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Author Topic: Final Fantasy XIII: The War of Transgression  (Read 852 times)

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Final Fantasy XIII: The War of Transgression
« on: October 02, 2017, 04:20:21 am »

Game-specific Custom Roles.
Role Descriptions.
Brief Combat explanation.
Summons available/banned.
Differences from Canon to In Game
Level-up explanation.
Party System
Magic Use Mechanic

In progress
Store/equipment upgrades.
Combat rules and terminology (Edit to current combat rulings to explain things a little more in-depth)
Character list.
Plot arcs
NPC/Random encounters
Skill List
Character Sheets

The War of Trangression, the series of events that sealed the conflict between Cocoon, and the sprawling plains of Gran Pulse, the same war that saw the birth of Ragnarok, an almighty being that struck, and permanently scarred Cocoon, the history books fail to explain a great deal of what happened during this war, and now, only the survivors of that great war, hundreds of years ago, the L'cie who had completed their Foci, remember the tale, this, is their story.


Okay, so, that's the general premise of the game, players will take on the roles of those L'cie above mentioned, the game is set HUNDREDS of years before the FFXIII canon plot, so, characters such as Lightning, Snow, Hope, etc, etc do NOT exist. Fang and Vanille may make an appearance LATER ON in the game. And finally, Sarah, Noel and Mog may possibly pop through a time-gate, just to add some familiarity to the actual games.

When a character initially joins the game, they will be coming to after their transformation into L'cie, a little bit of background is fine, in the characters INTRODUCTION post only, after that, they may refer to small incidents during conversation.


Differences between RP L'cie and Canon L'cie are as follows.

Eidolon's: There are NO Eidolon's in this RP, at least, not in the sense that there are in the First FFXIII game, no eidoliths, and there are a lot more of the creatures available. More on the 'Eidolon's' later.

Roles: There are 10 available roles, 5 Offensive, and 5 Defensive, they are as follows.
Offensive Roles.

Defensive Roles.


Commando: A high-damage dealer that focuses on melee attacks to keep enemies under a constant barrage of attacks, keeping them occupied while the rest of a team, or Paradigm focus on other elements, multiple Commando's will simply increase the amount of damage dealt over a small amount of time, and there is usually limited resistance to their attacks outside of natural physical defenses.

Ravager: The Glass Cannons of any Paradigm, Ravagers rely on magical prowess to deliver quick, hard hitting elementally charged attacks at long range, combined with a Commando a Ravager can incur a "Staggered" effect on targets, breaking through their defenses completely and allowing for the application of massive damage. Given their elemental nature, resistances to a Ravager will vary, while some targets are weak to fire, for example, others may be resistant to it, or even absorb the damage to regenerate themselves.

Saboteur: The crux of any hard-hitting, quick sweep Paradigm, the Saboteur specializes in hampering target abilities and undermining their abilities, even stripping them completely for a duration, the strongest of Saboteurs can even instantly kill a weakened target with the ability Death, making them a true force of nature that even the Fal'cie would do well to avoid pissing off.

Summoner. A Summoner has the ability to summon one of three Eidolon's to assist them in battle, EACH Summoner has 3 possible Eidolons they can call forth, and can only summon one at a time. the Eidolon list will come later.

Vampire, A cross between a Saboteur, and a Medic, Mana Points (MP) are present in this RP, and as such, a Vampire has the ability to cast certain spells with no MP cost, but said spells are unable to deal major damage to an enemy, a common ability used by Vampires, is Osmose, which drains MP from the target enemy, and transfers it either to themselves, or an ally, the same works with Drain, but drawing Health as opposed Mana, however, the Vampire becomes more dangerous as it grows in strength, with the ability to cast spells such as Holy and Ultima, and when at it's most powerful, Flare and Nova are common abilities. While the Vampire role tends to promote the more Medicinal side of it's combination, ALL abilities are harmful to the enemy, making this role, an offensive.


Sentinel: The Sentinel is the defensive powerhouse of a Paradigm, with their high health and ability to take a serious beating before needing any form of recovery, most of these warriors tend to have the ability Mediguard at their disposal and as such, can act as their own medic and remove the need for one in a well-planned attack Paradigm. Alongside this one ability, and their high defensive statistics, all Sentinels have Taunt by default, making sure that all targets focus their attacks upon them, ultimately keeping their Paradigm-partners out of harms way.

Synergist: The Synergist is the flipside of the Saboteur, instead of stripping an enemy of their defenses and offensive capabilities, the Synergist will infer those same defenses and offensive buffs upon their allies and even granting the boon of reflecting magical damage back at enemies for a short duration. The Synergist, if combined with a Saboteur within a Paradigm, can prove fatal to even the largest of foes.

Medic: Does exactly what it says on the tin, Medic's have access to almost all the spells available to the typical white mage, Cure, Raise, Esuna, etc, allowing them to keep a Paradigm healthy and on their feet, while enemies fall before the might of the team.

Juggernaut, The Juggernaut is often mistaken for a Sentinel, but is much, much more than that. While less effective than a sentinel at lower levels, the Juggernaut role becomes, as it grows, almost impenetrable to any and all forms of attack. While abilities such as Steelguard and Mediguard are this roles staple, it also has access to abilities such as Protect and Shell, for a longer lasting defence. This ability to defend itself, and it's allies, isn't all the Juggernaut can do, an ability unique to each Juggernaut allows these behemoths of the battlefield to unleash devastating damage to the enemy, while keeping allies relatively safe, Only the bravest, and most foolhardy L'cie choose to take this role on.

Wraith, Many L'cie feel that this role should be of the offensive variety, a combination of Ravager and Synergist, the Wraith is the ultimate killing machine, like the Juggernaut, the Wraith can cast the two staple Synergist spells of Protect and Shell, but also has access to the rest of the Synergist's repertoire, with Bravery, Faith, Reflect to name a few. Also at it's command, are the typical offensive spells that are availiable to the Ravaager, Fire, Thunder, etc, etc, And one ability unique to the Wraith alone, "Obliterate" while sounding extremely offensive, this ability is merely a pumped up variation of Dispell, with the added boost of Debrave, Deshell and other debuffing spells that are cast upon enemies, with their opposites being cast on allies.

NOTES: Because of the insurmountable power available to the four added classes, if ONE of them is chosen, then the character has access to NO OTHER ROLES, and is permanently a Summoner, Vampire, Juggernaut or Wraith

Party System: When partying up, the maximum size is 5 player characters, there may be NPC parties to allow for story progression but no constant one player parties, I want to see people working together to progress through area's. A lot of the time, there will be NPC moster based battles during this time, I'll likely allow players to dictate how this goes, just no insta-kills, because that would be a little OP, this will only be allowed when "Party Abilities" become a thing, which I'm working on a system for as we speak, think of that as a DLC update.

Alongside Parties, I may be introducing a "Squad system" which combines parties to deal with late-game foci and enemies, but that wont be for some time either, and it depends on if i can work out a way for it to be logical.

Alongside party size, I personally would like to see some role variety, no 5 character parties in which ALL characters are a COM/SEN pairing, because that will be destructive as fuck given how two SEN will make a party essentially invincible, allowing the other 3 to go COM, or worse yet, have another 2 SEN to basically moot EVERYTHING thrown at them, lets keep this shit balanced people.

Weaponry: Weapons are a lot more... 'primitive' in this RP than they are in the Canon, due to the time difference of 6-700 years, while Cocoon are more advanced, with the ability to carry and weild firearms and high-powered energy weapons, there are NO WMD's and the Gunblade concept used by Lightning is still a prototype, so I don't want to see every single Cocoon L'cie carrying one.

That said, however, there will be weapons and equipment upgrades, so a generic weapon type would be preferable, such as a chain-whip or Dual Swords, be imaginative, but don't limit yourself entirely, naming your weapons is fine, however, be aware that along with upgrades, there may be a money/store system implemented later on.

Combat: Okay, this is an obvious difference, as far as I'm aware, Ther's nothing we can use to resemble an ATB gauge, so, we'll use standard Arena rules regarding PvP combat, that's IF statements and autohit's only when surprising another character, you may also contact another player and arange a combat scenario between your characters, however, if one or both players are a part of a party of characters, then please, be sure to inform the other members of your party of the arangement.

I will allow you all to moderate your own combat, but, as soon as one of you comes bitching to me, I'll be scrutinizing the ENTIRE conflict, and come down like a tonne of very heavy objects upon the perpetrator.

More on Eidolon's: In this RP, the Eidolon's are seriously nerfed, and some, have even been removed, such as Alexander and Odin, due to being too OP.

Here, the Eidolons work a lot like the Espers from FFXII or the small creatures used by the YRP in FFX-2, meaning, they beasts summoned are less powerful, much smaller, and are used within the party, as opposed the other members mystically disappearing to make room for the Aeon, Eidolon, GF/Summon.

I will allow the players to choose which Eidolons they can summon, (ONLY IF USING THE SUMMONER ROLE) from the entire series, minus the following.

Bahamut ZERO.
Neo Bahamut.
Knights of the Round.
The Magus Sisters.

Other than those *Counts* nine summons, it's all fair game, but remember, that at a low level, a Summoner's Eidolon's cannot access their more powerful attacks, for example, Ifrit would only have access to basic Fire spells, and Hellfire (As everyone knows is Ifrits most powerful attack) would remain unavailable until it reaches optimum strength.

Crystarium: YES it's making an appearance in this RP, however, it will not work in the same way as in the Canon setting. Read on. folks.

Each time a L'cie's Focus is completed, instead of entering Crystal Stasis, they will simply become more powerful. This, however, is the only simple thing about character advancement.

Upon completion of a Focus, a character will gain 1(ONE) Crystarium point, this point, can be used to learn a single ability in a single role, meaning, in order to reach full potential, a L'cie will need to complete multiple foci, however, if characters with different foci band together, and complete each others' tasks, the ALL of the party gain a point, not just the L'cie with that focus, meaning, a party of three L'cie, with three different foci, can complete ALL three foci, and ALL three characters will gain three Crystogen points.

Summoners, however, will gain 3 Crystogen points, allowing them to boost all three of their Eidolons, points can NOT be shared between Eidolons.

Magic: While magic and spells are present here, there will be a rolls system in place to moderate how this works, depending on spell levels, different rolls will be made for different effects and obviously the most powerful spells will have the most rolls made to determine their effectiveness. Alongside this, spells may sometimes back-fire, this will be more common in the early game, where all characters are getting used to their new-found powers, in which case, damage will be dealt to the caster and nearby allies, sometimes inflicting status ailments, all of the ailments will be explained at a later point, for now, just know that if you get a bad roll... Life is gonna suck, we will likely use E's dicebot system for this, since I can send you your rolls and vice versa, so we know there's no funny business here.

Some spells, however, will have private rolls that I make myself, to myself, spells like Nova, Flare, Death and Osmose, for example, these rolls will be for a percentage, which fluctuates with every case, so the rolls won't be too big a deal, just give me a general area to work with (Though with Death, the roll will determine if it kills, simply damages or does nothing at all to a target)


The Character Sheet.

Due to some discrepancies on my part, this section needs editing.
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Re: Final Fantasy XIII: The War of Transgression
« Reply #1 on: October 03, 2017, 12:17:30 am »
Updates post (WIll be edited when things are added in the future to avoid a breach in bumping rules)

10/04/2017:- Added party system to completed features.
10/16/2017:- Updated roles to have descriptions for all, removed old character sheet, added Magic Use Mechanic.
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