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Author Topic: Discussion of a 'Matrix' style universe  (Read 604 times)

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Discussion of a 'Matrix' style universe
« on: January 31, 2009, 12:41:41 AM »
I have seen alot of neat rp lite systems on the forum here.  D81 is one, and an rp lite that rubyslippers has in a post here abouts that crashes my post every time I try to link it here -sighs-  I think that a character build up will help us, though we can probably by and large deal with all we need to in post.  More to follow.

I would like to play in a universe not portrayed by the movies.  However, as Warner brothers portrayed the war of human vs machine: I want to stick to this by and large.  In my proposed universe, humans will not be utterly controlled to the point of continual extinction.  They will have several 'Zions' and will have a reasonable combat (unlike the guerrilla warfare in movie) approach to the machines.  Humans will rarely ascend to the surface.  Yet they will battle the machines continually.  The battle lines will be drawn in the old city complexes above the human settlements underground.  Humans will have their ships.  I want my universe to have more of refined quality to it.  Since humanity will be at a nearly even footing with the machines, their ships will not be so rag tag.  In fact, they will be 'star wars'-ish, like Lucas' first three movies.  Not shined to a chrome finish, but elegant.  Same repulsor lift technology.  Same barrel fed weapons for ease of replication.  I would like to encourage some ion weapon development for better machine management in game.  The character that picks up that task will be blessed by the gm  -.-

The machines will have developed the same energy management they did in the movies, which would be why this is a 'Matrix' style game vs a terminator one.  Ships will be set up to broadcast and fight the machines at their very core of survival, their power source.  The more minds freed by humanity, the better the war vs the machines goes.  In the Matrix, posts will be dealt with in separate threads if in the case of a mission that is supported by several human uploads.  If Matrix situations like encouragement of a npc human enslaved to the matrix to join the human resistances happens, with no by and large consequence by the machines, this can be handled in individual threads.  These individual threads would be entitled after the character and would contain their 'duty logs' from their matrix watches.  When agents are met, a system will be invoked.  It will represent the response of 'programs' to your incursion into the matrix to do whatever it is that you go there to do.

I do not want to follow canon.  No Neo.  No the one, no savior, no interdependence on the machines and the perpetual survival of Zion one and solely for humanity to survive.

My idea in regards to this forum is to find no more than 8 and no less than 4 to run a ship.  I am brand new here and have never successfully run anything like a group of rpers in my life.  I would need help.  I would hope that my weight and decision would help clarify any deviations from the matrix idea, thus firmly keep me in the loop.  I can also help in the day to day to keep an idea like this running.  Story ideas can be easily come up with, and I would be willing to write these up.  I may bug my help with them, partial bowing to my OCD to keep my posts good...

This is my idea.  I have no intent of starting right outta the gate with this to a game.  I hope to however generate dialogue to my own further refining of said idea so that it is indeed game-able.