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June 24, 2022, 04:55:23 pm

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Author Topic: Lf For sub f in M/f pairing (D/s, smutty) F writer only. [Taken]  (Read 669 times)

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Lf For sub f in M/f pairing (D/s, smutty) F writer only. [Taken]
« on: September 26, 2017, 03:41:48 pm »
It's a rather long, oddly specific ad. The story is smut-heavy, but has lots of room for character development and story.

The Premise
He's in his mid-thirties, successful in his career, he has a very healthy social life, but in private he is very much alone. Recently divorced from a woman who spent the last six months calling him a pervert and a deviant, he's become obsessed with playing out his fantasies, and he's looking for a long term lover who is compatible. What would start out as a sexual relationship would grow into something deeper and romantic.

I'm not against giving this an office setting, or one where he's basically taking a woman out of the street "Pretty Woman" style. Although this is written in a modern slice of life setting, I wouldn't mind modifying it to suit space travel, high fantasy, or gothic/modern fantasy. In the latter, for example, the male character could be an old vampire seeking to reconnect to his human self, rather than a human ashamed to be dominant.

My Character
The only time he opened up about his deepest, darkest desires, his (now ex) wife reacted so badly and their relationship never recovered. He's obsessed with his fantasies, but he's also deeply ashamed of them. His ex managed to convince him that no women would put up with this willingly. He's a dominant, craving for that control over a woman and not just for an hour or two at a time. He loves to make women orgasm, and has fantasized of ways he could push a woman to exhaustion. He's daring, loves risky stuff, risk of being watched, risk of being caught, knowing that the woman with him has no underwear under her skirt and he can touch her anytime he wants.

He'd try to push her limit, so there would be element of dubious consent in the way that she might be mortified that he chose to make her climax there and then, but she lets him anyway. There would be no rape. If she chose to use the safeword, he would stop immediately. He'll like toys, bondage, blindfolds... He's probably going to get creative once/if he realizes how willing his partner is.

I am leaving him with space to grow, so that your character can influence that growth. He's not going to ask for reassurance, but he needs to heal and see that his ex was wrong on all counts.

Your Character
She can be his employee, or a paid escort, or a friend who's seen him struggle through the last six months of his marriage, losing a bit of his shine as his ex twisted the knife in the wound every chance she got. She would be submissive, and willing to put up with his kinks. I'd prefer her between 20 and 30, but mature in behavior, and understanding because he's dealing with a decent amount of shame and doubt.

 I'm not fleshing out the female character any more than that, because she's not my character, and I want to give the writer of the female character all the leeway.

The OOC Stuff
I am looking for a female partner, for a long term story.  Partner should be able to post within a week of mine normally, and have posts that are about the same length as mine (3-5 paragraphs, check my post history). I said normally because life does have a way to make things hectic once in a while. I should post within a week myself.

I like detailed writing, communication, and if the thread goes in a direction that makes you lose interest, tell me. We'll plot, steer the story back to something that's interesting to you too. I need someone who can contribute. I don't like to have to specify this here but: sub in the story doesn't mean sub in the plotting. I'd prefer if you came up with some  of the ideas to explore as much as I do.

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