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April 23, 2021, 03:02:17 am

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Author Topic: And Hunted becomes the hunter. For RPs, that is.  (Read 748 times)

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Offline HuntedTopic starter

And Hunted becomes the hunter. For RPs, that is.
« on: September 30, 2017, 04:18:40 am »
I like roleplaying. A lot. And I love when me and my writing partner can discuss what the roleplay will be about so we'll both be happy. But I understand that discussion can be quite difficult without any basis. So, I'll put my ideas here. Just for the note: I loooove historic RPs (Victorian Era in UK and Europe, Edo Era in Japan and such), steampunk and cyberpunk, but I can do anything~ I also love some sex in my RP, but let's make it rational and develop towards it! There's no fun in our characters just suddenly behaving like sex crazed rabbits. Anyway, if you find you like my ideas, just send a PM my way and we can discuss it and edit it as needed!

Cyberpunk Rivalry
Two hackers. Rivals, indeed. Stealing each others' contracts. Attacking each other. And, would probably give anything to make the other one disappear. But when one of them gets in serious trouble, the other one realizes that he enjoys this little game too much to simply let the other one die. So, a rescue. But what happens of two rivals when they are suddenly targets of shady corporation with power more than anyone could wish for?

Monster Hunters International
Monsters are real. And so are the people who hunt them. Sure, there are holy fanatics who do it for their God and Governments, who do it to protect their own. But there are also private hunters. Who hunt for money. And one day, one of them, is sent to dispose of a dangerous beast. But when he finds out that the beast in question is actually quite peaceful and just stands in way of his contractor, he decides to protect her.

Blood Compact
Two rival families. Werewolves and vampires. A vampire princess and a werewolf beta. Both hate each other, but are suddenly forced to live with each other till the end of days, as their families decide to use the marriage as a peace keeping mechanism. How will those two complete opposites live with each other without killing themselves is a question nobody wants to ask.

May the Emperor live Ten Thousand years!
Japan. Edo Period. Well, the end of it, anyway. Since the arrival of European powers and the forced opening of Japanese borders, times are changing in the Land of the Rising Sun. Rumors of rebellion against the Shogunate are numerous and suddenly, a British noble girl and her Japanese bodyguard are suddenly left alone in these stormy times, to fend for themselves, while hardly even understanding each other.

Britannia Rule the Waves!
Britain is the superpower. Really, not even Prussians can challenge her. British steam golems dominate the battlefields, while their airships rain hell on anyone foolish enough to oppose them and Royal Navy ruling every sea they want to. Not everything's is well inside though. Chartists and Luddites are a constant threat to Her Majesty and a detective is sent to infiltrate one of their cells and bring them down. But what nobody can anticipate is him developing strong feeling towards the leader of this cell, a young and fierce girl.