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Started by darkvamplips, January 09, 2009, 11:17:26 PM

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Greetings, my little pets. I am in search of a roleplay to cure my boredom. Please read through my entire thread and then contact me if you wish.

1) Be literate.
2) Type at least a paragraph. If you give me more I will give more. If you give a sentence I will give you the same.
3) Males only or females playing males and doubling as a female is fine to :) I will sometimes take yuri but we will see. Can you persuade a vampire?
4) Type in third person. No I, we, you.
5) You may contact me through my contacts listed at the end of this reply.
6) I will add more roleplays as I think of them. You may ask but i'm very picky.

-Twilight ******Craving. Please someone play as Edward
-Hospital (plot)
-Vampire (plot)
-Zombies (plot)
-Lost Boys - Tribe
-Abusive relationship
-Underworld (both but my partner needs to know the whole movie)
-Lost Boys (1,2) (partner needs to know the whole movie)
-Will add more as I think of them

Contacts can be found on my profile.
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My request thread: