Fandoms: Star Trek Voyager, Power Rangers and Pokemon (F for M character)

Started by LamentingQuill, October 04, 2017, 07:58:29 PM

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Star Trek
My idea for this a somewhat A/U as it would involve Voyager taking much, much longer to get back to the Alpha Quadrant. By this time, Kathryn Janeway and Chakotay have gotten married and had a daughter named Rosalyn.

I was always horribly attracted to the Vulcan Vorik, so doing something with between him and an 18 year old Rosalyn would be enormously appealing. Though I could totally get down with a sexy OC alien dude too :)

Power Rangers
Again, my idea is somewhat on the A/U side of things as Rita and Zedd's canon son was totally gag worthy and I missed those episodes anyway.

My idea will take place seventeen years after the original team of Power Rangers... a new team has been chosen and their adversary is the handsome and charismatic son of Rita and Zedd, a powerful dark sorceror far surpassing anything his mother was capable of.

To make matters more complicated, he's set his sights on the Pink Ranger with more than obvious amorous intentions...

Seventeen year old Eliana has finally made it to the elite four, she's gotten through the first three with flying colors and feels now like she could tackle the whole damn world with her faithful pokemon by her side... at least until she makes it to the final member of the elite four...

I was thinking the final member was someone Eliana used to know, perhaps someone she dated and dumped or spurned altogether... or maybe they don't know each other and he's simply tremendously attracted to Eliana... perhaps you might have some to add to this?

Anyway... the stakes on their match get raised...

If she wins, he will triple the prize money included with the induction into the hall of fame...

If she loses however...

I was thinking she'd have to sleep with him, but maybe you might have ideas to add to this bit as well?