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Author Topic: Monsters and More: Some Uncommon Cravings (F seeking both)  (Read 666 times)

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Monsters and More: Some Uncommon Cravings (F seeking both)
« on: October 07, 2017, 05:27:00 PM »
This thread is a sort of separate set of ideas from what I usually play, but I've been having some random cravings lately, so I must share! I'll admit, some of these ideas are not particularly novel, nor are they particularly light, but I do expect some bit of romance/story/interesting characters. I can't play opposite apathetic characters. And I am hoping that despite the delicious and taboo sex here, we can still develop an interesting universe and story :).
 PM if interested :)

I tend to post several paragraphs, and while I do not expect the same (though it's a huge plus!!), I can't play with partners who only post a paragraph or two. There's just not enough for me to respond to. Sorry :(. Also, I am currently able to post daily or every other day, and would love if someone is able to as well. Again, it's a huge plus, though I can't expect that from everyone :). Life happens, so every few days is fine, but closer to a week and I tend to forget the story and the wonderful tension that has been created by us :)

Ons: Pretty broad. I like D/s, bondage/bdsm, gangbang/group, dp, oral, face fucking, spanking, choking, hair pulling, teasing, romance, action (gun fights and fist fights etc), slapping, dirty talk, beastiality, knotting, anal play (plugs, tails and toys), NC, Dub-NC, incest, biting.

Offs: Anal sex (I've done it, but unless it's really good in that particular plot, I tend to pass), bathroom play (so no watersports or scat), heavy blood or injuries (don't mind cuts or bruises, but don't try to chop off a limb), cervical penetration, public humiliation

Craving: Things I have been wanting to try. Tentacles, futa (YC), lactation, breeding, FxF

1) Extraterrestrial: Based loosely on Katy Perrys song heh. Everytime I hear it, I want to write a story based off of it. Essentially, MC finds herself attracted to and falling for YC. What she doesn't know is that YC is an alien. What kind is up to you. Perhaps it's something as simple as a race that has both genitals, or is futa. It could be tentacle monster able to shift and take the form of a regular human. I would like to stay away from sort of the classic alien look here though, and I imagine most sex will take place in their human forms. But why is YC here and what does it want from mine? Is it a breeding thing, or have they simply lost their hometown and they are trying to start anew? Lots of options here :).

2) Top Secret: YC and MC work at a facility together, running top secret experiments that sometimes they don't even quite understand. They are friends, but have not been much more. Maybe one or both of them have secretly wanted to, but just haven't taken that step. In the lab one day, something goes wrong. MC is hit by or splashed with whatever they were working on. The change isn't immediate, but soon, she finds she has no one else to turn to but YC. The encounter only increases their attraction and lust. Does YC help, or find the new her even more arousing? Can they make it work if there is no way to fix it? SO what kind of mistake was it? I'm thinking/open to some kind of sex drive increase, creates or makes a female lactate until milked, makes her particularly submissive/suggestible, can only ingest cum whether human or otherwise, will get physically ill if she doesn't orgasm. Open to other ideas. If YC is hit by the science experiment, would be fun for beastiality or monster play, tentacles, futa, etc.

3) Monster Hunter: MC is a monster hunter, but she is still learning. It's a dangerous world (modern or fantasy) and more and more, people are needing to become trained on how to at least defend themselves, at best defend others. MC finds herself in over her head when she seeks out a potentially dangerous creature and ends up caught in his lair. Truth is, the beast isn't that bad, but he is part animal, and thus, animal urges will take over. Beast options could be werewolf, vampire (though not quite animal, still works), minotaur, space type creature (tentacles or slimy type appendages). Open to discussing others. What will truly sate the beast? Is it particularly deviant and just looking for someone to submit, sate their desires, or is it just lonely and looking for love? I'll admit, I'm partial to the former here. I love a D/s relationship.

4) Welcome to the Pack:[/color] In a world where werewolves are still widely considered creatures of myth, there seems to be no real danger out at night, let alone the full moon. But the truth of the matter is, there is a real danger. Werewolf packs are very real, but nothing like what is in the lore. The packs are largely male, one alpha and several betas. There are female wolves present, but they are very low in the hierarchy, used mainly for sexual pleasures, raising young, and help with the hunts. Female wolves are also infertile. It's a cruel joke of nature, giving the male wolves an insatiable sex drive, but not letting them procreate with more of their kind. The only way werewolves can breed then is to find a female human. As their children as born human with the werewolf gene, it's a sort of loophole to mate with a human female. Her body thinks it is a normal child, but it will always be a wolf. Packs are very particular about who they select as a breeder. The scent, the look, the attitude has to be perfect. This will be the mother of many of their children after all. MC finds herself a bit lost, or perhaps new in town, and befriends who she thinks is a regular guy. He's handsome, alluring, and more than anything, he's very dominant. Little does she know, YC is actually the alpha of his were-pack and he just found out who is going to be their breeder. Looking for someone to play the male werewolves of the pack. Don't have to play out the actual pregnancy at all or anytime soon either.
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Re: Monsters and More: Some Uncommon Cravings (F seeking both)
« Reply #1 on: October 07, 2017, 11:46:45 PM »
Updated with taken plot