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Started by TheVillain, October 03, 2017, 06:51:43 PM

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So this one is kind of vague and spread out because it could go in all sorts of directions. The exact plots are all negotiable, this is more about exploring the themes under the plots.

Looking for something along the line of Dub-Con/Free Use kinks. Societies where sexual consent isn't so much gone against so much as it is viewed to not really matter. Whether by desperate situations, perverse leadership, or just something that seemed like a good idea at the time.

So here's some possible seeds for plots. PM me and we'll talk about them for more details.

GPBL: After a disease sterilizes most of the male half of the human race, the remaining fertile males have been given GPBLs or "General Purpose Breeding Licenses". Now, by law, if a man has a GPBL and presents it to a fertile woman, her not having sex with him is a criminal offense.

Breeders: A mysterious comet producing a previously undiscovered form of radiation sterilizes 90%+ of the human race. To prevent the collapse of civilization if not the species, the remaining fertile people are now not only allowed but openly encouraged to engage in public nudity and indecency in hopes of saving the species.

10 to 1: Nobody knows why exactly it's happening, but for some reason male babies just aren't being born at the same rate as female babies. Ever since the Industrial Revolution, we just have more women then men. Now in the Present that ratio is the most lopsided it's ever been, there's nearly 10 Women for every 1 Man. Which, of course, has thrown gender politics as we know it out the window.

Natural Order: Nothing horrible has happened, nothing traumatic. It's just that through careful study of human behavior, anatomy, and biochemistry we've come to the conclusion that Homo Sapians just wasn't meant to be Monogamous. There is Love, of course, and it's beautiful when it happens - but we recognize that most of the time it's a neurochemical con-job nature uses to trick people into breeding. So now welcome to a human civilization where non-monogamous relationships are the norm, not the exception.

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