Awkward Scenes (Seeking F player for some silly fun)

Started by Jester, September 21, 2017, 05:37:22 AM

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Name: The Exhibitionists

Content: Exhibitionism, Various

Scenario: Its your first day in your new flat in the big smoke. Your very first place to call your own. It feels like luxury and apart from the block of flats opposite it has tremendous views.... In one of the rooms in the other block lives a very handsome guy and soon you both find out how easy it is to see into each others flats and be a part of each others lives.  I do not mind who starts but the story will be based on a week of exhbitionism between the two characters. No interaction but daily diary entries explaining what each other see's.

Setting: In a huge city with very little to do our two characters tease each other and eventually meet.

Requirements: Just a very sill short one shotthat could lead on to more.

Name: Thursday at 4pm

Content: Various - Could be non-con and could be extreme.

Scenario: Every thursday at 4pm you visit a male friend for hard sexy fun. You see him mainly because of his size and the fact he asks no questions. You know nothing about each other. one thursday you arrive and something is different..... To be discussed.

Setting: A house in the suburbs of the city

Requirements: To be discussed. She is pregnant? maybe he is not alone? Maybe she arrives in tears or he does? Maybe her husband is following her?

The Bookshop

Content: Silliness, slight n/c and exhibtionism.

Scenario: Its your first day in a bookshop and you are left to run the shop for the afternoon. The only problem is that you have a real problem with heights and get stuck up the ladder while sorting the top shelf......
This leaves a regular browser a chance to embarrass and humiliate you as he licks your pussy and asshole. He then blackmails you by offering to help you down...

Setting: A very quiet bookshop with a very hunky bookworm.

Requirements: Just a very sill short one shot.

Name: Stuck Mummy

Content: Silliness, slight n/c and exhibtionism, incest

Scenario: After a long day cleaning the family house it just takes one thoughtless move and you find yourself wedged tight under the bed (or other item of furniture). With just your curvy bottom and slender legs visible you know thatr you will need someone to come and help you.

Found by your good looking and cheeky son you realise that he is not going to release you immediately. Unable to move and escape you realise that the horny young man is going to enjoy himself first.  Big strong hands roam your body and explore every crevice before he finally releases his very large cock....

Setting: The family master bedroom

Requirements: Just a very silly short one shot.

Name: On the bus

Content: Sex with strangers, Public Sex,

Scenario: Every day you get the same bus to work/school. But today the bus is a bit busy forcing you to stand next to cute/ugly/old/handsome guy. The journey is a long one and before you know it you are bouncing against his hard cock....

Setting: Sex on a bus in front of the other passengers. Either with them watching or ignoring you.

Requirements: Looking for some silly fun on the bus. Inspired by

Name: The Stranger in a Dungeon

Content: Sex with strangs, BDSM,

Scenario: Every day you sit in the coffee shop/library/book store reading and enjoying time to yourself. Its a strange place to meet someone but there was an instant attraction and an animal magnetism that neither of you could deny. After a quick fumble you know you want more... lots more.

But nothing prepared you for the full scale BDSM dungeon in his basement.... Its exciting, scary but when you begin to wonder if he will ever let you go....

Setting: The coffee shop or library for a quickie and then an exploration of some BDSM and kinks in the Dungeon.

Requirements: This could turn dark and would love to explore some extreme BDSM if someone would like....