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December 06, 2022, 12:38:08 pm

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Author Topic: The Last Pleasure Mage, Help her Unlock her Passion (magic,transformation,hyper)  (Read 1056 times)

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I'm looking for a writing partner that would like to work out exploring the Last Pleasure Mage's world. This is a game that started off great and then like so many other E games, my partner vanished- maybe he was abducted by aliens, I'm not sure.

I'm looking for a creative partner who can write 3 to 5 times per week and wants to create an interesting, fun, sexy story that explores a young pleasure mage who is on a journey of self discovery and will eventually figure out that orgasms power her magic.

if the idea is interesting you or you have any ideas to contribute, please write me a private message and we'll go from there.

XOXO Magikal

Here is the first post
Ella always knew that she was different from as long back as she could remember. She had strange dreams that sometimes came true. She sometimes had animals come right up to her and whisper in her ear, and, even more strangely, when she talked back to them, they replied! She knew something was going on, but, couldn't figure it out. When she was ten years old, her parents revealed that she was actually adopted, her parents died in some sort of accident and Ella always wanted to find out more. When she was fourteen, her parents bought her a parakeet. This was no ordinary parakeet, secretly it would have conversations with Ella. Somedays, her bird, whom she named Poly, would tell her to look inside of the small mailbox decoration in her cage. Ella usually just let Poly out of her cage.

Ella found out that she had artistic abilities as well, she loved drawing, painting, ceramics, just about anything she could get her hands on. She had strange dreams, even when she was a teenager, of beautiful and handsome creatures, that she just didn't understand.

She grew up tall and thin, with a dancer's lithe build. She was very fair skinned, with dirty blonde hair and piercing blue eyes, she couldn't get a tan if she tried. As she blossomed into womanhood she always felt out of step with everyone else, she didn't have the same interests as anyone else, spending her time drawing beautiful people, both men and women. Her friends always thought there was something sinister or dark about her drawings, but couldn't exactly put their finger on it.

As Ella turned 18, Poly gave her an unusual letter. The letter invited her to a Summer Program for gifted students. Ella had never thought of herself as gifted, sure, she loved drawing and the arts, but, was she 'gifted'? She wasn't sure. The letter said,
"Hello Ella, You are invited to the Hopkins Research Institute for Gifted and Talented Students. Show up at this Saturday at 15000 Buckwillow Drive, at 7am sharp. Bring only the essentials. Don't tell anyone.  Signed, Chelsea Hightower."

Ella was both nervous and excited, how was all of this happening? She wasn't even sure it was possible. She decided to pack up and leave her house around 640, using Uber to take her to the location on the invitation. She realized it was the train station, which had seen better days. She paid the fee and climbed out of the car, walking towards the train stop. Did people even take trains anymore? She wasn't sure.

Sure enough, the door into the station was unlocked. Ella walked inside and looked around. The board was empty, except for one outgoing train at 7am, leaving from Gate C.

Ella walked to Gate C and there was an old fashion, steam locomotive, that was light up and ready to go any minute. Ella boarded, walking inside and looking around. It was an ordinary train like you might see 50 years ago, there was no staff though. Ella sat down, the door closed and the old engine roared to life. The train started moving. Ella looked outside the window and, sure enough, it pulled out of the train station. Ella realized all of a sudden she was real sleepy, almost instantly. She closed her eyes.

When she opened them, she was somewhere else. She was sitting inside a small room with four other teenagers, all similar to herself. She stood up, looking worried. She realized she was the only girl here, then suddenly a door hidden in the wall slid open. A beautiful woman walked from behind the hidden panel, "Good morning my new pupils.. I'm Mrs. Hightower, Headmistress here at the Hopkins Research Institute. You have all been chosen because you are special.. and, soon I'll reveal just how special you are... Please, follow me."

The Headmistress lead them through the doorway and down a long hallway. The hallway had pictures, objects, and curious things everywhere one looked. Some were recognizable, but many were not. "Please, look but don't touch," the Headmistress said. She led them down a hallway, at the end was a door. She waved her hand in front of the door and the door unlocked and opened. "Here is the West Wing of the institute.. it's for our newest recruits.. Please, find your room and.. you'll be summoned for breakfast in thirty minutes, after you get situated."

In the West Wing, the first room on the left had the words "ELLA" written to the right of the door, the letters shimmered. Ella looked around at the other guys and realized none of them were named Ella. She walked inside, looking around. It was a small, old fashion room, like something you might see in a castle from 100 years ago. It had a bed, a writing desk, a small dresser, and a small, foot by foot window that presumably looked outside. It also had a small bathroom, not much more larger than a few feet by a few feet. There was a small bath and shower, along with a vanity, sink, and toilet. It was the smallest bathroom that Ella had ever seen, it looked like something out of a RV or something.

Ella's room also had a cage and Poly was there, waiting for her. She let Poly out of the cage and hugged her, giving Poly her most favorite treat, that she still had in her purse.  Ella packed away her things, putting on the white linen robe that was set out on her bed, with the pinned sticked to it, "Please wear for breakfast." Ella wasn't sure what to wear under it, so she did wear her bra and panties under the robe. Luckily it was a light material so wasn't too hot. She also put on the sandals that were next to the bed and was still exploring the drawers when there was a knock on the door.

Ella was lead from her room to the outside hallway. The other new recruits were also dressed in robes of various colors, hers was the only white robe she realized. They were lead into a large banquet hall, that curiously, had many mirrors all over the place. Each wall had 5 or 10 mirrors of various sizes. Ella was directed to sit down, which she did so. She was still confused about what was happening, then had an image pop into her mind, of a beautiful woman, with ridiculously large breasts, which she started sketching in her notepad. She was lost in her drawing, then heard someone talking to her, setting down her pencil as she finished the detail on the breasts. There was a boy, really a man, that had started talking to her.  She was blushing both from him and her drawing, "Oh.. Uhm, sorry, I'm Ella.. Today's my first day.. uhm, who are you and.. what's going on, exactly?"