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Author Topic: Avengers Infinity RPG  (Read 5571 times)

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Offline VoluptuousVixenTopic starter

Avengers Infinity RPG
« on: September 28, 2017, 04:46:12 pm »

Make Mine Marvel!
Welcome to BlackJack's Avengers Infinity Rpg, a free-form forum game on Elliquiy! A creative group focussing on Earths Mightiest Heroes and Heroines. Set in a loose interpretation of the 616 comics but incorporating elements of the MCU and Marvels Many cartoons and video Games.

The Heroes
Players will be free to select from existing Marvel characters or choose to create new Heroes.  The game is composed of a coalition of Superhumans, mutants, Inhumans and Aliens of all races, genders and ages;  however if you wish to create an Hero then they must be separate from existing canon, no long lost sister of Tony Stark or Future Daughter of the Hulk etc. The Avengers will operate out of Stark Tower in the heart of New York city, and the setting will be in the modern day, the year of 2017.  The game's independent canon will be established by the players. Players may select characters from the X-men, Fantastic Four, Defenders and Guardians of the Galaxy as members of the team.

The format for character submissions will be simple. 

Taken Avengers
Spoiler: Click to Show/Hide
Blackjack:  Captain America/Steve Rogers, Captain Marvel/Carol Danvers, Storm/Ororo Munro, Hulk/Bruce Banner


  • Players are expected to get along in the OOC.
  • Players are expected to not God Mode.
  • Players are expected to be considerate of their character's powers in relation to the powers of other characters in game.
  • Players will be solicited by the GM for the purposes of story and action -- i.e., the GM will create prompts between characters that can be acted upon. But players can contribute ideas and suggestions in the OOC section.
  • Players will maintain a similar posting frequency with those they are playing with.

Character Bio Sample:

Captain America
Real Name:  Steven Rogers
Group Affiliation: Avengers, Invader's (Formerly)
Height:  6'3"
Weight:  295 lbs.
Arch-Enemies:  Red Skull, Crossbones, Viper, Kang, Sin, Diamondback, Ultron
Nickname:  Cap, Wingtips, Old Man

    Steve was genetically enhanced during WWII as part of a military program to combat Nazi's and such.  He is stronger, faster, and has more endurance than even the most fit of normal humans.  He has a wealth of military experience and is an exceptional leader in combat situations, maybe even the best.  Add to that, he has the best fortitude out there as soldier, willing to take bullet for any man or women he fights with.

  • Master martial artist, spy, swordsman, samurai and tactician
  • Highly intelligent, fluent in various languages
Bio: Born in Lower Manhattan in 1922, Steve did not grow up rich, it becoming even worse when his father died when Steve was young.  He and his mother carried on however till Steve was in his teens and she died as well. 

At the on set of WWII and America's involvement, Steve like many a young man tried to join up.  Due to his frail body however, he was rejected a number of times.  It was then he was selected for Project: Rebirth, a super-soldier program within the military that turned Steve into just that, a Super-Soldier.  Steve is the top end of human conditioning, and it was with that in mind that he went on to fight Red Skull during the war.  It eventually leading to him taking a rather long nap in some ice.

When he awoke it was a to world very, very different from the one he had left behind.  One fueled so much by technology and want that he barely recognized it for the America he left behind.  It was only by looking past all the dazzle of it all that he saw this was still his home and that the people it were good.  He'd be lying though if he said that this was the world he'd fought for though...So ya, Steve these days tends to lie a lot.

Captain America's Social Web:
Iron Man:  Trusted, Confidant, Best friend even when they don't see eye to eye
Winter Solider:  Best friend since childhood, sees like alittle brother he needs to protect.
Falcon:  Partner in arms, trusted confident, has much respect for him.
Black Widow:  Fearful (of what her past might do to her), Confident and close female friend, Sympathetic
Thor:  Brother in arms on the battlefield, trusted confident.
Wasp:  Loves as a sister type, confident and lifelong friend.

Code: [Select]
[floatleft][img width=400]IMAGE ADDRESS GOES HERE[/img][/floatleft] 
[color=blue][size=18pt][b]DESCRIPTION:  CODE NAME[/b][/size][/color]
[b]Real Name:[/b]
[b]Group Affiliation:[/b]

[b]Powers:  [/b]

GM Prompts

1.  The Avengers disbanded after the Scarlet Witch Lost control of her powers and nearly destroyed the team.
2. Jean Grey/Phoenix was killed after a fight with Magneto which destroyed the Xavier School for the gifted.
3.  The X-Men are being closely monitored by the American Government, and their relationship with SHEILD is strained.
4.  Reed Richards of the Fantastic Four officially opened the Negative Zone as a prison up for Supervillians.
5.  Young new heroes are ever emerging such as X-23, Miles Morales Spiderman, Ms Marvel, Nova, and the Young Avengers.
6.  Tony Stark has decided to run for Mayor of New York against JJ Jamerson.
7.  The Hand are looking to recruit a new leader now that Madam Gao has been slain by Iron Fist.
8.  Doctor Strange is helping the Scarlet Witch with her mental recovery.

The Communal Canon:

Child of the Atom


Heroes are segregated into four distinct power categories, detectable by Cerebro, as well as Stark Tech and Richards Tech.

*Gamma  No real powers or basically just superficial ones, but still clearly a superhuman (Hawkeye/Black Widow)
*Beta  Minor or Moderate but very limited power (such as winged flight). Aka heroes like Angel.
*Alpha  Moderate power(s).  Most Heroes fall into the Alpha level ( Captain America, Wolverine, Spiderman, Jessica Jones all fall in the Alpha level.
*Omega Major power(s), usually both affecting themselves and others and normally in a dynamic array. (The Hulk, Professor X, Captain Marvel, Doctor Strange, Scarlet Witch, The Fantastic Four).


Is the game first come first serve as far as picking canon characters, or will you take the best application?

The game doesn't require writing samples.  We are all here to have fun.  However, players without a strong writing background are asked to create new characters instead of assuming the roles of canon characters.

Finally, are you going to limit players to a certain number of characters?

Players are permitted to assume one canon character, and more than one character created character.  However, be respectful to the gender ratio, and to other players.

Game Links:

Offline SerpentSilver

Re: Avengers Infinity RPG
« Reply #1 on: September 28, 2017, 05:29:04 pm »
Dibs on Spider-Man. I don't know which one yet, but I shall take one Spooder-Man

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Re: Avengers Infinity RPG
« Reply #2 on: September 28, 2017, 06:03:05 pm »
Putting dibs on Scott Summers/Cyclops.

Offline Szandor

Re: Avengers Infinity RPG
« Reply #3 on: September 28, 2017, 06:29:24 pm »
Reserving Doctor Stephen Strange.

Offline Kadigan

Re: Avengers Infinity RPG
« Reply #4 on: September 28, 2017, 08:52:05 pm »
Assuming X-Corporation counts as X-Men, I'd like to toss in for either Dazzler, Darkstar or Smasher (the Izzy Kane version.) Thoughts?
« Last Edit: September 29, 2017, 04:16:25 pm by BarbaraGordon »

Offline Empyrean

Re: Avengers Infinity RPG
« Reply #5 on: September 29, 2017, 02:55:46 pm »
I'd like to call dibs on good old Thor Odinson. :)

Offline Waldham

Re: Avengers Infinity RPG
« Reply #6 on: September 29, 2017, 04:29:52 pm »
Will you use a system RPG to create the characters ?

Offline keyotess

Re: Avengers Infinity RPG
« Reply #7 on: September 29, 2017, 04:31:03 pm »
Registering interest in playing Scarlet Witch or Gamora.  Still thinking about which one. :)

Offline VoluptuousVixenTopic starter

Re: Avengers Infinity RPG
« Reply #8 on: September 29, 2017, 09:38:21 pm »
We use this format I put up as an example for Cap, you guys wanna do youre bios/?

Offline Kadigan

Re: Avengers Infinity RPG
« Reply #9 on: September 30, 2017, 02:48:06 pm »
Too many options with all those teams..I keep waffling. Could use some thoughts on it ...narrowed down to Magik or Psylocke.

Offline RubySlippers

Re: Avengers Infinity RPG
« Reply #10 on: September 30, 2017, 03:00:41 pm »
Any room for the first Marvel hero to get a movie the mightiest of heroes ...

Don't laugh he is a master of Quack Fu, could have some cool tech like a Quackmobilemobile and other tech and if an alien Thor could be in why not Howard the Duck and he is a canon Marvel Superhero with a comic book series and a movie. And he has a THEME SONG! And he stopped an alien invasion!

Offline keyotess

Re: Avengers Infinity RPG
« Reply #11 on: September 30, 2017, 07:04:29 pm »
Scarlet Witch/Wanda Maximoff

Height: 5 ft. 7 in.
Weight: 130 lbs.
Eyes: Blue
Hair: Auburn
Gender: female
Sexuality: under question with the rest of her life
Age: 32

Group Affiliation: Avengers
Arch-Enemies: Morgan Le Fay
Nickname: Wanda, Scarlet
Social Networks: Scarlet's social network is currently in complete disarray after she lost control of her powers and nearly destroyed the team.
                                  Dr Strange: mentor/doctor, helping her recover from a mental breakdown

Wanda Maximoff was kidnapped from Serbia and brought to Wundagore Mountain, base of the High Evolutionary, she and her twin brother, Pietro, were the children of Romany couple, Django and Marya Maximoff. The High Evolutionary supposedly abducted the twins when they were babies and experimented on them, once he was disgusted with the results, he returned them to Wundagore, disguised as regular mutants.

As adolescents, Wanda and Pietro discovered that they had unusual superhuman abilities. When Django began to steal food to feed his starving family, enraged villagers attacked the Romani camp. Using his phenomenal speed, Pietro fled from the camp with his sister. The circumstances of their separation from their family were so traumatic that not until well into adulthood could they remember anything but the barest details of their childhood. For the next few years, Wanda and Pietro wandered central Europe, living off the land.

As Wanda grows into adulthood, she ends up joining various heroic organizations, X-men and various Avenger teams, serving with honor in both organizations, especially the Avengers.  And then the House of M events happening, the Red Skull trying to control her and the Apocalypse twins and Kang changing the timelines.  Now Scarlett is very confused about her origins and her past.  She was raised thinking she was a mutant but then when she and Pietro confronted the High Evolutionary, he says they are just failed experiments.  No longer knowing what to believe about her past, what actions she is responsible for, she is questioning every aspect of her life.  This confusion of who she is and where she came from opened her to Morgan Le Fey, who used her magic to cause Wanda to have a mental breakdown and nearly destroy the team.  She is currently rebuilding her life, one piece at a time.

Strength: The Scarlet Witch possesses the normal human strength of a woman of her age, height, and build who engages in moderate regular exercise.

Known superhuman powers: The Scarlet Witch possesses the power of affecting probability fields. By a combination of gestures and mental concentration, she creates a hex-sphere, a finite pocket of reality-disrupting quasi-psionic force, which upon reaching its intended target, causes disturbance in the molecular-level probability field surrounding the target. Thus, unlikely phenomena will occur. Among the many phenomena she is able to cause are: the sudden melting of gun barrels, the spontaneous combustion of any flammable object, the rapid rust or decay of various organic and inorganic materials, the poltergeist-like deflection of an object in flight, the sudden evacuation of air from a given volume, the disruption of energy transmissions and fields, and so on. These phenomena occur practically instantaneously after the completion of her hex. 

Hex Bolts: Initially, Wanda had the ability to manipulate probability via her "hexes" (often manifesting physically as "hex spheres" or "hex bolts") which manipulated energy fields and matter to varying degrees. These hexes were initially short range, and are limited to her line of sight. Casting a hex would initially require a gesture and concentration on her part, though the gestures are largely a focus for the concentration. Early in her career, her hexes were unconscious, and would be automatically triggered whenever she made a particular gesture, regardless of her intent. These hexes would only manifest as "bad luck", triggering negative effects. She later gained enough control over her powers that they only work when she wants them to, and they are not limited to negative effects.

Scarlet Witch's hex-casting ability still has a 20% unreliability factor. Her sorcerous training has not given her a set of powers separate from her mutant abilities, but only honed her control over her existing abilities. She has, however, a special affinity for the natural elements and materials that true witches utilize in their spells: the four alchemical elements, wood, organic substances, etc.

Teleportation: Wanda has portrayed the ability to teleport her and others over long distances. She can also travel to and open portal or gates for different purposes. The full extent to this ability is unknown.

Telekinesis: Wanda has portrayed the ability to manipulate, propel and levitate things using her mind as well as fly or hover. The full extent to this ability is unknown.

Expert Knowledge of Sorcery:
Wanda was trained by Agatha Harkness in witchcraft. Her sorceress training has not given her a set of powers separate from her mutant abilities, but only honed her control over her existing abilities. She has, however, a special affinity for the natural elements and materials that witches utilize in their spells: the four alchemical elements, wood, organic substances, etc.

Expert Combatant: She has also been trained in hand-to-hand combat by both Captain America and Hawkeye.

Expert Tactician: When sane, the experience and leadership skills that come from years of active duty as an Avenger.

Perception Range: Her range of hex-casting was limited by her line of sight. (She couldn't watch a live television broadcast and cause a hex-phenomenon to occur at its point of origin.)

Physical Condition: Hexes had a degree of unreliability, which was further affected by her physical condition: when well rested, in good health, and mentally and emotionally alert, Scarlet Witch could cast numerous hex-spheres in rapid succession and attain desirable results for almost an hour.

Overextension: Despite this enhanced precision, her hexes were not necessarily guaranteed to work, particularly if she had been straining herself or using her powers excessively. If overextended, her hexes could backfire, causing probability to work against her wishes or to undo previous hexes.
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Offline RubySlippers

Re: Avengers Infinity RPG
« Reply #12 on: September 30, 2017, 07:36:11 pm »

Real Name: Howard T Duck
Group Affiliation: ARMOR, Generation X
Height: 2 ft./7 in.
Weight: 40 lbs.
Nickname: Howard

Powers:  Agility, Big Gun (when used to fight zombies with ARMOR), Duckmobile, Intellect (as smart as Mr. Fantastic), Magic (some training from Dr. Strange), Mesmerize, Power Suit (Iron Duck Suit), Duckman Utility Belt.

Skills: Detective, Marksmanship, Magic Lore, Master of Quack Fu, Thief, Weapon Master

Bio: Howard was a resident of a parallel universe to that of the 616 Marvel Universe. He was a resident of Duckworld, in which he lived an ordinary, yet quiet life. Things however soon changed dramatically for Howard when a demon named Thog the Overmaster sought to unite all realities into one reality which he would then control. In this event Howard was taken from his world and was transported to earth, in the Florida everglades, which is the site of Earth's nexus of all realities. Dakimh the Enchanter, a sorcerer who was a nemesis of Thog, recruited Howard and the others who were taken from their home realities to fight Thog, a battle which they ultimately won. On his way back to his own world he fell off of the Stepping Stones of Oblivion and fell to Cleveland, Ohio. This event left Howard stranded on this earth, far away from his own reality. Since then he fought zombies, was a detective and fought many enemies and even a prisoner off world for some time before he kicked ass and fought his way home. Wants to join the Avengers and be taken seriously as a hero among the Earth's best defenders and you know he counts in the main.

Offline SerpentSilver

Re: Avengers Infinity RPG
« Reply #13 on: October 01, 2017, 11:59:49 pm »
Real Name: Peter Parker

Group Affiliation: Avengers, Web Warriors, Fantastic Four, X-Men

Height: 5’ 10”
Weight: 167 lbs

Arch-Enemies: Green Goblin, Venom, The Kingpin,
Nicknames: Webhead, Spidey, Wallcrawler, Your Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man
Powers: Spider Physiology including: Superhuman Strength, Superhuman Speed, Superhuman Stamina, Superhuman Durability, Superhuman Agility, a Regenerative Healing Factor, Superhuman Balance, Superhuman Reflexes, Wallcrawling, and Spider-Sense
Skills: Genius Level Intellect, Expert Inventor and Engineer, Master Acrobat, Expert Hand to Hand Combatant

Bio: Peter Parker grew up in Queens New York raised by his uncle and aunt Ben and May Parker following the deaths of his parents. A brilliant student and budding scientist from a young age, Parker’s natural gifts and shyness made him an easy target for bullying from tougher students. One day while attending a field trip he was bitten by a radioactive spider. The bite granted Peter amazing new abilities that would change his life forever. His first thought was to use his new powers for personal gain and profit, going on the late night TV Circuit as well as competing briefly as a professional wrestler. One night after a show he ignored an escaping thief claiming that it wasn’t his responsibility to do anything about it. It was on this same night that his Uncle Ben would be murdered and Peter would tear through New York searching for the culprit. Upon corning the man in a warehouse he learned that it was none other than the thief he allowed to escape previously. It was then that Peter first learned what would become his motivation and motto for helping people: With great power, comes great responsibility. 

Offline Szandor

Re: Avengers Infinity RPG
« Reply #14 on: October 02, 2017, 07:18:10 am »
Hi again. Due to upcoming exams and placement I'll be pulling out of this. Apologies for the long delay between this and my first reply!
Hope you guys have loads of fun with this, it's an excellent concept.

Offline Anna Katrine

Re: Avengers Infinity RPG
« Reply #15 on: October 02, 2017, 07:47:40 am »
Hey there

I'd be intereted in joining as Kate Bishop (Hawkeye) :)

Offline Raziel

Re: Avengers Infinity RPG
« Reply #16 on: October 02, 2017, 08:55:20 pm »
Hi there, I'd be interested in joining as Tony Stark unless he's more an NPC in which case 2nd choice would be everybody's favourite Merc with a Mouth, Deadpool :P
« Last Edit: October 02, 2017, 09:18:57 pm by Raziel »

Offline Empyrean

Re: Avengers Infinity RPG
« Reply #17 on: October 03, 2017, 12:19:56 am »
To the GM: If Thor is not acceptable, can I play Nadia Pym, the new Wasp?

Offline VoluptuousVixenTopic starter

Re: Avengers Infinity RPG
« Reply #18 on: October 04, 2017, 06:25:55 am »
Hawkeye, Thor and Iron Man are all approved please create bios.

Offline HockeyGod

Re: Avengers Infinity RPG
« Reply #19 on: October 04, 2017, 09:20:06 am »
Is Wiccan an acceptable character?

Offline VoluptuousVixenTopic starter

Re: Avengers Infinity RPG
« Reply #20 on: October 04, 2017, 09:31:11 am »
Wiccan is free

Offline HockeyGod

Re: Avengers Infinity RPG
« Reply #21 on: October 04, 2017, 09:32:08 am »

Offline HockeyGod

Re: Avengers Infinity RPG
« Reply #22 on: October 04, 2017, 10:06:29 am »
Real Name: William Kaplan
Group Affiliation: Young Avengers
Height: 5’8”
Weight: 155 lbs.
Nickname: Billy (formerly Asgardian)

Powers: Billy first manifested his powers at the encouragement of Scarlet Witch who helped him stand up to a bully.

Wiccan is a magic user and can cast spells to cause whatever effect he wills. His early spells consisted of lightning bolts and flying which he turns to frequently. As he casts spells he levitates off the ground.

Wiccan’s magic is cast verbally and with concentration. He may need to repeat his desire multiple times depending on his familiarity with the spell or any stress he might be under. His powers will not manifest if he has hesitation. His abilities include but are not limited to: racking and locating people, clairvoyance, illusion casting, mind control, creating or tearing down force-fields, mass teleportation, portal/gates creation, concussive blasts, energy beams/bursts/waves, pyrokinesis, photokinesis, enchantments, spellcasting, energy based-constructs, astral projection, telekinesis, telekinetic force beams, electrokinesis, flight and telepathy.

Billy is a possible candidate for the title of Sorcerer Supreme and has been noted as being one of the most powerful magic users on the planet.

Skills: Overall he is polite, respectful and generally even-tempered.

Bio: Billy has a unique history in that he was created by chaos magic conjured by Scarlet Witch. She was so desperate to have children that she used her powers to create twin boys. These souls were thought to have been destroyed, but were recreated into existence – one as William.

Billy’s adopted family, the Kaplans, were a psychologist and a cardiologist.

Billy joined the Young Avengers to use his powers to help mankind.

Offline Empyrean

Re: Avengers Infinity RPG
« Reply #23 on: October 05, 2017, 01:06:07 am »
I'll try to have a post up tomorrow. :)

Offline Empyrean

Re: Avengers Infinity RPG
« Reply #24 on: October 05, 2017, 06:06:58 pm »

Real Name: Thor Odinson
Group Affiliation: Avengers
Height: 6'6"
Weight: 640 lbs
Arch-Enemies: Loki Laufeyson, Ulik, Amora the Enchantress, Malekith the Accursed
Nickname: Thunderer, God of Thunder, Donner, The Mighty, Prince of Asgard, Prince of Thunder

((Powers gathered from here: and here:


Divine Strength, Stamina, and Speed: Born of a fusion of Asgardian and Elder God DNA, Thor possesses tremendous levels of superhuman strength, speed, and stamina. While not absolutely invulnerable, he is extremely difficult to injure, and possesses regenerative abilities. As the Asgardian God of Strength (as well as Thunder and War) his might is enough to snap adamantium or crush uru in his bare hands. His senses range as far as the edge of the Milky Way galaxy. He can move and react at faster-than-light speeds.

Weather Manipulation: The ability he's best known for. As God of Thunder, Thor is capable of summoning storms or the individual elements of weather (wind, rain, hail, etc.) at will and across vast distances. He can channel, manipulate, and release lightning from his body at will, as well as summoning it from the skies. He can release hurricane-force winds with his breath alone.

Earth Manipulation: Thor's mother is Gaea, the Goddess of the Earth. From her he has inherited the ability to cause earthquakes and fissures, landslides and avalanches on a continental scale.

Flight: Thor is capable of flight with or without his hammer, Mjolnir.

Memory Alteration: The "Gift of Forgetfulness" that enables Thor to modify selected memories in others.

Longevity and Self-Sustenance: While not truly immortal, Asgardians age so slowly that they seem immortal to others. Thor is capable of surviving the depths of space unaided, and does not require food, drink, or air. His body is a closed system.

All-Tongue: Through the All-speak Thor can communicate in any language.

Special Tools: Thor wields three special tools in addition to his Asgardian battle armor.

Megingjord: The Belt of Strength that doubles and amplifies his already divine-level strength.

Jarnbjorn: A battle axe he wielded in his youth. Sharp enough to cut through nearly any earthly substance and blessed to be able to slice through the armor of a Celestial or created by Celestial technology.

Mjolnir: "That which smashes". An enchanted uru warhammer with a short handle. Thor's signature weapon, capable of being lifted only by the worthy. When thrown, it returns to his hand unerringly. The hammer can amplify Thor's powers over the weather, enabling him to create and control truly cosmic-level storms (and even temporal storms, solar flares, and stellar winds). The hammer is capable of creating powerful energy barriers, as well as releasing blasts of intense force and energy and opening portals between spaces and dimensions. Nearly indestructible, the hammer can negate mystic energies, enable invisibility and intangibility, manipulate matter and the electromagnetic spectrum, and even has chronokinetic abilities. As a holy object, it can hurt those hurt by holy symbols.

Weaknesses: Thor is not invincible. Although his body can withstand a great deal of punishment his regenerative abilities are finite. When Malekith used Jarnbjorn to cut off his left arm, Thor could not regenerate it. Rather, his father Odin commissioned the dwarves of Nidavellir to create a prosthetic arm of black uru metal for him. He is also capable of slipping into the Warrior's Madness: a berserk state where his strength and stamina are amplified tenfold, but he cannot tell friend from foe and his own sanity is threatened.

Thor has been plagued with madness in the past. His madness took the form of a valkyrie which manipulated Thor's mind and very nearly made him a slave. It is unclear whether this manifestation of his madness could take form again, or if he could face his own fractured mind if so. His memories have been tampered with on several occasions by his father Odin, creating divergent personalities that were later merged (sometimes incompletely) with the whole.

Odin has shown the ability to limit Thor's divine abilities.

Skills: Thor has undergone extensive training to become Asgard's best warrior. He's fought for centuries, studying the techniques and weapons of many cultures over many different periods of time and amassing a great deal of practical experience. At his father's command, he has led the forces of Asgard in battle on several occasions and has the skills of a battlefield leader.

In various guises and identities, Thor has been a gifted medical surgeon and a construction worker.

Bio: Born the son of Odin, the All-Father (King) of Asgard, and the Elder Goddess Gaea, Thor was groomed for greatness from before he was ever born. As a child he was raised alongside his adopted brother Loki in Asgard's royal family. He was trained diligently in the arts of combat, and Odin tested him extensively for the worthiness to lift Mjolnir. By 20, Thor had claimed the hammer and was battling Asgard's enemies. He spent centuries adventuring in Asgard, Earth, and the rest of the Nine Realms, making friends and enemies in equal measure. He also promoted the worship of the Asgardians on a younger Earth and romanced the Lady Sif, Asgard's greatest female warrior-goddess.

His brother Loki grew to hate and despise Thor, and made it his mission in life to ruin the Thunder God and claim Asgard as his own. As one of his schemes, he manipulated some of Earth's mightiest heroes into battling the Incredible Hulk. This plan backfired, as the heroes befriended the Hulk and created the first iteration of the Avengers to handle the threats no one hero could handle alone. Thor served with distinction on the Avengers for several years and through several roster changes. He also continued to have solo adventures defending Asgard, and to team up with others of Earth's heroes, such as Dr. Stephen Strange. He took several extended leaves of absence, but continued to be an Avenger in good standing. He also had an affair with the mortal doctor Jane Foster, though that relationship ended amicably and he returned to Lady Sif.

When the Avengers disassembled following the actions of the Scarlet Witch, Thor returned to Asgard to protect it from the ongoing threat of Rock Trolls, Frost Giants, Fire Giants, the ever-scheming Loki, and more. He continues to visit Midgard on occasion and stands ready to help defend it should it need defending. He misses his old comrades-in-arms and makes it a point to check in on individual members of the Avengers as and when he can. He's also intrigued by the rumors of new heroes rising to fill the vacuum left by the Avengers. 

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