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Author Topic: Between Sun and Darkness (Katie Moore and Larkin)  (Read 601 times)

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Between Sun and Darkness (Katie Moore and Larkin)
« on: September 28, 2017, 03:05:40 PM »
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Tarquin sat laid back in his chair in the classroom, his feet propped on the desk. It was a typical morning at Graingers School for the Gifted; gifted meaning supernatural but Tarquin felt a little off today. Nothing blood probably couldn't fix though, at least he thought so. A dull pain in his head occured as the door opened and two bodies stepped through the doorway.
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Re: Between Sun and Darkness (Katie Moore and Larkin)
« Reply #1 on: September 29, 2017, 06:24:52 AM »
     The halls seemed too long. It already looked as if Eliana had already made a thousand steps yet here she is, still walking along the corridors of the new place that she'd be calling home for a long while. She went on, her stride, sure, seemingly brimming with confidence with the way she carried herself, managing to hide the disappointment she's feeling. Her head was held high, crowned by golden locks that she got from her father.

     Speaking of her father, HE was the reason why she's in this institution, as he called it, in the first place. Helios, the Sun God, is a very proud deity. He would go on, riding his golden chariot to the sky, smiling brightly for everyone (without the Mist) to see. So, naturally, when he found out that his daughter didn't possess any semblance of his solar powers, a fact that can ruin his image, he did his best to hide her. He sent her to this school, Graingers School for the Gifted, away from all the other gods and demigods.

     She resented it, to think that even her own father is ashamed of her. Her gold eyes seemed to burn with rage at the thought but then, she needed to contain herself, wanting to project an image of a woman of great importance.

      Her train of thoughts stopped as she heard a voice from beside her speak. She forgot that she was walking with the head of school, Archmage Argus Limaret, dressed in long, flowing robes of blue, his long, white hair hidden inside his hood. He asked, "So, how are you today, Ms. Eliana? Are you excited for your first day?"

     Eliana took a deep breath, forced herself into what looks like a smile and said, "Oh, I'm feeling fine, Archmage! In fact, I am looking forward to starting my first day on a high note." Her tone managed to hide all traces of her intense disinterest in his question. Her answer was a blatant lie. She thought to herself, 'Excited?! Who am I kidding? I don't belong here. I belong up there, in the sky...'

     The Archmage looked delighted at her answer and said, "Oh, that's good to hear. Well, here we are, this chamber is where you'll be studying. Now, I'll be introducing you to them and just say, 'Hi.' Don't worry, all the students here are 'gifted,' just like you, so you won't be having trouble fitting in."

     She let out a sigh of relief, thinking to herself, 'Finally! I thought those halls would never end.' Her inner emotion changed at the last part of what he said, though. 'Just like me?! I doubt that there are demigods like me in there!' She adjusted herself, anyway, and tried to make her purple dress look as pleasing as possible against her sun-kissed skin, evoking a look of regality.

     The Archmage had already stepped inside, being greeted by the students as a sign of their respect. He proceeded to announce that they'd be joined by a new classmate. "Alright, everyone, I am pleased to announce that a new face will be joining our family. Oh, and not just any face, mind you. She's the daughter of the Sun God, Helios. Students, please welcome, Eliana!"

     Eliana walks in, her posture and movement reminiscent of an elegant queen, her long, purple dress flowing behind her. She, then, turns to face the class, forcing the best smile that she could, and said, "Greetings, everyone! I'm Eliana and I hope all of you will be pleased to make my acquaintance, friend even. I'm looking forward to a great year in school with you." Her tone seemed genuine enough that it managed to disguise the fact that it was all a show, to get on the good side of as many people as possible. 'They don't know my secret, anyway,' she thought to herself.

     "There you have it! Ms. Eliana, everyone! Now, please find a seat and make yourself comfortable, as the teacher orients you about this year ahead," and with that, the Archmage took his leave, blue light coating him, until there was only thin air on the spot where he was standing.

     Eliana was surprised at what she just witnessed, bringing her down a bit more about her lack of powers. She recalled what the Archmage said, though, and tried to look for a seat, finding that there's only one vacant chair left and it was beside a pale-looking guy wearing shades, making her think, 'Who wears shades inside a closed room?' She was weirded out by this but she's got no choice since it's the only option open to her.

     She went straight to the chair, careful not to bump into anything with a few calculated steps. She seemed to be managing it, with her high-heeled shoes and all, until, with one wrong step, she crashed into something. Or was it someone? It was someone! She thought aloud, 'Great, I did my best to look good, act elegantly, but this? It's only my first day but I've already made a scene. Great! Just great!'

     She picked herself up and when she took a glance at the person she just bumped into, she saw the sunglass-wearing guy. She just rolled her eyes, though, and went straight to the vacant chair, not even bothering to say sorry. That was until she realized that the whole class was looking at them, the teacher included. She's already getting nervous about what he'd say, fearing all her efforts just to look this good would be for naught.

     It was a tense moment for her till the teacher bellowed out, "Mr. Tarquin, what did you just do to our newest student?!" A look of relief passed upon her face as she just got away from what she perceived as a close shave. She thought, 'Whew! That was close. So, Tarquin is the name of this bizarre guy? It doesn't matter, though. What matters is that he'll be taking the blame for my mistake.' A wicked smile crossed her lips, knowing that her image wasn't ruined, even though, it came at the expense of someone else.

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Re: Between Sun and Darkness (Katie Moore and Larkin)
« Reply #2 on: September 30, 2017, 09:33:56 AM »
Tarquin knew as soon as that girl walked through the door,  she was the trouble behind his weird headaches. Sun gods and vampires didn't exactly seem to fit did they?  Of course,  he wouldn't die by the sun but it is very irritating to a vampire. Not for the fact,  Tarquin was far from religious in any sense.  Anyone who wanted to worship some guy who watches over the world and the world is still in shambles,  is an idiot. Besides, the Gods just wanted glory not to help people.

And for that fact, Eliana immediately rubbed Tarquin the wrong way.  The way she carried herself like she was better than everyone just because of her title and who her father was. She was like a scene out of one of those human sorority movies and she is the queen bitch that runs it all.

Tarquin watched as she was introduced by the archmage.  Everyone already had put her on a pedastool. Most of the class was mesmerized and if Tarquin didn't have sunglasses on,  anyone would've seen the blatant eye roll. To make matters worse, he noticed that the only seat in the entire classroom that was vacant was next to him.  It's like the God's were against him.  Pun intended. His goal here was to be silent which was out of character for him but he would make it work if it meant he didn't talk to her. Then,  that idea went out the window when he felt another body hit his. She was hot and not in the looks way but the sun way and he didn't like it.  She stood up and scoffed in an annoyed manner only to hear his name screamed from the professor in the front of the classroom.

It took everything in his power not to go off and rip some heads but he decided against mass murder and watched as Eliana sat beside him and that was it from holding his tongue.

"Feels good to be a priveledged, self-righteous princess, doesn't it? " he said in the most dickish way possible.

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Re: Between Sun and Darkness (Katie Moore and Larkin)
« Reply #3 on: September 30, 2017, 07:59:34 PM »
     Eliana was feeling good about herself, glad that the people around her see it her way. She couldn't help but beam with delight as the other students looked at her highly, just as she wanted. She might have made a complete fool of herself but she was made out to be the victim, with this bizarre guy that was supposedly her seatmate taking the blame. It was his fault, as they see it.

     'This isn't so bad, after all,' she thought to herself. She was now the centre of attention, light years away from being the child his father wanted to hide. Now, all she had to do is keep her secret, her being powerless, away from any of these "gifted" people. That task couldn't be any easier, as she could manipulate them to do as she wishes, given her status as the daughter of a Sun God. She had settled into her seat, when she heard the sunglass-wearing bizarro beside her speak. His words pierced her like arrows, hitting her nerve in an instant. She tried to maintain her composure, not wanting to look bad right after she looked like the victim.

     When she was certain that the attention of the students around her were back to the things they're doing, her warm and 'friendly' facade had already dissipated halfway. She replied, "What's your problem? Is this about me bumping into you on my way to this seat? Well, guess what, this is the only seat available. Plus, you should consider yourself lucky to have someone such as myself as your seatmate. And no, don't think of that as an invitation to be my acquaintance. Finally, just an advice, you better think about your explanation as to why you 'tripped' me." Her tone, though hushed, was audibly annoyed.

     Eliana returned her attention to the front of the class, bringing back the forced smile on her face, waiting to see what the professor would do about the problem that was her seatmate. She crossed her arms, sat back and relaxed in her chair as the teacher's voice boomed out once again, "Mr. Tarquin, did you not hear what I said?"

     Those words were just what she wanted to hear. She turned back to her seatmate and spoke, "So, Tarquin, isn't it?" A tone of great obnoxiousness can be heard from her words. "I told you so. Good luck on explaining yourself as they clearly see me, the self-righteous princess that you say, as the victim."

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Re: Between Sun and Darkness (Katie Moore and Larkin)
« Reply #4 on: October 01, 2017, 11:42:52 AM »
Tarquin scoffed at her words and rolled his eyes.  They just didn't get it.  It was bad enough people like her always thought they were  entitled to something but she was the epitome of entitled. Tarquin had dealt with people like her before and it wasn't going to end like it did last time. 

He heard her speak soon after the class died down,  most likely to save face.  It was bitchy and way over the too which gave his first impression some proof. He was just about to reply when the teacher called him out once more and instead of trying to plead his case,  he smiled.

"Hmm, let's see. I tripped her.  Big deal?  Not really.  She's a girl with a title that wants to make everyone feel small.  So,  yeah,  I did it but what are you going to do?  Unlike her,  you mess with me,  I can rip everyone's heads off with my teeth,* he said in a low growl flashing his fangs before going back to his previous position.  The class didn't say anything after that, the teacher ignored it and he slightly looked over and smiled. 

"Don't worry, Princess. I don't want to be your friend. "

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Re: Between Sun and Darkness (Katie Moore and Larkin)
« Reply #5 on: October 03, 2017, 06:23:09 AM »
Eliana kept her attention at Tarquin, waiting to see how he would react to the teacher. She was surprised when he managed to smile through the teacher's words. As he began to speak, though, it was another matter altogether. His words hit her deep, yet she tries to keep her pleasant facade despite her blood boiling underneath her sun-kissed skin. Her hidden anger was replaced by a look of shock at his last words, his fangs clearly becoming visible. She thought, 'So, this guy is a vampire? That explains why he seems to hate me instantly. How low...'

She noticed that the teacher had already returned to his previous position now. She never imagined that a student would have the nerve to answer back to a teacher, let alone threaten to rip people's heads off. She wasn't intimidated, though, knowing how vampires clearly despise the sun. She turned her attention back to Tarquin as he spoke, his words once again grating her ears.

She replied, "It's better that the line between us is drawn clear. Now, if you excuse me..."

Her words trail off, suddenly at a loss. She wanted to call him out on being a vampire but she couldn't bring herself to. She just dismissed the thought and looked back in front, content to ignore her annoying seatmate. That's when the teacher started to explain the rules. Eliana wan't interested in listening to his teacher prattle on about what's allowed and what's not. Her interest was only revived when he mentioned something about the room assignments.

"Alright, class. It's time to talk about your room assignments. If you are quite enthusiastic enough to open the drawer on your desk, you probably noticed a notebook which says 'Do not open unless told so.' Well, I want you to open them now," said the teacher.

Eliana checked the drawer on her desk and as the teacher described, a notebook was indeed kept inside. She took it, opened it carefully and on the first page ware numbers and a timetable. She studied it as much as she could, trying to take in the information noted down. Lastly, she made sure to remember her room number, 112. She was surprised at her own sudden interest in school affairs. After all, only a few moments ago, her mind barked on about not belonging here. She was overcome by a great desire to build up her image here, though, as she took in the attention she was given.

The teacher continued his boring, as Eliana described in her head, discussion. She was enlivened as he announced that the orientation was over, though, with all students being given the rest of the day off to get to know the different corners of the school. She immediately stood up, and asked other students randomly and in the most pleasant way possible, wanting to know if anyone held the same room number as her. She had already asked around half of the class when she decided to stop. That's when she thought, 'What if the vampire is my roommate? Oh no, I hope not. That's impossible!' She dismissed the thought and made her way towards her room, hoping that she's got someone good for a roommate.

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Re: Between Sun and Darkness (Katie Moore and Larkin)
« Reply #6 on: October 08, 2017, 09:47:56 AM »
Tarquin sat silently the rest of the class content on his little show. All he ever had to do was threaten he was a vampire. It had been that way for sometime. Though when you're on a rampage and the only way to keep your life is to go to a school for supernaturals, you take it. Tarquin had been a mess the past two years in his vampire life for reasons he didn't want to discuss.

The teacher droned on, mentioning the notebook, the one Tarquin had already opened and then continued his lecture. Tarquin only looked at his dormitory number.  112. As soon as they we're dismissed, he made a beeline for the door, ignoring the priveledged princess and the other idiots in the class.