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February 16, 2019, 01:22:55 PM

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Author Topic: The Shadows of Twilight -- (aspiringauthor01 & cclayjr)  (Read 420 times)

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Offline GannameadeTopic starter

The Shadows of Twilight -- (aspiringauthor01 & cclayjr)
« on: September 17, 2017, 06:59:13 PM »
I hated this place.  After last year.  I honestly didn’t want to come back.  Seems just like the same things.  The classism – the different varieties: the jocks, the pretty people, the intellectuals, the geeks, the would-be rulers, then there were the goths that seemed to not fit in and even the left overs had their own place.  Me I didn’t seem to fit anywhere.  I left being picked on by Damien Harris, football star led the state in passing and I was his favorite picking toy.

He was white, 6’2” 210, blonde hair, green eyes.  He was thin but fairly muscular.  He was everyone dream date apparently and he made it a point to pick on me when the chance hit him.  I made it a point to stay out his limelight when I could.  Last year, I learned so many nooks and crannies to this school.  I was able to get to the far side of the school without being seen and sometimes without leaving the building as the two buildings of our high school were joined.  Was I afraid of him, nope.  In all honesty, it was easier to just avoid the fight.  My dad trained me in martial arts from a young age, but he said to be careful when you use it, you could go to jail if you really hurt someone.  My mom told me to just lay him out, he would stop picking on me.  I thought I could but then if I hit him, I would have to deal with not only him but the rest of his terror squad he called his football team.  I thought about joining, I was fast.  I knew I was fast, fast enough to get away from him.

Honestly, you would think I would be happier to go back after this summer.  I went and stayed with my mom as she visited Egypt.  It was some Cairo dig.  I knew no language, but it was fun to try and get around.  I ran into this very attractive young woman and her very strange mom.   In truth her mom really scared me, she gave me a wristband made of some kind of tainted gold or bronze.  Mostly she wanted me to stay away from her daughter, I complied for the most part, but overall I still thought about seeing her daughter.  But as I examined it she said it was supposed to grant the wears their fondest dreams.  It was nice and the design was very eclectic.  I wore it for a couple of days before I examined it fully.  I took it off and on my arm was written the phrase: Jy moet die vegter van lig en duisternis wees (You are to be the warrior of light and darkness.).    I did my best to say the phrase, I did it a couple of times.  Apparently one of them worked as I became sick.  Very sick.  I was rather sick actually.  Luckily it was time to go home, so it was mostly the plane ride back home.   Back home, it seemed to be more of a 2-day sickness or at least the plane ride.  Once I was back home, I felt much better.   I notice some changes around me, the world became lighter, I was more focused.  I ran and before I knew it I ran much faster.  I stopped to catch myself and fell, but when I looked up I was a few miles from home.   Almost 100 easy, I wanted to freak out.  But I was too focused on the lightning rolling across my fingers.   And just as I was wanting to jump up and down.  I fell through a dark hole out of nowhere.  I wanted to scream, but when the hole closed there was no one to hear me scream, but as I landed in what looked like a desert.  I was facing and older dark-skinned man, that seemed to painfully with his cane teach me everything I needed to know about my new role.

That was what my summer was like.  I was not the 118# weakling, I was actually 200# but I was fat and even then I really wasn’t weak.  I had honestly workout with the old man to get a decent body like now but before I wasn’t sure when to fight.  I was light-skinned, got a decent haircut, dark brown eyes, thought about getting green contacts; but those would have made me stand out too much.  I still had my glasses, but really didn’t need them now ok I was a bit more muscular now than before.  I still wore more baggy clothes to hide my new physique, also not a change.  The only good thing right now was I could eat whatever I wanted and not gain weight.  Strange the most awesome, thing to happen to me as I was taught to use lightning and darkness as if I were rolling a pencil between my fingers and the biggest thing that I focus on was eating two big macs with fries and a milkshake and not gain an ounce.  It was all about perspective I guess.  Now didn’t feel quite so geeky even though for all practical purposes I was.

Offline aspiringauthor01

Re: The Shadows of Twilight -- (aspiringauthor01 & cclayjr)
« Reply #1 on: September 26, 2017, 08:11:17 PM »
I hate this place so much. I repeat as my Jimmy Choo covered feet drag along the seemingly clean hallway floors.  I guess one could consider me the "popular" or "hottest" girl in the entire school. On some days it was easier to accept it and flaunt what was considered beauty. Others, I found it daunting to constantly pluck my thick eyebrows, only to have them redrawn on my overly made face. The more self-doubt filled days, I prefer to call my natural days. I yearned to walk around school not having to worry about following the latest trends and fads.

As I ran my fingers through the perfectly straight hair, that caused me to get out of bed two hours before my standard wake-up time, I glanced around the other students. I always believed we are one in the same. When you strip away the category each person identifies him/herself. We tend to have similar feelings. In my opinion, I have yet to meet one student that was truly happy to be back at school. I can recall times where the intellects prefer to learn in the sanctuary of their homes rather than be ridiculed by classmates twice their size yet lacked a basic understanding of what was being taught. To be honest, I can admit I have felt the same. Certain school subjects have caught my attention throughout my academic career. Although I am by no means a mathematician, statistics has sparked an interest as well as English and music. Having to be forced by law to come back to this prison known to the public eye as school, was enough to lead towards a depressive mood and brought the urge to run home, rip out the annoying contact lenses that drew more attention to my eyes than I'd like, and spend my day playing my violin.

Luckily, the smallish group of people I typically would walk with decided to come to school in their standard late fashion. So, I savored the few more moments of silence I have between the my current location and my first class.

Offline GannameadeTopic starter

Re: The Shadows of Twilight -- (aspiringauthor01 & cclayjr)
« Reply #2 on: September 26, 2017, 10:43:42 PM »

‘Wow.’  She was amazing to just look at.  I watched as she came in.  Pushed my glasses up on my face to get a better look at her.  I was drawn to her as the natural beauty she was, sometimes she wore too much makeup, but she thought it was to hide blemishes.  I thought it was to hide her.  Not like she would take beauty tips from me anyway.  Those were contacts.  Which I understood, I wanted to contact, but before the change, my prescription was too thick.  She truly was poetry in motion.  I could have asked her out but she had every Tom, Dick, and Harry pining after her she wouldn’t have seen me before.

I felt it, I bent down to pick up my bag, timing the huge spitball plastered to the wall.  I moved quickly, my reactions forced to be slow, like a gunshot and moving a few seconds later.  Damian was nothing if not pissed that he had missed me.  He figured he must have just miss timed it.  I saw him and did my typical run.  He was moving north in my direction, I went east toward class.  My movements were no faster than normal but my cuts were all but precise.  He was like a general, moving his pawn over the board to try to box me in.  I moved to make them run into others so I could make my getaway.  Even in the crowded cafeteria, I moved with a certainty.  To get away, even still it wasn’t like I didn’t move, a person here I grabbed Diane Carol and swung her around, her coffee landed on Brian Smith, then I moved a chair kicking it and it slid about 10 feet into Whitney Davis knocking him down as he didn’t see it until it was too late, this cause Anita Wilson to fall upon him as well as she was a plus-sized girl and she had suddenly been given one of her fantasies as she landed upon him.  Since Jake and Wyatt were behind me they were cut off by the throngs of people getting ready to go to class.  I was through the last door having made my escape.  I kept moving down the hall, once I was out of sight it was over.  I sighed as I smirked thinking that crazy old man was right with his misdirection and using the environment to my advantage.

 I chuckled to myself as I continued to move down the hall.  I went to first period as the bell rang.  English Lit.  Mrs. Martinez was covering Mythology, Shakespeare, and Modern comedies.  I sat in the back so I could zone out thinking of something else.  I wanted to design something to wear that wouldn’t draw attention to me.  I wanted to have a decent school year too.  I vaguely heard something about a group project, we would be paired off and do something with Shakespeare.  I shrugged it off, paying no attention.  It didn’t matter who I was paired with, I would probably end up doing it all myself anyway.  She would pick the names at random.  Strangely enough, some people wanted to be my partner for that reason alone.  I shook my head and looked at the rest of my class schedule: Chemistry, Geometry, French, PE, Anatomy, and Physics.  This was just part of the course.  I am definitely glad I don’t need the glasses anymore.  I changed my prescription before coming to class so now they were just glass.  Reminded me of Clark Kent’s.  I didn’t have my superman persona yet.  I would have to get something besides just a black costume for sure.