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Author Topic: Motley High School (NC-Exotic)- FULL  (Read 11631 times)

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Offline ArlynTopic starter

Motley High School (NC-Exotic)- FULL
« on: January 09, 2009, 11:47:55 PM »
Setting: Modern with Fantasy elements.  High School/Academy scene.
Style: Let's go with NC-H to begin with.  If interests show otherwise, we'll change the style.

The Plot: Motley High School was once a well respected school, churning out graduates that went on to great careers and some even to fame and fortune.  With the ocean not too far away, merely a mile and a half, with a beach that beckons any and all to visit in the warmer months, and a forest to just about surround it, the school has a great location for being out of the way.  Though basically a public school one the outskirts of town at the time, that was nearly thirty years ago.  Now, though its basic location hasn't changed, the town has.  Sprawling mini-metropolis, with a full-blown bus system and a rival school on the other side of town that is far more advanced and modern, MHS has fallen behind the times.  But it was over Summer Break when something... odd, happened.  For some reason, roughly half the MHS students were transferred over to the rival school, something that didn't go over well with many friendships forced to break off or become strained as a result of the shift.  With few remaining students that are 3rd year students, rumors flew throughout town as construction at the school began.

By the end of Summer Break, new buildings at the MHS were finished.  The remaining students were given the option of living at the newly constructed dorms.  The school sent out letters to the parents of the remaining students telling them that in order to make ends meet and to upgrade MHS' image, the school had to allow foreign students to come to the school.  But who were these foreign students that would be coming to school?  Questions were asked, and only vague answers given.  Something was up, but as the start of school loomed ever closer, most students began packing their things and moving into the dorms.  There, they found that each of them were split up into two-student dorm rooms.  But... none of them knew the names of the students that they were forced to room with.  Just what had happened to the school that these students grew up in, and what of those that had yet to attend?

Main Points: This is information that human students are not to be made aware of until after the introduction of the new 'foreign' students.  The school was revamped completely, kept a secret from parents and students alike that are familiar with MHS.  Although the overlying structure is the same, every bit of the school has been fortified with additional strength, some areas have even been armored to better withstand stresses that would come from the inclusion of the new students from another land.  In reality, the new students are actually from an adjacent 'dimension'.  These new students are most commonly human in appearance, but in actuality are not humans.  In fact, they are what most humans call monsters of various sorts, using magic to reshape themselves to look like humans.  This is a result of the monster's realm steadily shrinking, losing cohesion and forcing a move of all sorts of once-banished species to return to the human realm.  Though this move is involuntary, it was discovered by humans several years ago, and so various governments around the world have been forced to provide them with amnesty. With no cure for the destruction of their home, a slow integration into human society is taking place and schools like these all over the world have been converted to assist with the integration of the 'monsters' and humans as best as possible.

The Characters: They can be just about anything.  Monster characters should have two forms- their true form, and their human form.  Feel free to use any monster you can think of, but please be considerate about their powers and abilities being too powerful.  The supernatural characters may have some sort of ties to the human earth, perhaps familiar or through legends (I leave that to the players of the characters).  Human characters may gain abilities through the course of the RP, but should not begin with anything outside the scope of being human unless it is a result of something (experimentation, attempts at magic, curses, etc).  Also, by supernaturals, I mean species such as Succubi, Incubi, Imps, Orcs, Trolls, Ogres, Cyclops, Giants, Mermaids, Elves, Dwarves, Centaurs, Yuki-onna, Faerie, etc.  Take your pick.  You may play as more than one character, and feel free to be a student or a teacher.  Tentacle monsters are also available, but not recommended (they probably wouldn't be liked by too many students or faculty, and may have trouble adapting to a bipedal body like a human's).  It's all up to you.

Basic School Rules:
  • No exposing true selves in public or in school.  Dorm rooms are fine.
  • No obvious usage of magic or non-human abilities outside of school classes.  This is to keep the school and the human students safe
  • Fighting is not allowed.

In Closing: Please respond to this thread if you're interested.  I don't plan on a system of any sort being involved, so this is basically free form.  If you have a character sheet in mind that might work for this RP, feel free to post it here and we can use that as a basis.  If not, I'm sure I can have something whipped up quickly enough.  Suggestions and comments are welcomed as well, message me or reply here (your choice).
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Offline Dizzied

Re: Motley High School (NC+)
« Reply #1 on: January 10, 2009, 01:13:40 AM »
I've been wanting to play a faerie for some time.  I'm glad I have a chance to now!  ^_^

Name:  Elleanansidhe, usually goes by Ellie.
Race:  A sidhe, one of the more otherworldly races of the fairy.  Like most sidhe, her family are nobles of the faerie world. 
Powers:  The sidhe are accredited with inhuman beauty and charisma.  While in her human form, she is quite appealing to the senses.  In her fairy form, her eyes become slightly slanted, larger, and shine like jewels.  Her hair lengthens, reaching down to her knees, and becomes a more brilliant, fiery red than normal.  Her ears grow long and pointed, and her school uniform is replaced by a flowing white robe.  Naturally, her body features change to become even more provocative.  Her kind are also gifted with faerie magic, but Ellie is not terribly skilled with her powers- she's never studied them in depth.  For now, all she can do is some simple cantrips- conjure flashing lights, sparks, or stray winds.

An inherent power of the sidhe is the ability to form pacts with mortals.  If a mortal agrees, Ellie can gift them with a small measure of power, granting them access to some limited fairy magic.  However, they must carry out whatever requests are asked of them by the fairy.  Once made, pacts can only be broken by consent of both parties.

Future powers:  Some future magic, should she choose to study it, would include short-distance teleports, flight, and hypnosis.  As nobles of the fey, sidhe can lay a geas on others- a task they must complete.  It's well beyond her current reach, though.

Background:  Ellie grew up in Arcadia with her family, who are by and large rich, snobby, and far too worried about everything.  Ellie was spared these qualities, thanks to her willingness to venture outside the estate and talk with commoners(to her parents dismay.)  Because she is so open-minded, her folks decided to send her to Motley high, where she might learn to be an ambassador of her kind towards the other otherworldly beings.

Personality:  Ellie can be a tad shy around strangers, but is usually able to make friends quickly.  She's thoughtful, caring, and warm towards others.  She's soft hearted, and her parents worry that she'll be eaten alive by some of the more beastly monsters.  (Hopefully not literally!)  She's been instructed not to reveal her sidhe form to anyone at the school- their beauty is so intense that some are unable (or unwilling) to resist their lure.  Ellie has never been with a man, and is currently terrified at the idea of dating anyone at her new school- who knows what she might end up with!

Pictured:  A rendition of Ellie in her human form.  Naturally, she'll be without wings, and wearing whatever uniform is required by the school.

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Offline Silk

Re: Motley High School (NC+)
« Reply #2 on: January 10, 2009, 03:37:49 AM »
I'm interested, :D ill play as a generic human girl, but ill come back and make her after breakfast.

Name: Nanami Arai

Race: Human

Powers:  None

Background:  A transfer student from japan, Nanami is generally left alone and is normally seen as "the nerd girl" or "Library girl." Both however are very accurate as she spends alot of time in the Libra studying, she has been a regular at the high school for a long time due to one of the teachers being her mother, (Possible link if anybody wants otherwise just a NPC :))  which is probably why she tries so hard with her work, she is very timid and currently by herself in her dormroom as she is seen as a special case due to her difficulty to interact with others as well as constant bullying.

Personality: Nanami is extremely quiet and tends to keep to herself, this does not mean however she is intolerant of others, often watching anime and reading manga she is not completely opposed to the idea of other creatures existing in the world. She is a hard worker and will allways do her best, due to her timid nature she will allways struggle to meet new friends
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Offline Vandren

Re: Motley High School (NC+)
« Reply #3 on: January 10, 2009, 03:37:10 PM »
I'm debating the possibility of a Dwarf, but I'm not certain.  I'll probably know for certain tomorrow or Monday.

Offline OldSchoolGamer

Re: Motley High School (NC+)
« Reply #4 on: January 10, 2009, 06:50:52 PM »
Hmm...normally I'm not keen on these sorts of quasi-anime adventures...but the premise piqued my curiosity. 

Perhaps just a dash of Cthulhu-esque discovery here as my female student discovers that somethin' just ain't right with some of her dorm-mates?  Maybe some of the creatures in question aren't really interested in playing nice and re-integrating with the world, but are just going through the motions to get a second chance at world domination?  Perhaps my character, being naive, helps them (maybe without even knowing it) and is gradually brought under their power?

Just some thoughts here.  Subscribing to this to see responses, if any, to my proposed character.  I'll flesh her out over the next day or so.

Offline ArlynTopic starter

Re: Motley High School (NC+)
« Reply #5 on: January 10, 2009, 07:55:51 PM »
Actually, that's the kinda thing I was hoping to bring in, Ty.  Various responses from both the supernatural and the humans in relation to one another.  And yes, I'd certainly see more than one of the supernatural races 'playing the field', so to speak, in an effort to take over the world.

Offline OldSchoolGamer

Re: Motley High School (NC+)
« Reply #6 on: January 10, 2009, 09:04:22 PM »
Actually, that's the kinda thing I was hoping to bring in, Ty.  Various responses from both the supernatural and the humans in relation to one another.  And yes, I'd certainly see more than one of the supernatural races 'playing the field', so to speak, in an effort to take over the world.

Okay, excellent!  Note that I have very few limits, allowing all manner of themes to be explored...including my character(s) being impregnated (bearing the seed of the non-humans as part of their sinister plans...

Offline Silk

Re: Motley High School (NC+)
« Reply #7 on: January 11, 2009, 06:08:12 AM »
I'll probally be fine for anything to happen to my character as well, but some of the more extreme stuff id prefer if you pm to see if its ok first (NC-H is fine but not so much NC-E)

Offline OldSchoolGamer

Re: Motley High School (NC+)
« Reply #8 on: January 11, 2009, 03:46:35 PM »
As far as my character, anyone RPing with her can just check out my O&Os .  They are at least moderately permissive as O&Os go in these parts, so anyone playing a baddie should have quite a bit of fun.

My character is a 17 year-old named Cheryl...Cher for short.  Cher is precociously but not weirdly tall at 5'11".  She is somewhat lacking in the social graces, preferring the company of machines to that of other people.  Other people, at least in her experience, tend to be assholes, whereas machines have never called her a nerd or poured odorous liquids into her locker, or hinted oh-so-unsubtly that she is same-sex oriented (in reality, Cheryl is straight, though she has yet to find a boyfriend).  At 17, her life is much like the sad Seventies ballad where she is last picked when choosing sides for basketball...

Her father is always away on business, it seems, and her mother has largely disengaged from her life.  She is more like an older roommate to Cheryl than a mother.  She is not ill-treated.  She knows her father's "business" largely involves screwing other women, though she has learned not to broach that topic to Mom.  Right now, her outlook is just to survive high school and then get out on her own somewhere.  Her grades are respectable, but not top-tier (definitely a result of poor motivation on her part--if she fully applied herself, she would probably have been in the top five in her school). 

Cheryl is, shall we say, not the prettiest.  However, this is more a result of disinterest in grooming and lackadaisical wardrobe choices than an inherent unattractiveness.  With a makeover, she would probably score a 7 or 7.5 on a scale of 1 to 10.  As it is now, she's more like a 3 to 4.  Cheryl has long, dirty-blonde hair, freckled skin, blue eyes, and an average physique.  She wears a 36D, though this really isn't apparent if you look at her.  She tends to wear black, causing some to mistakenly assume she is a goth.  Truth be told, she wears black because it goes with anything.

She really isn't looking forward to going back to school.  Her mother tells her it will be better since it's been rebuilt and some new kids are coming in.  She just nods once in awhile during those conversations, because she knows deep down inside it'll just be more of the same shit...
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Offline OldSchoolGamer

Re: Motley High School (NC+)
« Reply #9 on: January 14, 2009, 07:16:52 PM »
Giving this a little bumpage as I think it would be really fun...

Offline The Dandy

Re: Motley High School (NC+)
« Reply #10 on: January 14, 2009, 09:51:53 PM »
I might join on this if I find the time...

Offline ArlynTopic starter

Re: Motley High School (NC+)
« Reply #11 on: January 15, 2009, 01:05:30 AM »

Name: Arik Letial
Species: Human
Age: 17
Gender: Male

Basic Info: A human with a disability, it is simply by clerical error that he continues to go to MHS.  The reason to have him moved to the other school was simply because of his disability, considering the new students due to arrive that could take advantage of his situation.  The situation, being, that there is no other student nearly as quiet as he is, for he cannot speak.  It is not because he is blind, nor is it because he's deaf.  It is just a birth defect, an issue that has plagued him since day one.  Silent by what seems to be a curse, the redhead is usually alone in class and after school despite having decent grades.  Now moving into the dorms, he has a feeling that something odd is going to happen now with the many changes that have taken place at MHS.

Just wait til he finds out what kind of changes!

Offline Rhoswen

Re: Motley High School (NC+)
« Reply #12 on: January 15, 2009, 01:50:06 AM »

Name: Ariethil (meaning Silverwing)
Species: Elf (Normal Tolkien style ears)
Age: for a young elf ~ 100 years = to roughly 17 more or less
Gender: Female
Powers: Highly sensitive to others emotions (evil,anger,sadness,happiness, joy, and so on), 10x stronger then humans, keen eye sight and hearing, swift, balanced, climbs quickly, can do with out sleep or food if need too for a week, knows the magic in nature and in the elements, speaks to animals and plants, and is immortal.
Weaknesses: Highly curious, can die at the hands of another, magic is draining upon her, to young to use full force of magic, lacks the understanding of modern day tools or equipment, and can be made to turn evil if a dark force influences her.

Bio: A Wood Elf, from where is unimportant because her people have lived in seclusion and isolation from the world of humans. But, the school has its resources and managed to locate them. Ariethil's favorite past time is swimming and can be found near water most of the time. Her knowledge is expanding and loves to read any book she can get. She is good at adapting to any environment and remembers everything she is taught quickly. Ariehtil is very honest and because of that, may be quiet if ever among others not of her kind. Her natural abilities often get her into trouble even among other elves, she  doesn’t mean to out shine anyone on the physical side. Her special ability is at times hard to control...because she is so young. It is a lot for a young elf to be able to sense the personal emotions of others. She is quickly learning that humans, more so then anyother species are easier to read. She tries to becareful not to intrude on anothers emotional thoughts or feelings. But her heart is big and in honesty will unintentionally expose hidden feelings of other people. She tries to shut them out; but it can be hard for such a young elf, depending on how strong the emotion is of course.

Transferring to Motley High School will be an experience she is curiously looking forward too. She wonders what new experiences she will encounter there? She has been practicing to shut other people's emotions out her mind and has been doing well over the summer. Now she hopes the effort she put into controlling her abilities will help her make a new friend.
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Offline Silk

Re: Motley High School (NC+)
« Reply #13 on: January 15, 2009, 05:14:12 AM »
So we got 2 nerds girls, a guy with special needs, a fairy and a elf :) nice start

Offline ArlynTopic starter

Re: Motley High School (NC+)
« Reply #14 on: January 15, 2009, 08:56:21 AM »
Although I won't be able to do it until after work, shall we wait for a few more guys to come around before starting, or should we just start building the threads?  Also, shall we just do NC-H?  Or is NC-E (with warnings) for those who prefer NC-H (like Silk)?  Either way is fine with me.

Offline Silk

Re: Motley High School (NC+)
« Reply #15 on: January 15, 2009, 09:31:25 AM »
I don't mind NC-E but if my characters involved, id like a warning yeah <3

Offline Duchess

Re: Motley High School (NC+)
« Reply #16 on: January 15, 2009, 10:35:37 AM »

Adult Image Hosting

Name: Suriel Levi : angel of Presence, an angel of healing, and an angel of death.
Species: Angelic Vampire
Age: 850: every 50 year count as 1 year .she was 17 if you compare it to human years when they moved from their save and protected dimension causing her to switch physically into her vampire side. making it impossible for her to grow older,the more she stayed in the human world the more harder it would be for her to keep her angel essence(850 angel years)
Gender: Female
Appearance:Suri is a tall and slender beauty, with soft pale skin,her already pale pigmentation becomes more statuesque like when she transform leaving her human form behind.angels have an angelic form that is an essence, this essence is contained inside a mortal body.
her angelic essence don't grow weak like normal angels,allowing her to stay longer in the human world. With a head full of raven black long and wavy hair that perfectly accentuate her light brown eyes. her eyes will alter generally between a crimson, yellow or orange when hungry and needing to feed, from their natural color at birth.topped with her luscious pouty lips, with fangs on both corner top teethes, necessary to make wounds for feeding. Suri has grey wings with black feathers at the end but if she  remained apart of the physical realm for a long time,it can happen that she will forget how to make her wings appear for use, and thus no longer use them.

Personality:   Outgoing, Intelligent, Confident, A bit naive
Strength: strong minded and passionate
Weakness: inpatient ,a people pleaser and short tempered
ability(s): healing of herself or others,flight,(apathy,empathy: the older she gets the better she can handle it)Shape Shifting,Mesmerism,Immunity,Resist Silver,Pyrokinesis,shielding off her mind (future: Mass Hypnosis,telepathic)
Bio: suri is the daughter of an angel and a vampire,after giving up her wings for love,they conceived a child with incredibly enhanced powers.her mother was the angel of presence and named her after her superior,hoping that she will have the same abilities.the integration with the humans was something suri mother was against ,but her father welcomed it gladly.forced to hide who they were wasn't difficult because of their human form and slow aging.
suri  is of mixed blood, generally birthed angelic but because of her father race,she become an fallen and taken into darkness.
her whole life she has been caught within a conflict of race, and lost to the battle of good vs evil, tending to remain neutrally aligned.
her angelic blood lines is crossed with the thread of Vampiric blood, this fully enhances the Angelic Vampire. It heighten  her senses, and further increases her agility and endurance.
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Offline Dizzied

Re: Motley High School (NC+)
« Reply #17 on: January 15, 2009, 11:22:28 AM »
NC-H or NC-E is both fine with me, whichever makes more sense is fine.

Offline OldSchoolGamer

Re: Motley High School (NC+)
« Reply #18 on: January 15, 2009, 04:40:52 PM »
I'd rather not see E involving my character.

EDIT: I mean Extreme, not Exotic.
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Offline ChaosLacky

Re: Motley High School (NC+)
« Reply #19 on: January 15, 2009, 05:39:24 PM »
Name: Leon

Race: Human

Powers: None

Background: Leon is a new student to the school.  He was sent by his parents due to the schools reputation. He is a bit shy about strangers, but is quite friendly and mischievous around people he knows well.  He is into technology and such gadgets and games.

Appearance: He possesses black hair and blue eyes.  He typically dresses casually in a T-Shirt and jeans.

(Note: I may not be on weekends (Saturday and Sunday) because of lack of internet access.  Hope that is okay.)

Offline ArlynTopic starter

Re: Motley High School (NC+)
« Reply #20 on: January 15, 2009, 07:27:57 PM »
No need to worry about the weekends then, Chaos.  Just make sure to warn whoever you're RPing with before you leave for the weekend, so they can plan accordingly for their post.

Offline Tulkas

Re: Motley High School (NC+)
« Reply #21 on: January 16, 2009, 08:46:17 PM »
Name: Mephistopheles, shorter Mefisto
Gender: Male
Race: Demon
Age: 150
Appearance: In his true form, similar to the pic. Mefisto stands somewhat taller than a human, with long black hair and rough blood red skin. Two great horns adorn his head, and he can at wish materialize large leathery wings as well. White eyes he has, and a smile that turns angels.
When in human form he is seemingly a ordinary if rather handsome young man with flowing dark brown hair, to not be too obvious.
Personality: Mefisto is a suave individual, completely sure in his abilities and isn't frightened by much. He soon took interest at this transfer as it promised many new experiences, as he was eager indeed to toy with these..humans. After being separated in different schools back on their world, he would also be much nearer than usual to some other, as humans say, supernatural creatures that he wouldn't normally have been. This was a added bonus. Mefisto is most comfortable when he is in control, and rare is the time indeed that he is not so..
Powers: As a demon he can manifest his races abilities such as wings, fire and brimstone..certain minor powers. Yet Mephisto has already been long studying the arcane lore in his old school. He was able to without effort preform minor tricks and magical trifles, and also plant suggestions in others minds..charming them unto his will..which he then used to his full advantage. He knew full well that he needed to keep his powers in cheek around the humans, just why he shapechanged into this human form before them.
MORE specifically then: shapechange (complete or local body altering), control over fire (thus being resistant to it), charming others (living only), flight (when with wings), sensing aura's in other creatures, physical strength that exceeds normal humans manyfold as well as speed, quite heightened senses, Demonic touch (paralyzes a already weakened person, to be exact, target must be either tired, battered, very upset and distracted),  prestidigitation (minor magic tricks..fetching small items..adding a small effect of sound or color like bell's tingling, light flashing..), ability to spread personal aura..that is, spreading a feeling of dread and helplessness..
Future: Greater/complete control over fire, outright domination of people's mind's, and further demonic powers yet to be developed..

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Offline Tulkas

Re: Motley High School (NC+)
« Reply #22 on: January 16, 2009, 09:12:28 PM »
Well i hope that will sufice, no?
And aye for those in on it, im aware Mephistopheles is actually a devil, but its just for the story flow here..much simpler to explain.  ;)
*continues waiting for a response*

Offline OldSchoolGamer

Re: Motley High School (NC+)
« Reply #23 on: January 17, 2009, 03:03:54 AM »
Well i hope that will sufice, no?
And aye for those in on it, im aware Mephistopheles is actually a devil, but its just for the story flow here..much simpler to explain.  ;)
*continues waiting for a response*

He's free to take an interest in my character if he chooses...   ;)

Offline London

Re: Motley High School (NC+)
« Reply #24 on: January 17, 2009, 09:49:05 AM »
I want to express my interest in the game as well. This is the character I would be playing.

Name: John ‘Johnny’ Miller
Species: Spirit/Ghost
Age: Appears 17+
Gender: Male
Appearance: He is an average American student. Standing 6’0” tall and 190 lbs. His brown hair and blue eyes stand out against his pale skin. Regardless of the form he takes his skin is always cool to the touch
His true form appears much the same with one exception; He has two bullet holes in his chest. This is from the shots that took his life. Also in his true form he can be seen through.
Personality:   Quiet, Intelligent, and Confident
Strength: Strong willed, Passionate, and Loyal to his friends
Weakness: He is weaker in the daylight and when he is in his solid form. Although he does not sleep, the use of his powers does weaken him to the point of not being able to use some of his more taxing powers. He is vulnerable to exorcisms, this is deadly to spirits, completely destroying them.
Powers: Like most ghosts he can pass through any object he wants to, become invisibility, and use telekinesis to move objects around. Also because of the nature of what he is immune to most forms of telepathy. If he concentrates he can become solid and able to touch. Other abilities he has include Flight, Resistance to physical harm, He can also drop the temperature in a room, He does not need sleep(See weakness above), He can move without making a sound, He can silence other that have been touched by heaven and hell.  Skills to be learned Possession of the living.
History: When the school first opened, Johnny was one of the first students in the door. An average student at the time, he was semi popular do to his friendly nature. Then the day came when he died on the school property. Sadly, for his parents, his murder was never solved. Although he passed without any trouble, he was soon to be back at his old school, once again a student. He would have been happier staying in the hereafter but the clasps of the thin vale between the worlds caused the ‘powers that be’ to release this spirit to return to the world.

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