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February 24, 2021, 11:18:14 pm

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Author Topic: The Ritual of Shannal (Orgy, Freeform, Fantasy, Action, Adventure) All welcome!  (Read 1929 times)

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Online Bekah Boo

Ooooo I was wondering when an orc was going to pop up ;3

Offline ff

Name: Ilythyrra ('Lyth' or 'Ly')
Age: 110 (about 20 in elf years)
Race: Elf
Sexuality: Bisexual

Class/Profession: Ranger / Scout
Personality: Very sensual, can seem shy at first but is very flirtatious once she likes someone.
History/Bio: Reared amongst a deep-forest dwelling clan of wood ('copper') elves who might seem primitive or impoverished to more urbane human eyes, Ilythyrra learned the minimalist yet richly cultured traditions and disciplines of her people. For the feeding and defense of the tribe, she learned of hunting and scouting through the cathedral-like forests, to fight or fell prey with the traditional elven bow, sword, and more primitive weapons.  Ilythyrra took well to her tribe's tradition of using their long elven lifespans to take an impassive and meditative view of the world. Eventually she felt within her very soul the power of nature, and the sublime thrill of the divine touch of the elven god of archers and the wilds. With a mix of impatience,a desire to learn more about the wider world, and other stirrings within herself, Ilythyrra finally chose to journey further afield from her home, accompanied only by a special hawk she had befriended and trained, and a simple horse. Such was sometimes a coming-of-age practice of elves who sought to prove themselves in more dramatic ways.
Extra Notes: Very graceful and agile; stronger than she looks (but still not nearly as strong as a muscular man or monster)
Gear: longbow, quiver with arrows, sword, javelin (often used as a walking stick), shortsword, throwing axes, mithril chain shirt, grappling hook and 100' of silk rope, thin bedroll and rain tarp, one tenday of rations, flint and tinder, 3 sunrods, two scout's outfits, one silk elven gown, forest camouflage rain cloak, soft padded elven footwear, map of the known world, canteen, light warhorse and military saddle, some gold
Fears: Sensory deprivation, loneliness
Casual Ons: Great conversation, amusing antics, arousing stimuli
Casual Offs: Boredom, males who are too timid and submissive (or too clumsily and incompetently dominant)
Sexual Ons: Enjoys or would enjoy almost all lesbian activity, and M/F with the right male. Can be dominant in a nice, 'teaching' way with other F's, especially innocent F's, or submissive with more worldly F's.  Probably more submissive for M/F's. She may still be a virgin to men because she's just never found the right guy yet, but will likely have some F/F activity in her past. More specific ons....oral, vaginal, anal, spanking, bondage, collaring, training, slave play, non con.
Sexual Offs: Scat, vore, submissive males (doesn't mind interacting with in a group but won't be jumping on)

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Finished sheet. Let me know if I need to change anything!

Offline ChreestaferTopic starter

Still haven't selected my group yet, so we're still taking characters.