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Started by RedEve, September 26, 2017, 02:44:02 AM

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Your character is a serial womanizer in his mid-thirties for whom the conquest of young women (usually women in their early 20s) is a point of pride.
Your character is professionally successful but he is not interested in even the most casual of long-term relationships.
The closest thing to that he gets are fuck buddies that stick around for a couple of months at most.

Eventually he ends up fucking two women separately from each other, without them knowing.
Then suddenly he spots family portraits at one of the women's apartments and when he inquires who the girl is who is standing next to her in many of the pictures, he is informed that this is her sister.
The thing is, your character recognized the girl in the pictures as the other woman he is currently fucking.
Thus unbeknownst to him up until that point, he had been bedding sisters without them knowing from each other.

This would be a smut-based game, but the overarching theme would be one of deception, trust and lust.

I see your character's ultimate goal being to bed the two sisters at once, but whether or not this succeeds will depend on what happens in the IC thread.

This is how I saw the two sisters, I will write slightly more extensive backgrounds for them if and when I have an interested party in this game.

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