Beauty and the Beast ReTold (F Seeking M)

Started by Caldawen, September 15, 2017, 09:33:56 PM

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I have a few ideas of how this could go down….

A tale as old as time to be sure, but what if it is not what the world made it out to be. What if….. It was different…..

Idea 1: Gender Bender
MC is a vain and spoiled princess that always wanted and got her way. One day a sage came and asked for shelter in exchange for a rose. She refused and became a beast. Everyone knows the story but what if it were the opposite? What if the woman was the beast and the man was not?

Idea 2: Elven Version 1
Im going off of this pic:

Now I like the idea of it being in an elven like world. It could be two different elven species one is considered the Beauty and one the Beast. They are separated by war and she becomes a prisoner of war, and is held by the ‘prince’ of the other species who is hard and cruel. You all know the rest after that

Idea 3: Elven Version 2
Still off the image above it could be just an elven B&B tale. Or together we can shift and mold it to what we want it to be. Going off this or one of the many photos I have below.

Idea 4: Human-Hybrid
YC is a human hybrid (of what I will leave up to you ^^), as a boy he was passed from noble to noble as an oddity for the entertainment of others. Eventually, he came into hands of a noble king who educated him and raised him to the status of Prince (again the whole title will be based on what you choose as the hybrid part). He was given land, property, wealth, and power. He has in his position as scientist that creates similar beasts to him for army purposes but all of them die one way or another. All YC lacks is true companionship. In an attempt to please YC the king finds a gorgeous noblewoman to marry him. However, she never sees him until their wedding day. Will this become more than just an order from a king? Or will true romance bloom as the threat of war looms?

Sex will be included (not a bestiality type person, so this could come into play if they were of the same general species), it will be about the development and changing of one of the characters. Ideas and Melding of ideas is encouraged.

PM me if interested

I am Dysgraphic which is a motor neuron disability that effects the motor output of my hands. It also effects spelling and grammar. I do most if not all of my writing on Word which compensates for the majority of my errors. My content is always excellent and descriptions are in-depth.


I'm interested in version 1. I could play the young man. PM if you would like to set up specifics.


I saw this idea and I'd be interested. More than likely I would aim for the elf version of the story. Let me know if you're still looking for a partner.