of their little street. There were enough customers to go around, and each shop had its flock of die-hard patrons. Amusingly, it was due to this constant need to better over the other that delectable treats of dough and confectionary were created. (MC) and (YC) hatred for one another increased, the customers never got bored with the menu selections, and everyone prospered.

Ian's Drive, nicknamed "Patiserrie Road", was included in the Lonely Planet's 'Places to Eat When In' series due to the presence of their shops. People were greeted with the fragrance of freshly-baked goods, stunningly decorated pastries and impromptu promotions from both stores.

One day, a very wealthy businesswoman and her organisers ventured into Ian's Drive to find the most suitable shop to help cater for her daughter's extravagant wedding. (YC) and (MC) contested for the group's attention and had a small competition to decide who wins the client's patronage. Ending in a stalemate, the woman employs both of their services. However, there was a big problem. Neither shops had the resources nor staff to entertain a ridiculously large order in a such a short period.

The solution was to work together. Losing to a coin flip, (MC) agrees to help (YC) fulfill her order and in return, (YC) will help (MC) with his. What happens when these two sworn enemies wear the same coloured apron and learn each other's craft? They soon find that there were more to like about one another than they initially thought. With hearts knotted like pretzels, how will they convey their feelings to one another? What happens when they attend the wedding?

Hello there! Back again with another slow-burning Romance-themed Prompt! Another dialogue-driven plot with walks in the park, lots of bickering and emotional tension between the two characters.

I am looking for someone who:

-Can play the female counterpart of MC.
-Can reply at least once a week
-Reads my O/O's (which I already placed on my signature)
-Avid user of images and gifs to enhance the experience
-Enthusiastic about discussing a slow-burning plot.
-Shares ideas and help progress the story with me. It's Our Story ^_____^

Interested Applicants: Please PM me with "Hearts Knotted Like Pretzels" as your title. In the body, please share some ideas on how you want the story to progress. One paragraph will do. Please send me a link to your O/O's.

Plus Points if you: Include a Face Claim + brief overview of character personality+ The name of your patisserie/bakery shop.

Hope to Hear From You!

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