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Started by Vlad, January 10, 2009, 06:08:38 AM

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I'm a pretty nice, simple guy who enjoys simple roleplays. I don't believe that RPing has to be rocket science nor do I believe that you have to write a book to get a simple point across. My personal philosophy when it comes to roleplaying as well life is simply this: K.I.S.S = Keep It Simple Stupid. I believe is that roleplaying should be fun. So, here's what I seek in a partner:

1. Please keep it literate. As long as your post follows basic rules of the English language, we're cool. If you have a unique RPing style, I'm fine with that as well.

2. I enjoy talking OOC with my RP partners and tend to like to be friends with them. If you just see me as some piece of RP meat, look elsewhere. While I enjoy roleplaying there may in fact be times when I just want to (*gasp, god forbid*) talk about real-life.

3. I roleplay via PM because it keeps things simple and helps me to stay organized. No messengers or anything like that unless we end up becoming very good friends.

4. I'm seeking a female RP partner.

5. If any of the roleplays strike your fancy, please PM me and we'll discuss further details. I look forward to hearing from you.

So, here are some of the roleplays I'm currently seeking:

   Slave Master x Black Slave ((No, I am not a racist))
There was a time when the south was built on slavery. Some masters however, became closer to their slaves than the society of the day intended. This is one of those cases when a master falls in love with his slave.

   Wrestler / Female Manager or stripper
What was just a profitable business relationship turns into much, much more. Based on the movie "The Wrestler" and the documentary movie "Beyond the Mat".

   Adult Lord of the Rings
Various pairings between Lord of the Rings characters.

Wild West/Outback/Country
Little House on the Prairie
Spaghetti Western (The Good, The Bad and the Ugly, ect)
Kung Fu Master/student
Hotel visitor/room service
swimming instructor/student


I wouldnt mind doing a wild west themed one. perhaps its a saloon/whorehouse one. Its one that always has the best girls, only no one knows where they come from.It turns out that theyre abducted and transported back to the 1880s, with no way of getting back.Therye given a choice, leave, or stay on as part of the staff.

Does that work at all, you could be the owner, or soeone that passes through there a lot.That combines two ideas, i think.if that works.


Just curious, but if you were doing the Master/Black slave one, would you want the slave speaking in the old fashioned southern english, or something along those lines?



I'd be interested in the adult lotr, any characters Arwen/Aragorn; Lothiriel/Eomer; Eowyn/Faramir  or an off mix such as Boromir and his cousin Lothiriel,  or my particular favorite Thranduil and one of the females

Sadiztique Torture

Wrestler / Female Manager or stripper
What was just a profitable business relationship turns into much, much more. Based on the movie "The Wrestler" and the documentary movie "Beyond the Mat".


That one to me sounds like something I could get into. Feel free to message me if you'd like! ^_^

Another one that seems neat, The hotel guest, and room service.
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you contacted me about a roleplay, if you still want to play it out, im interested.