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Author Topic: Digimon and his Hacker/Tamer [TAKEN]  (Read 758 times)

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Digimon and his Hacker/Tamer [TAKEN]
« on: September 26, 2017, 12:18:01 pm »

Looking for a female writing partner that is comfortable with at least 3-5 paragraphs per post.  No one-liners or text speak.  Grammar and spelling are important but I understand no one is perfect and everyone makes mistakes, especially me.  I'm looking for a story with juicy details, character development and a fun/interesting plot.  Sex will be included but it needs context and build up to make it all the more enjoyable.  I tend to get burned out quick if sex is the main focus and drive of the story.

Please send me a PM if you are interested and would like to discuss the details.  Sexual elements, kinks and fetishes can all be discussed.  The story/plot/pairing can also be changed and tweaked depending upon partner preference.

Setting:  Digimon have always been programs on computers and other digital devices.  They were experimental AI programs "created" in the 90s by a few college students that released their coding onto the internet, or at least that's what everyone thought.  No one knew, not even the college students, that the Digimon had not been created but instead had been discovered.  Cyber space created a link from the human world and the digital world and computers and other devices allowed them to communicate.  Humans started to tap into these unique "programs" using a language known as DigiCode.  At first this was mostly just used to teach students and young people across the world how to write code, Digimon became a fun learning experience.  A few video games for children were also made featuring these adaptive programs.

Years later a company by the name of Cyber Aspect released a software program called DigiDefense which took a new spin on DigiCode and turned Digimon into powerful, customizable defenses for online data - advertising them as being able to protect important, personal and sensitive information as well as fight off viruses and hackers.  It wasn't long before Cyber Aspect was one of the top internet defense companies out there, their program reaching out to many high paying companies and organizations (including government computers and files). 

With these new security measures it was not long until hackers and virus manufacturers tapped into similar technology and started to harness Digimon to combat these new defenses.  In the eyes of the humans it was just code against code, program against program.  They had no idea how their viruses were affecting the Digimon or how this was actually causing real violence in the digital world.  The Digimon programs were getting stronger and evolving as security parameters continued to increase and viruses/hackers became more elaborate and skilled with them.

Plot:  Your character, the female protagonist, would be a young and skillful hacker.  She uses her programming skills for her own agenda.  She is kind of like the "Robin Hood" of the cyber age - often targeting the rich that prey on the weak, desperate and poor.  For years she has been developing a Digimon program that she fished out of cyberspace.  She has taken care of it, pouring her heart and soul into her coding and carefully adapting it for her needs and desires. 

Unlike the normal brute force use of DigiCode hacking, she has developed a silly little bond with her program.  Sometimes she even talks to it, thinking she is just talking to herself and the computer screen in front of her, unaware it has been listening to her voice.  Sometimes it even surprises her with how fast and easily it adapts and develops for her.   The program seeming to be eager to learn and help her as she hacks into high security information to leak documents that display some of the illegal practices of powerful organizations and corporations.

It comes to a point where the digital world and the human world start to verge, resulting in dimensional rifts where some of the more powerful Digmon (usually those inflicted with nasty viruses) start to invade and attack humans.  The female antagonist would find herself in grave trouble when she gets caught in one of the first Digimon attacks.  This is when my character, the Digimon she has a bond with, would emerge and protect her.

From then the two work together to save both the digital world and the human world.  All of this was originally caused by Cyber Aspect and the DigiDefense system that they created.  The young hacker is now a young tamer, using her skills and her bond to support her Digimon as they battle it out with the powerful organization.  Naturally a romance blossoms between them, after all they do know each other quite intimately.  Plus with the Digimon having been on her computer for years he knows quite a bit about her fetishes and fantasies.

Digimon I would be willing to play:

I'm also open to some other suggestions.  Digivolution can also be a thing if we want.

For the female protagonist I would not mind her having a punk/alternative/scene/emo kind of look.  I know it's kind of cliche for a "hacker", but I have a thing for exotic hair color with some tattoos and piercings.
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