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March 02, 2021, 07:57:15 am

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Author Topic: BennyQ's Portrait of a Writer [M lf F for FxF plots]  (Read 1305 times)

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BennyQ's Portrait of a Writer [M lf F for FxF plots]
« on: September 29, 2017, 12:40:59 pm »
Welcome to my request thread! Thank you for taking the time to view this thread and take a moment to browse and read if you have an interest in writing with me! Be warned though, for I am very selective and am only looking for perhaps 1-2 new stories to take on given my current load. You may also find me on Blue Moon, under the same username, if you prefer to write there or here.

And please keep in mind this is a work in progress and will be subject to changes! But for now I will be keeping it short and sweet.

Please check out my O/O’s here before proceeding.

A basic overview of kinks I am seeking;
Partner sharing (possibly, depends on plot).

That’s all. A brief list as well as plot aspects I am seeking.
Any type of consensual, though dubious consent is always best.
Slow seduction/slow burn.
Strife and conflict.
Possible rescuer aspect.
Possible sugar mommy aspect.

Thank you for your consideration. Here are my plots. Pictures can be changed if preferred.

But if you’re hoping for much further ado, you’ll be disappointed as now, without further ado, here are the plots I am currently craving.

I.    Warrior Queen x Sorceress-Regnant.
A young Queen ascends to the throne of a mighty kingdom at only nineteen, being the sole child and heiress of a great King who united several of the smaller kingdoms and realms into a powerful polity. From a young age to her ascent to the throne, she was a constant companion on her father’s campaigns, learning the trade and logistics of war and its prosecution. However, her father passed before he was able to consolidate the succession more favorably to her daughter, leading to a forced regency period by the kingdom’s vassals until the Queen has come of age (at 25).

However, unbeknownst to them, an already legal provision by the deceased King had put an enigmatic, powerful sorceress on the periphery as guardian to his daughter, a deal once struck when the power and might of the King reached the borders of the sorceress’s little domains. In exchange for vassalship, she took this one demand, and the King thinking he would rule long enough as to make it moot, agreed. Little did he know of her abilities to scry the future and now the Kingdom lies solely in the grips of this ambitious, power hungry woman and her potentially new figurehead.

II.    Female Mob Boss x Street girl.
An upcoming woman in a local mafia crime family seeks to consolidate a piece of her father’s criminal empire for her own, competing even with her own brothers to garner and acquire enterprises of both legal and illegal nature. A self-made woman, she maintains a sophisticated public appearance, while being a ruthless killer and enforcer in private. She maintains her piece of the criminal network from a front business she owns, a private but highly opulent club. In her vicious private line of work, one day she comes across a young woman trapped in the street life, an orphan, passed through the system or simply abandoned by deadbeat parents, who just happens to be in the wrong place at the wrong time. Rather than leaving no witnesses or loose ends, the mafia princess decides to take her on, for employment, or for other nefarious reasons. After all, women have needs, and why should only the males in the mob get to live decadently with their spoils of war?

Could also be a new employee who just happens to catch the eye of the owner.

III.    Star Wars: Bounty Hunter x Emancipated Slave (or conscripted).
A high end assassin and hunter continues on her daily grind, working for high powered gangs to eliminate and kill leading figures in rival groups. A disciplined and stoic figure, she is unbridled in carrying out her jobs, leaving none alive. But used to slaying gangsters and thugs who shoot back, in fair fashion, she is torn between the choice of leaving no survivors…and dealing with a poor slave who belongs to her target, entirely innocent, and undeserving of her wrath. Whether it’s a break from the long years of lack of empathy, she takes the girl under her wing, to train and mold as an assistant in her dark life.

IV.    Imperial High Official x Imperial Scientist.
A science fiction RP, it would be in a vein similar to the HBO series Chernobyl. The human nations of Earth have long coalesced into an Imperial Star Realm, an authoritarian regime ruled under a strongman Emperor who entices the masses to loyalty with an excess of luxury and entertainment, while ruthlessly oppressing any dissenters or rebel acts.

In a distant star system, a dyson sphere project has gone terribly wrong, upsetting the plasma makeup and provoking a particularly deadly flare estimated to occur within the near-future. Within the system is a heavily urbanized colonial world and several smaller installations, all within the effect radius and to suffer major damage and loss of life. The Imperial Scientific community gathers to discuss the issue under the Emperor’s Inner Council’s directive, but most agree that the issue is not only preventable, but any attempt to minimize damage would be ineffective and wasteful. In essence, they are sacrificing the human life. Except for one scientist, head of some remote little Institute, who has a viable solution, albeit at great cost to effect. Under the auspices of an Imperial Auditor, who answers directly to the Emperor, she is dispatched to the problematic system, hopefully, to the rest of the elderly Scientific community, set up to fail.

V.    Viking Shieldmaiden x Byzantine Princess.
In the tenth century, the Greek-Roman Emperor of the Byzantines created an elite unit consisting solely of Norse Vikings, generally from the Kievan Rus, but expanding to all areas of Scandinavia. A young shieldmaiden accompanies some kin to travel to the great city of Constantinople, hearing tales of its majesty and riches and knowing their kind could find gainful, reputable employment. However, they left out the fact that only men are accepted into the Guard, leaving her without work or purpose in the vast city. However, word comes that the Greek Emperor seeks a personal guard for his single daughter, preferring women to be around his women, and a kinsman puts forth her application. She is assigned to a young Greek Princess, a studious, adventurous woman, who wishes to travel across the Empire to discover hidden treasures and secrets under false pretenses to her father. The Shieldmaiden suddenly finds her work to be far more demanding than the cushy Palace job she imagined.

VI. Star Wars veteran Mandalorian x trainee Mandalorian.
After the Battle of Endor, the Empire is on the defensive as the New Republic consolidates its control of the galaxy. A veteran Mandalorian has craved out her own territory in an outer rim gangster cartel, and while she isn’t an official member of the gang, she enjoys a position of influence and power in being the most successful enforcer, hunter, and hitman in the sector. During one of his routine shows of entertainment, in which condemned victims of his rule are used as pawns, the comfortable Mandalorian criminal is forced to witness one of her own thrown to the proverbial lions. Choosing kinship over employment, she joins in and helps the rookie escape, and take her under her wing as a partner, while making deadly enemies of her former employers.

VII. Star Wars Sith Enforcer x vassal Queen.
In the era of the Old Republic, the Sith Empire continues to grow its domains in preparation for its war with the Republic. An independent Star Kingdom in the fringes of the galaxy comes under its hostile expansion, choosing to wisely submit and pay tribute rather than face the armies of the sadistic Sith Lords. Its young Queen however attempts to balance this new submission against the rising demands of both Republican populism and calls for independence. What she least expects is the Sith Empire sending her an enforcer to ensure not only are the production quotas met for the Imperial war machine, but that the Kingdom remains secure as a Imperial bastion of support, with…or without the Queen.

Please shoot me a PM, with the usual perquisite of being more than a line or two of interest, and we can hopefully get into some juicy world-building if you see anything that sparks your fancy!
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Re: BennyQ's Portrait of a Writer [M lf F for FxF plots]
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Bump. Seeking just one more partner.

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Re: BennyQ's Portrait of a Writer [M lf F for FxF plots]
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